Brazil · 6 Days · 4 Moments · December 2016

Hopping the hostels in Iguazú #premiero#list

23 December 2016

It's near Christmas 🎄 so the last hostel: Che lagarto the best large hostel 2016 worldwide with a rooftop pool 😃 for two nights 😴💤 #claro #si #naturalmente 🤓🇧🇷

21 December 2016

Next stop #hostelBambu for two days 👌 There you got netflix 📺 #whatelse #8€/night 🛏🛏🛏🛏🛏 #greatoutsidecookingstation 🔥 #breakfastwithbeansand🍳and🍗 Oooh and free caipirinha 😬🍸 At first evening a guy said that he do a free city tour. Two girls from Wales and us do this. The guide posted pictures on the Bambu FB page. Such a great tour to the second largest river in south america called Paraná and splits Brasil 🇧🇷 and Paraguay 🇵🇾. At the river was a house where we get a can beer for 3R$. The guide give us some food from a family sitting there and eating. Then he said "it's my family" they are living here. It was a house near the water in the forest 🌳 with a 1km walk to the beginning of the city 😄. #nicetour 😍

19 December 2016

On top of the tetris hostel in the evening with a free caipirinha for sure 🍸😍 There are some strange things happening in another countrys/continents: • buying a 5 Liter bottle of water from Coca Cola 💦 • there is a guy who packs in your buying stuff in like thousand plastic bags --> one "buying-car" from other buyers with roundabout 40 plastic bags 🐥 • throwing away all the plastic bottles and cans; there is no giving back for those • driving with the bus for 1€ • go at 22 o' clock to the supermarket to get cash 💳 #it'snotRiosaidthehostelmaster 😬

18 December 2016

Sure we got the first night a private room in a hotel with a big breakfast 🍳and a pool 🏊 , but then we know what hostels got: #lockersforyourstuff 🔐 #youngpeolpeeverywhere 👻 #youfeelverysafethere 👮🏽 #youfeelfreecausethepeolpearerelaxed #freecaipirinhaseveryevening 🍸 #freedrinkingwater (but mostly with chlor) #freetoursthroughthecity 🏘 #apoolisnotspecialiniguazú 💦 #hostelistheshit 👌 #youseethepictures 😍😎 So three nights and first hostel: #tetrishostel #casacontainer ⏹