Europe · 30 Days · 40 Moments · August 2016

Honeymoon Europe Road Trip

30 August 2016

We have finally made it back home! So happy to see out Nasher! No time to relax, now to prepare for the move!

29 August 2016

We arrived in Belgium yesterday. Our last stop. Today we went to the town of Dinant. The saxophone was invented here by Mr Sax. There are a lot of saxophones around the town, our mission was to find them all! These are a sample of what we found.

26 August 2016

We have arrived in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. It is a very cute small wall town. It makes me want to break into song of "Little town, such a quiet village..." (if you know, you know)

25 August 2016

We have arrived at Munich. It wasn't a planned stop, but we decided to cut Salzburg short and spend a day here. We arrived early afternoon and went exploring. We found the Englischer Garten (the English Garden) and there is everything here you would find on a beach (except sand). People lay in fields in their swim wear, or naked, they play bat and ball and frisbee and all the kind of games you would find on the beach. There is a lake with pedalos. There are sections if river which people surf and swim, even though there are many signs telling them they should do otherwise. There are beer gardens which sell food as well. It was easy to spend the day here before the sun became too much. We may go back tomorrow with our swim gear!

24 August 2016

This evening we went for dinner and a concert. The food was amazing and dessert had a Mozart chocolate silhouette. The music and singing was amazing! We had music from Don Giovanni, Le Nozze di Figaro and Die Zauberflöte. It was a very intimate showing and the musicians and singers we absolutely amazing!
This morning and afternoon we have made it our mission to sample "typical" foods. We have had strudels (both apple and cheese), weiner schnitzel (both pork and turkey) and giant pretzel. Hopefully we'll find time before we leave to sample bratwurst!

23 August 2016

We have arrived in Salzburg! We have been for a wander, and ended up eating in an Italian restaurant - I think the change will be hard. Ended our day with some cocktails.

22 August 2016

Today we went to Limone sul Garda. When we got there the lake was very choppy, we had booked a boat and it was delayed. Because of the wind we wondered if we would ever get out. So we waited and had a dip. An hour after our designated time we managed to rent our boat and be on our way! We had it for an hour, but the lake is so big actually you don't get that far. We saw a small waterfall and a castle, and we think the road from James Bond (! Captain Karl went a little James Bond in the middle of the lake at full throttle in the waves of a ferry - slightly scary. We got told because of the wind that we shouldn't jump off the boat and swim, Karl always the rebel!

21 August 2016

We arrived at Lake Garda late last night, a journey that should have taken 3 hours took 7 hours. And if we thought the Almalfi drive was scary, this one nearly killed us. Going up the mountain, no barriers on the side, pitch black, pouring rain, rain causing small streams to run down the mountain road which is only wide enough for one car - we were glad when we arrived and mentally exhausted! The weather isn't looking great, but we're going to explore and still have another day here which we hope will have better weather!

20 August 2016

We have stopped briefly for lunch on the way to Lake Garda at Carpenga, with Carmela, Iris and Viola. We also met Iris's beautiful baby boy Gabriel, so cute! We then stopped briefly to say `Hi` to Maria Rosa. A shame it was such a short stop but we are glad to have seen them.

19 August 2016

This afternoon we went to look at the castle at Roccoscalegna. We had to climb which can only loosely be described as steps to the castle which had been reconstructed a number of times, so that it is kind of like the broom analogy. The views from the highest tower were amazing and it is obvious why we have built castles so high up. On the way back down we stopped at a small outlet for a local micro brewery and Karl had a taste. In there was the sweetest book-nook, I could have stayed there all day!
This morning we went with Keith and family to Gessopalena to do an old village which is made mostly of gypsum. No need to say we collected some rock samples! The village had been bombed in the second world war and the shell of it remained. We went after for ice cream where we saw the end of a wedding. There was an amazing brass band!
Last night we went to Lanciano for a music and food Festa. We had a lovely meal with Keith and his family. The music, however, turned out to be a children's show. Lanciano was a nice place, busier and more commercialised than what we have been used to. Had some brilliant Bacio ice cream, nom!

18 August 2016

We have arrived at Roccoscalegna and an staying with Keith and family. The drive was eventful weather-wise, it started very hot and quickly progressed to thunderstorn to hail stones. But we arrived unscathed. Tonight, another Festa!

16 August 2016

We have arrived at Nonna's and met up with some Falcones and Coleridges, in Valva, and have already done a number of things. We went for a paddle in the river. This evening we went to a Festa in a village on the other side of the valley. We ate pizza and sweets and listened to a brass band as well as a local italian pop/rock band before calling it a night. However from our room across the valley we can still hear the music and hope to watch the fireworks.

14 August 2016

If you wanted nail biting, seat gripping fear, the drive to Almalfi would definitely push your buttons, especially in a right hand drive. I feared I may be a widow too soon! Today we relaxed further up the coast and had a swim in the perfectly clear Mediterranean. We had ice cream....nom, and fresh lemonade. We considered Limoncello, but at 33 degrees heat we decided against it.

12 August 2016

Today we decided to go for a cycle and explore the surrounding area of Paestum. We cycled around the old walled city and to the next town. We cycled along a lovely beach, even though it was only a mile or two up the coast it seemed a lot nicer than the beach we are on. Maybe the grass just seems greener. We then cycled through a pine forest, with pine needles covering the ground, pine cones scattering the ground and the amazing smell of pine all around. I think we may walk there tomorrow. We then descended to the beach. The waves were massive today! Most of them taller than myself and many of them taller than Karl. We tries to swim in some of them, but they were faster than us and I got rolled a few times and had salt water go down the back of the throat - yuk! Much fun was had!

