United States of America · 14 Days · 26 Moments · February 2018

The Twigs Head West

28 February 2018

Here we go! Last day of driving! Leaving St Louis this morning and headed to our home in KC...about a 4 hour drive so hopefully we make it by 2 👍🏼

26 February 2018

Last night we arrived in Huntsville, AL and we’re staying with our good friends, Ron and Ann who we met in HI and live here now with their kiddos! Today we took a trip to the Nasa Space and Rocket Center, which was soooo cool! Harper loved running around seeing rockets everywhere and the boys were also super impressed because you know, it’s space stuff 😜

25 February 2018

Today marks our 2nd to last driving stint as we approach our final destination. We left Nashville and headed south to see our friends Ron and Ann in Huntsville AL. On the way we took a detour east to the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg TN. A two hour detour that turned out not to be quite worth it unfortunately. The distillery itself was great, but they weren’t doing tasting because it’s the winter season 😳 I mean isn’t that when you prefer to drink whiskey...when it’s cold? Anyway, the guys bought some choice bottles and we decided to find the restaurant they advertised, which was closed because it’s Sunday lol. Oh well. So anyway we made our way back west and finally made it to Huntsville! We’ll be here until Tuesday morning and then head to Kansas City!

24 February 2018

Next we took a detour and hit Athens Greece! I wish! Apparently this replica of the Parthenon was built for the Tennessee Centennial Expo in 1897 as a temporary attraction. Because it was so popular, it was was reconstructed and made permanent in 1920. Although very impressive and intact, I’ve seen the real deal and it doesn’t compare to the sheer awe and historical representation that the original has. Fun to see though!
Just had to share this precious pic from yesterday’s excursion. Harper looked the part as we toured the Belle Meade Plantation. She loved collecting rocks and exploring the sites. Later in the day we met an old friend who I haven’t seen since high school graduation. Tanya lives in Nashville and met us over at the Portland Hotel in Opryland next to the Grand Ole Opry House. What a magical hotel! Harper loved the lights and the water fountains!
This morning we’re exploring old Nashville. The Belle Meade Plantation was amazing. So much history between the family and the people who worked the plantation. The property is now a tourist attraction with a full working winery and it’s mostly used as venue for weddings. Harper loved running around and exploring the original buildings, mansion, barn, and slave cabins. What a fun experience!

23 February 2018

Made it to Nashville! The drive from Fort Knox wasn’t bad, shortest stint yet. And guess what?! We’re camping in another Cracker Barrel parking lot! Haha what can I say, it’s free and so convenient! Anyhow, our buddy Keith lives here now, he’s an Army friend of Marks’s who we met in Hawaii. Since we got here a little later in the afternoon, we didn’t have time for much but we did make it to downtown Nashville for dinner and a stroll to see the craziness of this music town. The streets were packed and every bar was full with live music everywhere. Honestly, this city is way bigger and crazier than I expected! Almost like Vegas. But the energy is amazing and the music even better. Cool experience so far!
Well this pretty sums up our day! Haha Jordan and I took the girls out and about to play...and in hindsight we should have stayed home! Two terrible twos toddlers running amuck in the bookstore while trying to feed them lunch...one MUST have a chocolate bunny and will not sit for lunch while the other is pulling food and utensils off the table. The indoor playground we planned on going to was a bust and really meant for older kids who could climb. Then on the car ride home, both littles went into full on melt down mode. Luckily we had each other to laugh through it all. Miss my friend but so happy we could spend time together. Now the Twigs are headed to Nashville TN!

22 February 2018

Crazy kids chasing each other around the restaurant! Good thing we had our own closed in room! Harper and Alex could be related, both curly sues and both complete terrors, but oh so adorable 😍 Big brother Ryan is so good with both girls and they both absolutely adore him. We’re loving connecting with our buddies from Hawaii Chuck and and Jordan and their two littles!
We made it to Fort Knox and the girls are loving playing together!
And we’re off to our next destination! We had such a fun time in Knoxville! Now we’re heading to Fort Knox KY to see the Wall family!

21 February 2018

It’s been a perfect 75* degree day in Knoxville TN! We’re here visiting my Uncle Terry and Aunt Jeni. After arriving late yesterday afternoon we got to see my cousin Joel and meet his new wife Taylor. This morning we took a nice walk in their neighborhood and let the dogs stretch while also finding a cute little playground for Harper to play in! After lunch Terry took the three of us on a tour of Knoxville! What a great city! We toured the historic homes of Sequoyah Hills Park along the Tennessee river and walked along the riverbank, throwing rocks and taking in the beauty of the surrounding homes! From there we drove around the University of Tennessee and witnessed the incredible old and new architecture of the sprawling school. We then went to see where the Worlds Fair has been in 1982, now a beautiful downtown area. Harper got to play at a second playground while Mark viewed a veterans memorial. We needed a snack, ice cream with sprinkles in a historic pharmacy/creamery!

