Vietnam · 4 Days · 32 Moments · October 2017

Đà Nẵng. You and me

19 October 2017

See you soon, Da Nang 😭
Its time to go home 😞

18 October 2017

Bạn trai của tuii 😽😽😽
Oh his face... so so happy with big steak 😚
Ăn tối anh ơiiiii. Người iu bought this bag for me nee. Thích nhắmmmmm 😻
Anh iu chộp ảnh 📷
Go to the beach 🏝 🏖
Nice decoration every corner in this hotel 😎
Morning lah ❤️

17 October 2017

Dinner with best boyfriend and best friend 😋
🤓 bring 👸🏻to nail shop. Great time with Linh.
Rau muống 😍😍😍
📷 by him 😎
Shopping... cofffee time
Ngày dịu dàng chung đôi ❤️
Chúng mình đi Hội An 😝😝😝
Anh ơi nhanh lên đi ăn sángggggg

16 October 2017

We had a good day 😽
Olivia’s restaurant 🤤🤤🤤
Chộp ảnh chộp ảnh nàoooo
Going out for dinner 🍴
First meal in Da Nang. Very late lunch or early dinner?
Going out neeeee
Our room.... so so nice. Daddy to booked this hotel because Mommy nho said she likes it. Spoil me ma 🙈
Trà chanh sả thơm thơm neeee
We are so high on the sky my baby boo
Waiting to fly fly fly.... always hold my hand nhaaaa 😍
Are you ready 😻