France · 11 Days · 10 Moments · September 2016

Home coming. Our return trip from Bavaria to England.

12 September 2016

Brittany car ferry from Cherbourg, France to Poole, England

11 September 2016

Time to eat our fresh lobsters. Two hours ago when we bought them they were alive. My last night in France. UK bound tomorrow
Sunday market in Cherbourg

9 September 2016

Great choice of fish, sausages and meat at the local supermarket

6 September 2016

All of our furniture is now in the garage. Motorcycles too. Now we have to stack it all neatly.

5 September 2016

Finally arrived at Cherbourg 3am. 1300km and took 17 hours. Going to bed now for a few hours sleep then will be preparing for our furniture to arrive

4 September 2016

Crossed over German French border near Haguenau 370km driven. Driving so fast I bent the hand railings ☺
Stuttgart Airport 255km so far
Time to say goodbye to our home. Cherbourg here we come

2 September 2016

Finally our house is packed including 3 motorbikes. Sunday we start our adventure.