20 February 2018

Last night we decided to keep it cheap and park in another Cracker Barrel parking lot for the night! We stayed in Greensboro NC and headed out this morning on the road towards Knoxville TN to see my Uncle Terry and Aunt Jeni! Along the way we stopped at Whole Foods for lunch! If you know me, you know I LOVE Whole Foods market and have sadly been deprived of this amazing grocery store for almost two years 😩 And even better...we got to eat outside in the beautiful 70* weather!

18 February 2018

Part 2: After Kiera got off work we headed out to Assateague Island to see if we could get a glance of the wild ponies. Although it was a bit chilly, it was so nice to see the ocean! The beach was incredibly beautiful and the sunshine on my face was even better. We didn’t get to see any wild ponies up close but we did see some far off in the distance. After promising Harper she’d get to see the horsies, luckily there were some right around the corner from the house corralled in a pen. So although we didn’t get to see any in the wild, we did see “wild” ponies in a pen 😜 Harper was happy and that’s all that mattered. Surprisingly they were much smaller than I expected and very furry. PS the last pic on this post is a pic I received from Kate of wild ponies. Not an actual thing we encountered while here lol
Had a great lunch on the pier and Harper got to play outside for a bit....even though it’s still kind of chilly. We’re loving the sunshine though!
Part 1 of our fabulous day yesterday with Paul, Kate, and Kiera: In the morning we headed out to Paul and Kate’s property. This is where they get to explore and grow delicious vegetables and spend warm summer days eating clams and corn on the cob. We loved having the chance to see where they spend their free time working on their land. Jersey, Lilo, and Kona were more than excited to escape the camper and run free in the woods....swimming, sniffing, and exploring. They certainly were in Heaven. Harper got to “drive” the lawn mower, learn how to throw sticks for Jersey to chase, and explore Uncle Paul’s garden. All in all a wonderful morning and trek through the woods.
It’s Day 5 of The Twigs Head West and we’re on Chincoteague Island staying with Marks Uncle Paul, Aunt Kate, and cousin Kiera! This is such a cute little beach town and their home is wonderfully cozy with lighthouses and mermaids galore! Harper is loving every minute. Later today we’re heading out to see the wild ponies!

17 February 2018

Day 4 and we’re off to Chincoteague Island VA!

16 February 2018

Went to the Children’s Museum of Richmond with the Paranto’s and Harper and Luke finally met!

15 February 2018

Playing at Uncle Earls last night and wearing her bucket as a hat 😜
We’re a little loopy after a long day in the car but we made it to Richmond VA! We’re staying with Marks great friend Earl (aka Uncle Earl). Everyone is happy but tired!!
Can’t beat a Cracker Barrel breakfast and a “BB-Egg” toy, (as Harper calls him). Back on the road! Uncle Earl we’re coming for ya!
Day 2 begins...spent the night at a Cracker Barrel. Perfect spot for breakfast, toys, rent a book on CD and continue on our journey. Should be up to 60 today...finally leaving this cold northern weather!
First morning waking up in the camper! We drove 3 hours last night from Corning to Harrisburg PA and camped overnight in a Cracker Barrel parking lot! Lol. After we hit the road we were looking for a campsite but to our dismay we waited too long to make a reservation and all the sites were closed for the night 😩 So our options were either a Walmart parking lot, a truck rest stop, or a Cracker Barrel. There was no question we’d pick the Cracker Barrel over a rest stop or Walmart, especially with such a yummy option for breakfast just steps from our beds! Today we head out to Richmond VA to see our close friends the Paranto’s and Uncle Earl Bowser!

14 February 2018

First two hours and we’re already ready to get out of the car!! Also...know anyone who travels with their plants?! 🤣
Two days of packing makes one very sleepy! Harper was taking it all in as the movers worked tirelessly for two days packing our household goods and moving it on out. This little doll made friends with movers and kept them entertained as they worked. We’ve said “peace out Corning, NY” as we left the place we called home for almost two years and we’ll make our way west via several southern states visiting friends and family along the way until we reach our final destination of Kansas City, MO! Our new home is waiting for us!