United States of America · 2 Days · 10 Moments · October 2017

Lynchburg October 2017

22 October 2017

eventually it was time to say goodbye to rhéa. we went back to her place and stayed and talked a lot longer than i expected. she’s just so great to hang out with, it’s hard to leave. she had pulled out her journal from the first time we went to scaremare, and it was interesting hearing her initial responses. it was hard to leave, but we had to go say goodbye to morgan on campus. and get coffee.
we eventually got up and made brunch plans with tino. we went back to el jefe, and it was packed but we got lucky. tino and i split a meal and both got mimosas. it was great getting to see her, and she gave off such a confident vibe. i know she had been going through stuff, but she didn’t let on at all.
before dinner cody and i ran to the abc store to get rum and pina colada mix. unfortunately lauren had fallen asleep by the time we made it home, but cody, rhéa and me made drinks and watched “the invitation” until 3:30 am.

21 October 2017

six of us left dinner and went to scaremare. the line took us 2 hours to get to tickets, but it was the best part. richard was hilarious and he was hysterical the whole time. it made it not just bare able, but also a blast. when we went in the actual scary parts rhéa and i clung together while morgan and cory lead the way in front, and cody and richard moved behind and in front of us- rich made sure as many people as possible knew rhéa’s name to keep scaring her. we left there around 1:00 am.
we got a group together and met up at la carreta. it took us forever to get a table, but it was fun. it can definitely be overwhelming with that many people though.
after lunch we decided to walk around downtown some to catch pokémon and work off my mimosa. we ended up finding a trail we didn’t know existed, and we walked at least 3 kilometers. he did not want to take pictures with me at all.
cody and i went to ra bistro for lunch on our own that way everyone had some time to get their work done and we could go where we wanted to. cody got his funnel cake burger, and i filled up on my mimosa and mac and cheese so i barely ate a quarter of my burger.

20 October 2017

once rhéa was home went over there to hang out. the new big thing replacing myers briggs is this enneagram test. so we all talked about it, and cody and i took a test to see what we were. eventually everyone called it at night and cody and i crashed at rhéa’s.
we met up with morgan and cory on campus and hung out. we went on a target adventure to kill some time while we waited for rhéa to finish with her dinner plans. eventually we got hungry and went to chick fil a.
first stop in lynchburg- wards road starbucks!