Asia, North America, Europe · 17 Days · 15 Moments · February 2019

Hua Hin Thailand

26 February 2019

Thank you all for participating in our mission trip. It is a real privilege to serve our overseas families. Dave and Connie Stilley.

25 February 2019

We finally arrived in Waukee after a 36 hour delay for the opening of Interstate 35. Looks just like Thailand, right?

22 February 2019

Huge backlog at Copenhagen baggage claim!

21 February 2019

The Bangkok airport is packed at 10 pm on Thursday. Fascinating statues of Thai mythology are everywhere.
Tonight we begin our return journey home. We have had a great week with missionaries. Many serve in sensitive areas so we can't post faces from our meetings.

19 February 2019

I have kept very busy providing medical attention to those meeting here in Thailand. The climate couldn't be more different than home in Iowa!

15 February 2019

We are preparing to board the largest passenger airliner in the world, Airbus 380 for the flight to Dubai. Then a mere Boeing 777 to Thailand.

14 February 2019

We toured Lund University in Lund Sweden today where our son Jordan is attending Grad school. The city and cathedral have been in existence since 1000 AD. For those of you in EMS the automatic chest compression CPR device was invented at Lund University. Lund University Cardiac Assist System = LUCAS!

13 February 2019

After a flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam we flew a brief one hour flight to Copenhagen. This jet is a subsidiary of KLM. Even the seats were green!

12 February 2019

Look who we ran into at the Minneapolis airport. My sister Sarah Stilley works at an airport restaurant.
Snowing like crazy here in Minneapolis.

11 February 2019

We made it to Minneapolis despite a storm in Iowa.

10 February 2019

Tomorrow Connie and I set out on our next missions Journi to Thailand via Sweden. We will visit our son Jordan and Shawna and their kids then press on to Thailand. Snow showers may make our drive to Minnesota interesting!
We will serve Reach Global staff as they meet on the coast SW of Bangkok.