North America, Europe · 10 Days · 15 Moments · June 2018

4 July 2018

3 July 2018

Not sure why pictures aren't downloading, but we had a busy day in Paris:) Started out with breakfast at a small cafe followed by a walk to Notre Dame. After that, we took a breath taking tour through Saint Chapelle. The stained glass was incredible! From there we went to Muse d'Orsay and took in some Van Gogh and Monet. Arc De Triomphe and Champ Elysees were next. Lunch included escargot ;) Saw some additional sites from a tour bus and ended the trip on a wonderful dinner cruise down the Seine.

2 July 2018

No words necessary (mostly because I am too tired to think of anything to write!)

1 July 2018

Today was our big day. Spent the day in the village at an outdoor market while the kids played in small groups on the streets, then rehearsed for tonite. Concert was awesome. They are really part of something special. Off to Paris tomorrow:)

30 June 2018

29 June 2018

Started the day with wine tasting at 10am (!) while the kids rehearsed. Headed to Saint Tropez fire the afternoon. Beautiful coastal town with some huge yachts. Back to La Croix Valmer after dinner for a wonderful concert under the stars for the start of the music fest. They started by playing the national anthem. It is a special experience to hear that played in another country

28 June 2018

Au revoir Avignon:) Loaded up in buses and headed south to Aix de Provence for some street shopping and lunch, then on to Cassis. Amazing town in the cliffs by the Mediterranean Sea. Took a boat ride to see some of the sites from the water. Finally long drive ending in winding though the mountains to La Croix Valmir. This is home base for the next 4 notes and location of music fest. Kids get put to work tomorrow practicing for their performance on Sunday.

27 June 2018

Today started with croissants and then a trip to Pont de Gard, an aquaduct over the Rhone River. Impressive workmanship! From there, took bus to Arles, home to Vincent Van Gogh for a period of time where he completed several works and cut off his ear😕. Also home to a large Roman amphitheater and bath houses. Came back to Avignon for dinner on the river and a beautiful sunset:)

26 June 2018

Started the day with a trip to some some small towns in the Luberon region of France. Stunningly beautiful countryside. Awesome street market with samples everywhere :) Back in Avignon we visited the Palais des Papes - Palace of the Popes. Several Popes reigned from here in the 1300's. Sun doesn't set until 10pm, so still going strong!

25 June 2018

Hit the ground running. Started the day with some pastries and walked Chantilly, visiting a beautiful castle and grounds. Took the bullet train to Avignon. Can't escape the Irish:)

24 June 2018

Paris here we come!
On our way:) Au revoir Lakeland!