Canada · 1 Days · 3 Moments · July 2017

H's adventure in Carleton Place, ON, Canada

3 July 2017

Mississippi lake in Ontario. Peaceful lake suits for a close interaction with nature. Perfect place for dating and family picnic and boating (maybe also fishing). A small white-sand beach as well as a playground is located right behind the town high school. It is highly recommend to drive through the Lake Park Road, the First Avenue as well as the Birch Avenue. A great oppurtunity to think about after-retirement life. (Pictures were forgotten due to amazement on the road.) Next time visiting note: bring bicycles, try the anonymous road on Bayview Drive to view the bay.
Heritage Museum: a mini musem in the north bank of the Mississippi river in Ontario. Walked in randomly, free of charge, sweet settings and interesting exhibition notes. Explains the brief history of Carleton Place, the town for the aboriginal Algonguin people and newly settled Scottish immigrants in 1820s. The small-scale 2 exhibition rooms showed im great details how life was since the time when the town had only 900 residents. the town was built to defend invasion from the states.
Come browse the so called "The largest book store in Canada" - THE BOOK GALLERY! The book gallery is indeed a compact used book store where you can find books from all categories: fictions, history, war, hobby, phylosophy… Don't get frustrated just because its simplicity in room decoration. I was much suprised that such a store exists in a small town like Carleton Place. Try it and you might actually find something really old but authentic in a corner under the stairs. Do return all the books after reading back to the original shelf if not buying, since the owner claimed that he would ban you from the store for good if get caught. (Angry face ಠ︵ಠ) I bought The Rebel from Albert Camus and am looking froward to a revisit!