North America, Europe · 9 Days · 18 Moments · June 2017

Halm's Trip to Woodbridge, CT

25 June 2017

For dinner we ate at the hotel's Yamazato Restaurant, one of the hotel's five restaurants. This was the traditional Japanese restaurant with beautiful Japanese Gardens outside and pretty Japanese waitresses clad with kimono. I had tuna sashimi while Margaret had a seaweed salad. We both had the black cod. We ended with green tea, green tea sponge cakes and creamy green tea ice cream. Then it was off to an early sleep to make up for what we lost last night. Swipe to left.
We took the municipal ferry to the Central Station where we caught a wild cab ride back to the hotel. Two near misses.

24 June 2017

Today is moving day. Woodbridge to New Haven Union Station thanks to Marisa driving, to Newark Liberty Airport by Amtrak in 60 degree cold air-conditioning and a 40 minute delay, then to Amsterdam with a scheduled arrival at about 7:30 AM.

23 June 2017

To complete our day of experiencing New Haven, we met the Kogans and Cohens for dinner at Tarry Lodge, one of Mario Battali's great restaurants. The each grand kid ordered a pizza, Marisa and I had the linguine, Susan and Margaret had pizzas. Everything was wonderful, including the company. Slide photos to left.
Afterwards, we spent time at the Yale bookstore, candy store and ice cream shop owned by the Man who makes red-soled women's shoes. Swipe photo to left.
As with most trips, our joy is trying and revisiting good restaurants. Today, we joined the Cohens for lunch at Harvest, a return trip for us. Lobster salad, hamburgers, hamburger sliders, and shrimp salads where the choices.

22 June 2017

Following appetizers in Woodbridge, we had dinner at L'Orsio in New Haven followed by singing happy birthday to our darling granddaughter. Slide page to left for more photos. Swipe photo to left.
Day is Lia's 7th Birthday made very special with attendance of three sets of grandparents converging from Bristol, RI, Harrisburg, PA, AND Los Angeles, CA.

21 June 2017

Shopping, cooking and planting occupied this Wednesday, plus listening to kids play their violin and.cello.

20 June 2017

More from Mystic Aquarium. Swipe to left for more pictures.
A trip to the Mystic Aquarium is well worth the trip. Very well done.
Mystic River and drawbridge
If you're in north eastern, CT you'll be nearby Mystic and Mystic Pizza. Great pizza, no questions about it, movie aside.
Went to kids' doctor's office for Lia's annual physical examination by Dr. . She's 46.5 pounds, + 3 from last year. Height is 3' 10, +3 from last year. She'll be entering 1st grade this fall. Henry is 79.5 pounds and 4' 6" tall. He'll be entering the 4th grade this year.

19 June 2017

Today is hanging around the house day. Marisa and Matt at work so cooking and playing games with kids. Made Henry grilled cheese and ham sandwich with bacon which he ate followed by a bowl of cereal. Lia had cereal and bacon. While kids playing games with Margaret, I enjoyed a balmy, sunny afternoon on the screened porch. Then I cooked pork chops Italian style, made a salad and rice. Marisa and Matt at work. When finished I returned to the screened porch to a summer thunder storm. No wonder it's so lush here. Shown is photo of Kogan's back yard. Not bad for under $500K.

18 June 2017

Our Father's Day family activities were watching "Guardians of the Galaxy, Part 2," walking Silver Sands boardwalk and shopping for dinner. I thought Guardians was great, very funny with great music. Silver Sands beach was a pleasant surprise and a nice walk. After shopping at the local Whole Foods, we cooked some cod with capers, sautéed kale and salad with fresh mango for dessert. We learned that Marisa accepted a full-time position in the Yale Admissions office. She will be one of 20 admissions officers. Her territory is not known yet. Unbelievable benefits including $16,000/year each towards tuition for Henry and Lia, no matter what college they attend, generous matching contributions toward a 457 plan and 4 weeks of vacation each year.

17 June 2017

Welcome to my blog, and first entry, on "Journi", of our trip to Woodbridge, CT, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and New York City. For our last three trips I had used "Travelpod" which will be closing on 6/19. Journi is much easier to use as you can tell if you've downloaded the App. This morning our routing is LAX to Washington Reagan to Hartford, CT. Marisa and family will meet us there and then to Dinner in West Hartford.To me traveling with internet is so great. Able to listen to my station on Pandora and play my favorite games or even watch free movies--the time passes so quickly. Our steward was one of the best ever. He told a string of jokes while waiting to debark: "Why does Campbells put no more than 239 beans in each can of pork and beans? They don't want to make it two-forty (said with Boston accent). The connecting flight from D.C. To Hartford was delayed about 90 minutes and we landed about 8:15. Fortunately, the Kogans had dinner at a nearby Vietnamese restaurant while waiting.