Australia · 222 Days · 34 Moments · August 2017

The voyage down under

3 April 2018

📍 Maleny

17 March 2018


13 March 2018


10 March 2018

📍Magnetic Island

7 March 2018

📍Airlie beach

5 March 2018

📍Agnes Water

28 February 2018


27 February 2018


26 February 2018

📍Byron bay

20 February 2018


17 February 2018

📍Bryon bay

12 February 2018

📍Surfers paradise - Gold Coast Gold Coast didnt really take my breath away like everyone said it would - think that's partly down to the hostel I stayed at. Everyone was real cliquey! Hostel was grim too!! It was so hot ... burnt my stomach so much on the first day 😖. So tried to spend the rest of the days avoiding the sun at peak times. So went to main beach, harbour town, burleigh (which I loved) & tallebugera. As well as wondering around the main strip - they had a sand & sea festival going on. There were a couple of sand sculptures & a chainsaw wood carving. Hence the inflatable squid on the beach & the building with tentacles. Even had a cute market at night too. Also met 2 swedes - Ella & Fredrike. Went to Vapiano & tried to find a rooftop bar but ended up going to a karaoke bar. Everyone was really good, so strange! So had a pretty chill couple of days really. Trying to save the pennies before Alice arrives.

9 February 2018

📍Brisbane Arrived here from New Zealand & the weather is lush. Over the next few days, it just seems to get hotter & more humid 😫. Thank god for the air con in my room. First night, met a group of guys (majority from France) who I ended up having a drink with later. Then had a conversation about how English girls wear a lot of makeup. Okay. Next day I go to do some exploring - the Brisbane sign, the wheel, Southbank, the Storey bridge & the botanic gardens where I bump into Nathan. Ended up spending the afternoon with him & having this vegan brownie. Turns out he's a life coach. Crap 😂. Really nice spending the day with him tho. Start talking to some people in my room & end up going out with them - definitely got too drunk again!!! After, when we head back the fire alarm has went off in the hostel so no ones allowed in 😂 so we head to have a cheeky dominos. So good! Turns out someone was trying to smoke in their room & tried to switch off the smoke detector - they got fined $3000

26 December 2017

🎄🎅🎁A different kind of Christmas

21 December 2017

📍Kingscliff Met my grandma's cousin, George, and his wife Katherine. Took 3 hours to get to Kingscliff but at least the radio was playing some tunes. They were lovely and George's painting with decent too - I liked the one at Ayers rock with the frilly necked lizard. Then went out for a meal & the sandwiches were enormous. Bless them, they couldnt eat it & we just walked out after we had finished. The waitress came after us asking if we had settled the bill - oops 😂

15 December 2017

📍Maleny At Dawn's & Paul's with Dylan & Moon. Nice place Maleny, a bit too quiet for me - not much to do & definitely need a car to go anywhere. However the amount of wildlife here is amazing, especially the birds. Majority of the time was spent admiring the bush turkeys and the buff-banded rail chicks (aka. quaills) ... funny birds!

4 December 2017

📍Sydney Opera House & Habour Bridge Went out exploring Sydney today ... first stop the opera house. 📍The Royal Botanic Garden Filled with ibis & great views of the opera house from here. I even found Mr Tumnus. 📸 Wildlife photography of the year; Australian version

3 December 2017

😍 Day out with Lucy

30 November 2017

📍St Kilda 📍Sealife Melbourne Aquarium 📍Throughout Melbourne

25 November 2017

📍The Blue Lake 📍Valley Lake Conservation Park 📍Umpherston Sinkhole 📍Cave Gardens

7 November 2017

📍O'Reilly's - Lamington National Park 📍Maleny Botanic Gardens

31 October 2017

26 October 2017

📍Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve 📍Australia zoo

17 October 2017

📍Adelaide zoo 📍Grundy Gardens 📍Glenelg

11 October 2017

📍Aquarium of Western Australia 📍Heirisson Island Kangaroo spotting in the city

9 October 2017

📍Throughout Perth 📍King's Park 📍Fremantle 📍The blue house

1 October 2017

📍Geographe bay - Naturaliste Charters 📍Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre

