United States of America · 2 Days · 5 Moments · January 2019

Honeymoon Journey to Jamaica!

6 January 2019

Beautiful Morning!

5 January 2019

All checked in! Waiting board. TSA was surprisingly fast today. It’s a little rainy, so we are hoping our flight isn’t delayed. Ps. I hate flying.
We are ready! Already panicking about being late! Headed to the airport soon. Sunshine here we come.

4 January 2019

Made it to Boston safely! Staying overnight for a quick fly out tomorrow! Had a great dinner at the Chelsea Station Bar and Grill ! Our server was awesome and even did a shot with us! He went to Montego Bay in July and stayed where we are! He said he loved it! I can’t sleep and just want to be in paradise! We have to say bye to Jen and Ross tomorrow, but we’re so happy they could come down and see us off! We will miss them terribly, but they have a fun adventure planned! I really wanted to go check out the FBI building next door, but Chad wouldn’t let me...boring. ❤️ off to bed! The adventure starts tomorrow!