Asia, North America · 18 Days · 20 Moments · April 2017

Japan / Alaska Cruise

10 May 2017

Vancouver Canada After disembarking we found the taxi que and whilst there we met some people from the ship docked next to ours, as we were both going to the airport we decided to share a taxi. They told us there ship had been in a gale for a number of days. We told them that our Captain had said he had never been on such a smooth cruise. We were separated on the plane Sylvia on the upper deck with me in the lower deck of club.

9 May 2017

At sea cloudy early on which cleared later as we sailed down the inside passage.

8 May 2017

Ketchikan Alaska Out on a small boat in Beham Canal and into Rudyerd Bay. What a great trip in the canal area we saw Orcas, Humpback whales, Porpoise,Dolphins Sea Eagles. After that we entered Rudyerd Bay it was so beautiful with clouds hanging in the trees and the sides of what is like a fjord. There is no way of capturing the views on camera that would do it justice. It has its own ecosystem in Bay sunshine in one area then a shower of rain in another. There was not to many people on the boat so you could walk around in comfort this made the trip more enjoyable.

7 May 2017

Glacier Bay Just like the first time we had been there enthralling a great place to visit.

6 May 2017

At sea which is very smooth with a slight swell.

5 May 2017

Kodiak Alaska Very cold and overcast the views on the sail in were great with the clouds swirling around the mountains. Decided to stay onboard.

4 May 2017

At sea not that much further to sail land sighted this evening with snow on the hills.

3 May 2017

At sea

2 May 2017

At sea after lunch we now retire to our cabin there is so much coughing and sneezing onboard.
At sea we will have another Tuesday tomorrow when we cross the date line

1 May 2017

At sea our routine in full swing reading and relaxing.

30 April 2017

At sea heading towards Kodiak island very foggy outside the ships foghorn going all day and night.

29 April 2017

Kushiro Japan Raining this morning so decided not to go ashore. The sun came out later but it was still cold outside.

28 April 2017

Muroran Japan Went on a trip to Mount USU an active volcano, lovely sunny day with a cold breeze. Good views from the gondola on the way up to the side of Usu. Viewing points near the volcano rim overlooking the crater. From there a short drive to Lake Toya not really worth this stop because there are better views from the mountain. Nice trip and the guide was very good.

27 April 2017

Aomori Japan Stayed onboard Sylvia still not in the time zone.

26 April 2017

At sea first day onboard we are not planning to do much as Sylvia is still jet lagged and not sleeping well. Maybe walked to much in Yokohama.

25 April 2017

Boarding the ship today. Saw the ship arrive early this morning had breakfast and then got ready to go and check in. Short taxi ride to the port where we dropped our luggage off and check in which was different to normal. Cabin great a Neptune suite, plenty of room for our clothes, also there is a Bose sound link so we can play our own music in the room. Had lunch then found the library before going back to our cabin and unpacking.

24 April 2017

Exploring Yokohama today with a visit to a Japanese garden, this disappointed us, maybe it was the wrong time of the year even the cherry blossom had gone. What was nice was the rhododendrons along the side of the roads all flowering. After that we walked around the harbour to the Red Brick Warehouse supposed to be the oldest building in Yokohama. The warehouse had been converted to a shopping area not very exciting. It was easy walking but maybe too much for Sylvia.

23 April 2017

Yokohama arrived around 7:35am, long walk from plane to baggage claim and then immigration, customs where all went well even though they looked in our hand luggage. From there a short walk to the taxi and a fast ride to the hotel. The hotel had been full the night before consequently our room was not ready even though we had asked for an early check in. It was at 9:0am when they told us to go sit and wait until midday which we did. There was so much going on that people watching passed the time, we found out that there were 8 weddings that morning plus wedding planners leading couples around apart from the hotel guests. One of the fathers of a bride talked to us, two Canadian teachers who were living in Japan talked to us. After them a lady who had been listening to the conversation talked to us after the Canadians left. She was going on the same cruise as us and wanted to know what time the ship sailed. Then a little bit later a Japanese woman with two young girls sat with us.
Yokohama international grand One was so shy she kept hiding behind a chair and would not even look at us. The younger baby girl we tried to get to smile by waving and smiling at her. The Japanese lady then sat next to me and handed the baby to me, this started to bring on the water works so I quickly handed her back. The woman’s husband then joined us and told us they had only been back in Japan two years, they had been in Luxembourg working. A little while later the Japanese couple walked through the hotel lobby and the young shy girl waved enthusiastically at us.It was a fascinating morning that we would have missed if our room had been ready. The reason for the hotel being completely full the day before was there had been 12 weddings in the hotel. Our room was overlooking the harbour this means we will see our ship arrive.