30 September 2017

📍Bunbury Wildlife Park

19 September 2017

📍Cowaramup 📍Meelup National Park 📍Lake cave

15 September 2017

🎉 Hazzahazman's birthday It's Harry's 16th birthday so heading to Busselton for a meal with Nan & Pop. Jax can't make it because he has a serious case of the man flu. Deadly stuff ☠️. Anyway decorated a cake for Harry - me & Lee were gonna make on but forgot. Got a mud cake from Coles & then aload of chocolate bars, plus a kinder egg. Went down a treat. Accompanied Lee & Harry to the post to get his licence. He needed ID, but he doesn't have a passport so he uses his student ID. It's got his full name on it with the added name Hazzahazman 😂. The lady wasn't too impressed!

13 September 2017

📍Dunsborough Staying with Lee this week. Going to try & see if I can have a conversation lasting more than 5 words. Chill place though, especially along Geographe bay. 📍Busseltown Walked along the jetty & was looking to see if anyone had caught anything. Nothing, but the jetty had been turned into some sort of squid massacre with squid ink everywhere. Got to the observatory, but it was like $40 to look under the sea - the water was cloudy so you wouldn't have been able to see anything anyway. 📍Sugarloaf rock + Canal rocks Went exploring the coast with Lee & Jax. Went to Cape Naturaliste lighthouse (it's so tiny) & tried to spot whales breaching. Trickiest part was whether it was a whale or a rock. After we played the most intense game of giant connect 4. Onwards to sugarloaf rock, so called because it looks like a sugarloaf. Erm don't think so, looks like a rock! Canal rocks & the swell was amazing. Tried to walk to the rockpools too, but all the paths had been weathered away.

5 September 2017

📍Dalyellup After having a couple of prayers said for me by a old lady I met on the train, finally arrived in Bunbury. Nan nearly stole someone else's suitcase, thinking I was travelling with 2 bags 😂. Fro the station, we stopped for some much needed food & then went to their house in Dalyellup. Bloody freezing their house is. Nan seriously doesnt like the house, but Pop isnt that fussed ... fair enough. Nan was showing me around & has set me up with stuff - too cute -, however has accidently bought me 4 bottles of conditioner!!!

4 September 2017

📍Kings Park First day!!! Ahhhh ... so nervous. Wake up, head down to brekkie & start chatting to this chick, Amber. She's a kiwi, well technically British. She knew I was from the UK because her accent changed - abit bizarre. She's studying midwifery with an international uni, with 11 other courses. Pretty cool. End up hanging out with her & heading to Elizabeth Quay, where there's a boat race taking placing, & to Kings Park via Jacobs ladder. The park overlooks Perth & there's artsy things throughout the gardens. 📍Caversham Wildlife Park Day out with Shin (Japanese) & Kylie (Australian) 👏 - these guys were lush, super friendly which made my nerves settle. After a KFC trip, we explored the park & took an old-fashioned tram to Mussel pool. Kylie even gave me a gumtree nut to keep. Too cute 😊 📝 Orientation day Today was just getting me setup with an ANZ bank account, Telstra SIM card & Medicare. Plus access to their job board, which is probably is main advantage of the whole pack.

1 September 2017

✈️ Australia My flight went pretty quick, nothing exciting nothing. Although did managed to sit in the wrong sit ... absolute muppet! Arrived at Perth airport to await the longest bloody queue in my life. Anyway had nothing to declare so went through straight away. No immigration stamps 😩. Now I had to find the shuttle bus. Mission impossible we're taking here!!! Waited for a couple of hours for this so called bus, gave up and was going to get public bus to the hostel, but my phone dies 👌. So taxi it is ... luckily it turned out to be $36. Happy days. Now I'm fricking nervous. I've been to hostels before, but this is different. Get to my room - no ones there -, dump my stuff, head downstairs to the common room to setup my phone with the Aussie SIM card and my NEW TABLET (thanks mum and dad). And also message the fam to let them know I'm still alive. Super tired so head upstairs for an early kip 😴.