Europe · 164 Days · 55 Moments · May 2015

Richard & Hannah's honeymoon adventure!

15 October 2015


15 May 2015

And home!
Celebrity spotting in Paddington
Last station in France, then back home to Blighty!
A visit to the "Art of the Brick" exhibition. The artist is a genius with Lego, but the worst (the WORST) at audio commentary
Staring our last day with a Parisian coffee

14 May 2015

This photo taken exactly, give or take a few yards, where we met for the first time

13 May 2015

Post torchlight refreshments
Torchlight Procession time! 😀
A few drinks in traditional Lourdes drinking spot, LaTerrace (now sadly rebranded as La Riviera Sol)
Inspired by her trip to Milan, Hannah experiments with High Fashion (Lourdes Style)

12 May 2015

Arrived in Lourdes. Typical activities ticked off, including beer and hot dogs in the Jean D'Arc and candle lighting in the grotto
Inspired by the trip to Carcassonne, who will win?!
A trip to Carcassonne! Hannah and Richard ably demonstrate all the moves - Farmer, robber, knight and monk! Then a beer obviously

11 May 2015

We are in glamorous Monte Carlo! For the next 2 minutes anyway. Look at that vending machine, all Ferrero Rocher and champagne
An all too brief stop in Milan. We are so fashionable!
Not Lake Geneva. But still very pretty
Brief stop in Zurich! Today Hannah is nonplussed at the dearth of Toblerone
Breakfast in Switzerland

10 May 2015

All aboard the night train to Zurich! Choo choo!
Hannah making plans now that the rail strike is over. Skipping Italy almost altogether!

9 May 2015

A visit to the Chocolate Museum! What could possibly go wrong!
Beer and Bratwurst on the banks of the Rhine

8 May 2015

Arrived in Cologne! Not at all vexed to hear there is a rail strike in Germany! Because it definitely won't affect our plans! Not a jot!
Hannah is nonplussed at the dearth of windmills
Hooray! New shoes!
Double Duvel
Heroically looking after the bags - only this lovely view and a coffee helping me through! 😎
Cheese Museum Wisdom
Hannah finds a hint of Cardiff in the Amsterdam Tulip Museum
Sitting on the banks of a canal in Amsterdam, Anne Frank house on our right, tulip museum on our left and coffee on the way - so Dutch!

7 May 2015

Lovely airbnb flat, wine, tea, and election coverage! That's the stuff!
Arrived in Amsterdam!
Quick stop in Rotterdam. Still no shoes
Sad Hannah has lost her shoe in Antwerp, under a train!
At the Plantin-Moretus Print Museum AKA Hannah's revenge for the Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art
Off to Antwerp!
Hannah, blown to giant size by the Power of the Atom!
Richard and Hannah find a giant atom! Ooooooh science!

6 May 2015

Important Euro-decision-making faces
Hannah, with her "Farage-Sceptic" face on at the European Parliament
Have found my comic book character equivalent!
A rare crossover of interests, as Hannah learns that Monks invented comics
At the Comics Art Museum of Brussels
Hannah in the process of spoiling the end of a book by accident
Have been waylaid by an English language bookshop...
Just had a late breakfast, Belgium style*, now off on a Brussels tour! *including waffles

5 May 2015

Belgian beer is the best beer
First stop - Egypt!
Arrived at Brussels - station selfie!
On our way to Brussels - giant coffee for the road!