Turkey · 1 Days · 3 Moments · August 2017

Homegirlz' Turkey Adventure

25 August 2017

There's nothing like the feeling of exploring new cities 😊...with no plan...taking in the smells...sounds...tempo...food...people...and even chaos... Night 1, and Istanbul (more specifically Taksim Square and Istiklal Road) was buzzing...more than I expected 😎... They say more than 3 million people (locals and tourists alike) walk these streets every day 😰 and that was totally believable (perhaps understated even)... We tried Popeye's Chicken (yes, not very Turkish, I know, but a new experience nonetheless), Turkish baklava and of course Turkish delights at Hafiz Mustapha... We checked out the shops... But mostly we just tried to take in the energy of the city as much as we could...
During the short drive to our hotel we caught a glimpse of what we could look forward to during our time in Istanbul. The terrain is very hilly, with the Golden Horn serving as a valley, showcasing the wonders on its banks. This just piqued our already full-tilt excitement 😁 Approaching our hotel in the Taksim district, we could tell that no matter what the hotel was like, the location was great...with plenty of shops, restaurants and stalls in walking distance. There was a buzz in the air, and we looked forward to freshening up and then getting out there to take it all in... 😎
Touchdown Turkey! 😁 After realising I had left my travel pillow on the plane, we made another rookie mistake of not using the toilet before we disembarked...🙈 Ordinarily this would not have been an issue, because there are plenty of toilets along the way to Passport Control...but...when we saw the line at Passport Control 😨...1.5 hours of non-working air conditioners, crying children and funky smells...but through it all, we were just excited to be in a new country and eager to get to exploring 😁