Europe, North America · 17 Days · 17 Moments · September 2014

Cruise Montreal to Boston and Back

20 September 2014

Montreal Disembarked at 9:30am and went straight to the airport where we found a nice comfortable spot as we had a 9hr wait.

19 September 2014

Quebec We were going ashore but after testing the temperature decided it was to cold.

18 September 2014

At sea reading and relaxing.

17 September 2014

Charlottetown Walked around the town again but in a different direction. Sylvia found some items to buy.

16 September 2014

Sydney Canada Stayed onboard found a sunny spot that was warm enough to sit and read.

15 September 2014

Halifax Stayed onboard reading and relaxing.

14 September 2014

Bar Harbor Nice sunny day but a cool wind made us wait to get off the ship to find out about the whale. The captain has decided the sea is to rough and no one is going ashore. This is a tender port and he will not risk . Spent the time in the library reading then after lunch we went up to the crows nest, nice and quiet when we got there.

13 September 2014

Boston USA we went on a tour this morning quite a good tour. Most of the historical buildings have been surrounded by taller buildings. Harvard is like Cambridge you go through a gate off the street and you are in a quiet oasis surrounded by buildings of the university. MIT seems more spread out along certain streets. Now we can brag that we went to Harvard, MIT and Cambridge.

12 September 2014

Bar Harbor USA Whale watching in the afternoon, large catamaran take us out. Found a Humpback whale caught up in lobster pot lines unable to free itself. We stayed around with the whale until we had to return to the ship a little late. A team of rescuers had been arranged to cut the whale free the next day, but due to formalities it was taking awhile to organise and we had to leave the whale not knowing wether it would be cut free the next day or if ever. Later the next day we were told that it had been set free and that it was the second time that whale had been caught up there in the lobster lines.

11 September 2014

Halifax as soon as the day had warned up we went for a walk along the boardwalk upto the museum and back.

10 September 2014

Sydney Canada another quaint little place with the houses nestled in between the trees. Waited until it got warmer before we left the ship to walk around the town. Not much to see in the town so we went back to the ship. Walking again!!!

9 September 2014

Charlotte town and Prince Edward Island quaint little place. We waited until the day warmed up before we went for a walk around the town. Sylvia found a nice golden purse in a shop called Not Grandmas Attic which was full of antiques.

8 September 2014

Sailed down the St. Lawerence river and out to sea this means time to relax and read.

7 September 2014

It was a short sail to Quebec a nice looking city from the ship. We had a trip booked to the Montmerency Falls and Island of Orleans. A very nice place visited on the island and an interesting visit to an old family run Maple Syrup farm with tasting afterwards, best maple syrup I have tasted. The Falls were good with a cable car to the top. Then given some cake before we walked to and over the bridge that spans the Falls. I bought a new watch that night.

6 September 2014

Boarding ship was well organised this time, our cabin was ready so we deposited our hand luggage and went to lunch in the Lido. We then had a wander around the ship before going back to our cabin, hoping our luggage had arrived! Not yet. So off to the library for some books and back to the cabin to wait for the safety drill. Luggage arrived just after the drill so we had time to unpack before the evening meal. Sylvia found a ring that she liked and wanted so we brought it.

5 September 2014

Had breakfast at the hotel then walked up to the Basilica, we did not go inside just walked around the area then back to the hotel. A little while later when the shops were open we went to Eaton Place to look for shoes for Sylvia. Came away with a suitcase and belt for me no shoes for Sylvia. Disappointed with this shopping centre compared to the one in Toronto. Had our evening meal in a restaurant next to the hotel.

4 September 2014

Holiday starts today we fly to Montreal Canada for a cruise down to Boston and back.