Europe, North America · 27 Days · 27 Moments · December 2014

Queen Mary 2 Cruise

10 January 2015

Southampton Disembarking quite well organised with just one niggle there was no tannoy letting you know when it was your time to get off.

9 January 2015

At sea the normal routine in the morning then after lunch we packed our suitcases.

8 January 2015

At sea and our usual routine going well.

7 January 2015

Sylvia is coming down with a cold.

6 January 2015

Sea will be like this all the way home the captain has said. This means we will have bad weather after we disembark.

5 January 2015

Sea still rough a force 8 gale blowing the ship is amazingly steady.

4 January 2015

Sea was very watchable today, the water came over our balcony once, it regularly went above the third floor windows. Even with this the ship was quite smooth with just a slight rolling. After lunch we cleared English customs.

3 January 2015

New York No tour today all passengers have to disembark for customs to clear the ship still it was only an hour wait before we could board the ship. It started snowing as we went to lunch. New people at our table tonight they were from Surrey and it was their first cruise, they spoke rather posh.

2 January 2015

At sea and definitely too cold to sit outside now so our reading and relaxing was done by the inside pool.

1 January 2015

At sea the air is cooler this morning.

31 December 2014

At sea reading in the day. Celebrated the new year twice once in the Golden Lion pub celebrating at our time zone in England then later before heading to the Queens Room to celebrate again in the time zone that we are in.

30 December 2014

St. Kitts Had a wander around around the town after lunch.

29 December 2014

Barbados Same as yesterday with the ship quieter with most people ashore.

28 December 2014

St. Lucia As we have been here several times before we are going to stay onboard today.

27 December 2014

Dominica Our whale watching today was good but spoilt by young children. Two female Sperm whales and there young, plus another female whale that went on a feeding dive just as we arrived.

26 December 2014

St. THOMAS We eventually decided to stay onboard relaxing as the temperature was in the 80 degrees. Show this evening was very good with Kenny Martyn playing jazz and big band music.

25 December 2014

Weather warming up a lot now, more swimming today.

24 December 2014

What a fantastic sunrise this morning. After breakfast we explored the ship trying to locate a nice place to sit and read. Decided not quite warm enough yet continued wandering and found the indoor pool and settled there. The pool water was warm enough for us to have a swim. After lunch we sat on our balcony again. Our Christmas present was waiting for us when we returned to our cabin later in the evening, two mugs.

23 December 2014

At sea and after breakfast our routine was reestablished after yesterday’s chaos thank goodness. It is now warming up enough for us to sit on our balcony and read, fresh air at last. Had another couple join us four at the dinner table for the evening meal.

22 December 2014

New York as we docked the Statue of Liberty was right outside our cabin balcony all lit up. So was the new trade centre and the rest of the New York skyline at 4:am. On our tour of the city we were shown most of the sights before ending up at the 9 : 11 memorial then back to the ship. Customs had not cleared the ship yet so we could not board, waiting time again. A lot of Americans joined the ship for the next sector over Christmas. The ship is fully loaded for the trip down to the Caribbean.

21 December 2014

At sea it is a lot calmer today you do not know that you are moving.

20 December 2014

At sea our routine settled we both finished our second book. Captain has said the wind and sea will be better tomorrow.

19 December 2014

Breakfast, Commodores Club, lunch in the Kings court routine now established for our at sea days. The sea maybe a bit calmer today. At our dinner table we were joined by a couple of Liverpudlian ladies, nobody else could get a word in.

18 December 2014

After breakfast we made our way to the Commodore Club where we read until lunch time. Kings court for lunch then back to the Commodores Club until it was time to get ready for dinner. The evening show was cancelled due to the rough seas.

17 December 2014

Clocks put back another hour last night, after breakfast we wandered around to find a nice place to sit and read. On the second move we found the Commodores Club leather armchairs very nice area. Found another seating area near the illuminations, we stayed there until it cooled down then we went back to our cabin. Saw the film about the Four Seasons after dinner.

16 December 2014

Woke up the next morning to find we were at sea, setting sail in the night had not disturbed us. Looking out from our balcony door confirmed that we were at sea. Breakfast at the Kings restaurant next on our plans was to wander around the ship to see where we could sit and read. The layout of the ship is so different from other ships we have been on made it difficult to know which way to go. Every where is so much more refined. Eventually picked on the Winter Gardens as a place to read until lunch time, afterwards we retired to our cabin. Sea has a steady swell now and the ship is starting to move with it. On the midday Captains talk he explained the reason for our late departure it was a cooling pipe blockage, it was midnight when we left Southampton.

15 December 2014

The holiday starts today off to Southampton to park the car before boarding QM2. Arrived at the car park at 11am told to wait because transfers did not start until 11:45am. Check in was already in progress with another wait for our turn. At least we could board straight away after checking in. Cabin very good feels light and roomy. Had lunch in the Kings Court area followed by a tour of the ship, found the library but it was closed until 5:30pm. Back at our cabin the luggage had arrived and unpacking commenced. Our last suitcase did not arrive for quite a while, with a lot of chasing the cabin attendant. By then it was time to get ready for our evening meal. The restaurant meal was OK, and afterwards we made our way to the theatre for the introduction of the ships performers. A technical problem has delayed our departure from port.