Asia · 31 Days · 32 Moments · December 2015

Asian and Far East Cruise

6 January 2016

At sea

5 January 2016

Singapore Disembark and head to the airport and fly home.

4 January 2016

Singapore Have been here several times so whilst most people go ashore we just relax. ore

3 January 2016

Malacca Relaxing and reading

2 January 2016

Port Klang Malaysia Stayed onboard in the evening we had a meal in the Pinnacle again very good.

1 January 2016

Penang Malaysia Went on a trip to an Orangutan sanctuary but we were disappointed with the place. Could only see the animals through double wire fencing. The Orangutans just sat on the ground not moving. The only good part of the trip was three young Orangutans playing on the beach by the docking point.

31 December 2015

Porto Malai Langkawi Caught the shuttle bus into town after being told it was to far to walk. All the usual tourist items on display we bought what we required and made our way back to the ship.

30 December 2015

At sea the normal routine

29 December 2015

At sea Mariners do followed by lunch which was good company at our table .

27 December 2015

Thilawa Myanmar Relaxing and enjoying the breeze as we sail away with a collectors lunch later.

26 December 2015

At sea R & R
Thilawa Myanmar Staying onboard as most tours take 90 minutes before you get anywhere and most involve walking, standing around in the hot humid air. R & R again.

25 December 2015

At sea our usual R & R

24 December 2015

Phuket Thailand Stayed onboard reading and relaxing in a nice quiet place.

23 December 2015

At sea reading and relaxing.

22 December 2015

Singapore Changing our cabin this morning and will not be going ashore. New cabin OK spent the rest of the day reading. Sylvia is now addicted to the jigsaw.

21 December 2015

At sea all quiet.

20 December 2015

At sea nothing to report.

19 December 2015

Muara Brunei Docked late due to there being no pilot to see us in, we lay just drifting outside the harbour. This made all the tours late which did not bother us as we were staying onboard.

18 December 2015

Kota Kinabalu Malaysia Went on a tour and did some Batik painting,crab fishing ( none caught ) before visiting a pottery place. On the sail away a thunderstorm broke out giving us a great lightning display with the rain absolutely throwing it down.

17 December 2015

At anchor as we are a day early and not allowed to dock yet here in Kota Kinabalu. It is a good job the library has plenty of books spent the morning reading in the crows nest as we slowly approached the small island which was to become our anchorage. Today we were offered a meal at the Pinnacle, a change of cabin when we get back to Singapore. This followed our complaints about our cabin i.e. the air conditioning not working properly,humming noise all the time and a smell in the bathroom. In the afternoon we sat on out reading on deck until the rain came.

16 December 2015

At sea instead of sailing to Nya Trang due to a typhoon we are now headed for Kota Kinabalu. The sea is a bit rough now compared to the millpond we had been sailing in. Reading and relaxing whilst at sea. Captain gave us all a glass of champagne to keep everyone happy.

15 December 2015

Phu My Vietnam went on a tour to Vung Tau a fishing village, not much to see weather still hot. Visited a whale temple, French villa, and the second largest statue of Christ before the usual shopping stop. One thing of interest was on our way to the village the bus was stopped by the police. The guide said this was a regular occurrence and that the driver would have to pay a fine or loose his license. He said we had been stopped for speeding as the excuse for stopping us. When the driver got back on the bus he told the guide that the bus was in the wrong lane and he had paid the fine. The guide also said that the police have a quota to send to the courts and sometimes they are just bribes. Rest of the day we read. At the evening meal the captain announced that due to a typhoon near the Philippines Nha Trang the wind and sea would be to rough to dock. Our next port of call would be Kota Kinabalu.

14 December 2015

At sea

13 December 2015

Sihanoukville Cambodia

12 December 2015

Laem Chabang Thailand Day 2 here a lot of people have gone on overnight tours.

11 December 2015

Laem Chabang Thailand Docked in a cargo berth so not much to see, still hot so time to relax.

10 December 2015

Nathon Koh Samui Thailand Did not go ashore to hot for walking around, so we found a nice quiet spot to read that was before a Philopino lady came along then it was non stop chatter for 90 minutes. This ruined Sylvias dozing.

9 December 2015

At sea a day of eat, sleep, try and read.

8 December 2015

Awoke in the middle of the night we will be glad when our bodies adjust to the time zone. Relaxing and hope to adjust quickly while we are at sea.

7 December 2015

Breakfast not too bad then back to our room to wait until boarding time. After checking in we had only 30 minuets waiting before we could board which was good. Found our cabin before going to lunch in the Lido from there to reception to get another boarding pass. Then the library and back to the room to unpack before the Mariners welcome drink. The lifeboat drill was so hot and humid not good. Back to the cabin where we both fell asleep and missed the sail away, woke up in time for the evening meal, eating company interesting and good. Straight to bed after the meal.

6 December 2015

Singapore Flight to Singapore good but not much sleep. The transfer to the hotel was good and will book like that again. Hotel just like a Premier Inn with better service. Had a drink before crashing out at 7pm awake just after midnight.