New Zealand · 36 Days · 19 Moments · January 2018

Onward to the land of Hobbiton & Māori tribes

7 February 2018


5 February 2018


4 February 2018

📍Lake Tekapo

31 January 2018

📍Milford Sound

29 January 2018


28 January 2018


26 January 2018

📍Franz Josef Hanging alittle bit Stopped off at a town - went to shop with Abbie, met Raymond the goat, watch people hit golf balls into the lake Went for $5 jam jar cocktails with Bryan, Bianca & jack Heli hike at 8:30 Saw kiwi Pizza buffet

25 January 2018

📍Lake Mahinapua Went on a a walk - horse selfie + rail bird Pancake rocks - meet pablo the teddy bear Stopped off at greymouth to get stuff for the evening Hostel - dj the dog, had basketball / weights /hot tub, made green stone bracelet, had Hawaiian themed party

24 January 2018

📍Westport Stopped at lake nelson - picture stop, touched an eel Beach clean up free beer & bonfire on the beach Roasted marshmallows

22 January 2018

📍Kaiteriteri (Abel Tasman) 10 hour journey Went on the ferry - gross hot chocolate Stop at supermarket - met with Aileen & Dev (met in paihia) their bus broke down Beers at the bar - met Hannah Fiona Emily Marcus Chilled at the beach with deanna & swan out to the pontoon Met Sophie & cuz mark in our room (Denmark) Played mini golf on the evening with Abbie, Aaron Emily jack (river valley) deanna

18 January 2018

📍Wellington As we are heading to Wellington, the bus gets stuck in a ditch & it was so fucked we had to wait for a tractor to pull us out 😂 - Bennie is apologising so much, too cute! I think it added to the adventure. Finally arrive in Wellington & it's raining - were meant to be going out tonight! We still go out tho; we start on the goon & starts to go down here from there really. We are all paralytic- Tarissa was going round saying she wanted to get laid with a Kiwi 😂. Next day, I feel like death - not good! Jenna & Megan persuade me to go to the beach with them. So glad I did as it was such a nice day. After we start planning havinga dominos for dinner. While we are there a guy approaches us & asks us if we "have seen Morris", then says "good chat" & walks away 😂. It's still sunny ☀️. Jenna & Megan moved on Saw a jellyfish & string ray Went for pimms with Helena, Cornelia, Ellie & deanna at Hust Dakota bar with hats and saddle seats My victora , te pupa & cable car Met Kir

17 January 2018

📍River valley It was a long bus journey - we left about 9:30 & arrived at the lodge at 4:30. We did have a 2 hour stop to see Tawhai & Taranaki falls, so we could stretch out legs. But couldn't really be bothered to do the walk as the weather was horrible to begin with. Our driver, Bennie 🤘, said "trust that the pohm's don't get off the bus for a walk" 😂. Had a wander into a wood shop - had loads of carved māori objects. There was a tree that was currently being worked on ... it was amazing. The detail was so intricate! Then popped into the museum too. 2 hour walk tawhai & taranaki - Bennie bus driver Finally arrived at the lodge ... super cute. It was in the middle of nowhere & the scenery was amazing! Would have been cool to do a horse trek there, but it was ridiculously expensive!!! We chilled for the rest of the evening by playing outdoor chess, uno, extreme snap & cards against humanity. Late evening, the team asked if we wanted to play the table game - was so hard to complet

15 January 2018

📍Taupo Geyser & kiwi Huka falls Watched cliffhanger swing Nose pierced

12 January 2018

📍Rotorua This is where my bank account is taking a beating 😖. Hobbiton Tamaki mauri village Water rafting - drax Luge

11 January 2018

📍Waitomo This is the show stopper!!! Went in the Waitomo Gloworm caves, which was amazing - looked like the nights' sky ✨. We were put into groups (turned out to be the girls team), so had the Norwegians, Maria & Becca in my group + some others. We floated through the caves & had to jump off little waterfalls on our inflatable ring. We had a practice before hand & the manoeuvre of a single file line. I was actually bricking it as there made the second waterfall seem like it was gonna be really high!! We had to come up with a name, so we were called the human penis 😂. Anyway, it was amazing & would do it again. So good. And an added bonus, one of the instructor was abit of alright 👌.

10 January 2018

📍Hot water beach Setting off from Auckland, we had 2 coaches heading out. I was on the coach with Elma, Mia, Monica & Maria. Our bus driver was called Cowboy but he sounded more like a pirate to be honest. He was alright, loved his music choice. On our way, we stopped off at a lookout point which was a lovely scenic view of the coast & some islands. A couple of stops later we arrived at the holiday park where you could go glamping, but unfortunately was all filled up by the time I got the clipboard. Then me, Monica & Mia walked to Cathedral Cove which took around 40 minutes to get to the beach. Hands down, my favourite beach I have been to so far!!! This was where Narnia was filmed too. Didn't actually realise it was a beach tho, so hadn't brought swimmers - lol. Water looked lush. At 8pm, I headed down to the beach with Megan, Jenna, Orla & Bianca to dig a hole in the beach. Abit like a spa. It was lovely & like cowboy said, abit of a sand orgy. We found an area which was so warm👌.

7 January 2018

🚌 Day trip to Cape Regina Our guide for the day was Chris - great guy, very chatty! He told us all about the legends of places we passed & stopped at, abou t his family & the culture of his people, & taught us lyrics to well-known songs (i.e. ten guitars & slippin' away). Throughout the day, we stopped at

6 January 2018

📍Paihia Heading north, we make a stop at Whangarei Falls. Had a walk around, took some photos & then we got back on the coach. I now believe in love at first sight. This place ... damn!! So lucky that the sun has decided to come out too. Me & Anja decided to go on a boat tour around the islands & see the famous hole in the rock 😂. We managed to see a pod of dolphins with a calf ... so cute! We also met some kiwi experience people too - Emma & Georgie. After, we went to the hostel bar (which is the place to be) & had a few bevies. Got talking to Jenna, Megan, Ann-Marie & Rosie who had a game of dooble. Basically an extreme version of snap - drinks were spilt.

3 January 2018

📍Auckland There's a storm brewing 🌧. I go on an explorer hop-on hop-off bus to visit all the sites; I get off to see the holy trinity, the winter gardens, the museum, mount Eden & the art gallery. Would have gone up the sky tower, but it's crap weather so wouldn't have been able to see that far. At mount Eden, you could only see to about the sky tower and not any further. Got absolutely soaked tho ... so windy as well!!! Yara & Elīna P.S. On returning from Paihia to Auckland, the sun decided to show. So that was nice. Me, Sarah, Nicole, Fenella & a couple of others tried to go out in the city, but everything is closed so early & even if it isn't, it's so empty 😖. Definitely an eventful night tho!!! During the day, I just chilled with Megan & Jenna at mission bay beach. Managed to burn my nose abit and my shins 😬.