11 August 2016

Today we went to "Il parco archeologico" to look at the ruins of Poseidon. We got lost on the way there, a walk that should have taken 20mins took close to an hour. But we got to see some nice mountainous views! We walked around the park looking at temples of Hera, Athena and Poseidon, as well as the forum, a small amphitheatre and many many houses, which had beautiful floors. While walking the Temple of Hera, clouds were looming and there was thunder and lightening, I was just hoping the skies wouldn't open on us with now shelter. Luckily the return walk was only 20 minutes and we got inside before the downpour, and had pizza!

10 August 2016

After dinner we went for an evening stroll to walk off all of that food and came across the Torrent Di Paestum. It was once a watchtower.
So much lovely food.....Not enough stomach space!
Our views for the next week. Karls view = book-face Sara's view = book

9 August 2016

We have arrived in Peastum, and yes the first thing we did was take a stroll along the beach.

8 August 2016

This afternoon we went to Castelnuovo. It's a lovely town. Here we ate lunch. Karl ordered a medium sized calzone and I ordered a large pizza 🍕 When Karl's calzone came out my initial thoughts were "shit". My pizza was going to be huge and not what I expected for €9. I ate over 3/4 and took the rest home in a doggie bag. After we had gelato 🍦
This morning we went to Vagli Sotto and Lago di Vagli. Although there wasn't much to do in the town, we went for a nice walk across two bridges, a sturdy older bridge and a bouncing swingy bridge, over the lake. Beneath the lake is an old village, which was purposely flooded to make a reservoir and a dam. When the reservoir is drained you are able see the old village, we didn't get to see it today though. The people that lived in this village were moved to the town nearby which in on a tall large rock in the middle of the lake. The views were amazing! There was an awesome view driving up to Vagli, but the roads didn't allow for a stop to take a photo

7 August 2016

So today being Sunday there wasn't much to do in this little village in the Tuscan mountains. So we decided to go for a stroll, during the hottest part of the day, without appropriate footwear. "Disaster" you might think, luckily it was a very shallow climb up the mountain facing the village and the many trees protected us from the Tuscan sun. We weren't the only crazy people there, we did stumble upon some cyclists. Our walk was mainly uneventful with both of us jumping at every lizard we heard scurrying through the dry leaves. We did see a small deer hurry away from us in the direction we had come from. And in classic Italian style, at the top of our climb we were greeted by a small church, ready for you to thank God that you made it and to pray that you can make it back down, which we did. And when we returned, boy did we nap!

6 August 2016

After many windy-windie roads we have reached our destination of Roggio in Italy. It is a very quiet village with many streets no car is made for. We have found the most important thing - food. So we are on that and hope we can find our way out to be able to do something tomorrow.
After many hours in the car, we have arrived in Italy. Not yet at our destination, but in Italy! The road to Mont Blanch was heavy with traffic, 3km taking over an hour, but this does mean that we got to see a lot of scenary. The temperature jumped from around 21 on the French side to 30 on the Italian side - fun drive ahead with only 200 miles to go!

5 August 2016

This evening we went to the Geneva Lake Festival. There was a river side funfair, with lots of rides, music, drink and food.....we definitely ate too much food! We watched a fountain display on the river, which was coordinated brilliantly with the music playing. We enjoyed sitting on the water front and watching the festivities on the other side of the river. The atmosphere was truly amazing!
Last night we went to bed disappointed that you needed to book a week in advance for CERN - why did we not think of that?! So today we had a wander in the city. We got out our "Must See" map to discover it was full of buildings like The Town Hall - enthralling! So we decided to wing it and go for a stroll. We were presented with the world's largest fountain ⛲ and got a few snaps. We then decided to explore old Geneva, which was mainly uphill, but that's OK because we had food at the top, some scrummy ravioli, nom! We heard that were the two rivers (La Rhõne and L'Arve) met was a sight to see so we got out the map and accepted the walk. I must admit the route we went down was straight out of a murder drama, but it was worth it (view pictures). The ducks knew which side to stay on!

4 August 2016

We ate out in Geneva this evening. We were served absolutely massive burgers! It was lovely! Karl asked for a large beer, whichever in a glass that nearly needed two hands to hold. Definitely get your money's worth. This place got kudos from me.....books to read!
After a very long journey we have arrived in Geneva. The most difficult part of the drive was once we entered the city, I highly recommend never driving here! It is craaaaaaazy! Going for a wander now....mainly on the hunt for food

3 August 2016

Deer update: they're a family! Two young ones and a mummy.
We just saw a young deer in the trees by the lodge we are staying at. She (or he) ran off before I could get the camera. She (or he) was beautiful!
Farewell. We are now leaving our hunting lodge in the woods. Had a very relaxing time. Now for our city break.
Pooh-stick competition. Sara 2-1 Karl
Chilling by our pool, waiting for the sun to warm up the water a little before we jump in

2 August 2016

Found some lovely cheese. Our French elevenses

1 August 2016

Just us and the forest for the next 3 days!
After a very long drive through France, we have reached our first stop. We are staying in a hunting lodge in the woods. The pictures really don't do it justice. It is beautiful and peaceful.
After sitting in Dover port traffic for far too long, we checked in 10 minutes after our ferry departure to discover our ferry leaving an hour late. The waiting in traffic was not entirely wasted - caught myself a bunch of Pokèmon, the last before we enter the mainland. We are now on our ferry.......Excited!