Thailand · 9 Days · 10 Moments · April 2017

Holly's and Cath's adventure in Thailand

30 April 2017

DAY TEN (morning): BEST DAY EVER!! Today we went to a elephant rescue centre which was out of this world. It was amazing to be so close to the elephants and see how they move. It was so lovely to see them enjoying themselves and rubbing their bodies against trees and rocks which was so funny. This place was helping the elephants in so many ways and if they wanted to leave the gate was always open. We went for a walk with our elephant which was called moonshine as it had a white head in the shape of a moon. We then feed her bananas however she kept going for my gopro stick as it was yellow! That's how I got her trunk so close to my face. We then had a huge water flight with two elephants and I honestly had no words the whole ride back to the hotel. This experience was one in a lifetime.

29 April 2017

DAY NINE: Today we headed out around the island on a boat to do some snorkelling. It took us about an hour to get to the reef but that didn't matter as we had free beer and food on the boat. Once we arrived of course I jumped in off the boat. There was so many different types of fish, including very large sea urchins! After we were all knackered we went to Malibu beach which had such white sand. To make the most of this sand we decided to turn Grant into a mermaid. We tried to get back on the boat but unfortunately it had broken down so we got a crazy crazy crazy taxi ride back to the hotel. It really did look and feel like a 12 year old boy was driving the taxi. To be honest he probably was! Once we got back we had a quick dip into the pool and then got ready for our beach party. Whats the best way to start a beach party? Well a BBQ of course! We then started our bonfire and had a chilled evening, until... we heard karaoke going on next door. We decided to crash a Thai party!

28 April 2017

DAY EIGHT: Today was a chilled day. After all our travelling yesterday we all relaxed and unwind by eating lots and getting our tan on. I wasn't feeling great this evening so went to bed early to rest up for our busy day tomorrow.
DAY SEVEN: Today was a long travel day to head further down South. So we had to say goodbye to our floating bungalows. We did a 40min boat trip out of the national park and then we did an hour and half taxi ride towards the ferry. We then trekked onto the ferry for another 2 and half hours and then finally we made it to the Sarana bungalows. Now this place is paradise!! We even got an upgrade to one of the new bungalows.

27 April 2017

DAY SIX: After our over night train we headed for some breakfast and then started making our travels to Koh Sot National Park. We did a taxi ride and then a boat ride. On the way we stopped for a swim in the middle of the park. The water was like bath water and stunning. But this was just a little bit of what we had to come. We arrived at our floating bungalows which I honestly had no words for. Our group were so quite arriving we didn't know what to say. Our bungalow was very basic with just a bed on the floor but the stunning views made up for this! The place was so peaceful and just amazing. Everyone needs to visit this place! I love it and don't want to leave!! Plus the food they made was unlimited and blooming amazing.

25 April 2017

DAY FIVE: Today was our last day in Bangkok before heading South. To finish it off in style we went to a Thai cooking class which I learnt a lot. We made a Thai soup, Pad Thai, and Massaman curry which all turned out very good! Especially the massaman curry as we won the Thai cooking competition which was marked by a Thai chef so it must of been ok! After our cooking lesson we had some free time so we went to an authentic Thai restaurant were you had to take your shoes off before eating. Now we had filled ourselves up we were ready to take on the over night sleeper train. This was a great experience but not one I would recommend doing all the time. We had a great time all chatting and getting to know one another better. I am also pleased to say I actually got some sleep! Not a lot but some. So now we're on our way to Kho sot National Park were we will have no wifi or phone signal for 2 days. All to be continued in a fews days time...

24 April 2017

DAY FOUR: Today we went to lots of Thai temples! This was totally stunning and a must when in Bangkok. We also got blessed by a monk of all our sins which was fun! After the temples we headed back to our hotel to dive into the pool. We got back to the hotel via tut tut. This was totally amazing and definitely something you should do in Thailand. After this we got ready for a night out in Bangkok. Weirdly we went for an amazing Indian which we sat on the floor to eat our food. After a few shots we headed to Khoasan Road to a bucket bar where we also ate some bugs!! It was so horrible and salty this is something I would not recommend! After a few cocktails we went clubbing in a club called the club! Very original. It was so much fun and it was even air conditioned this is something we need in England!

23 April 2017

DAY THREE: Today we started our tour! After a morning around the pool and lunch it was time to start our tour. We met everyone for a welcoming dinner and then a surprise to me we ended up going to the tallest tower in Bangkok. The view was amazing and slightly scary at the same time as the building rotated around and was very creaky! All in all a good first day of the tour.

22 April 2017

DAY TWO: After finally getting some sleep we went out into the World of Bangkok! We went and searched for some lunch and of course the first thing we had was some Spring rolls. After lunch we strolled around our local area and avoiding all the men trying to sell you tours. After this we were a sweaty mess and decided it was time for a dip in the pool! And what a lovely pool it is. It's so quiet and peaceful in this small area of Bangkok but also so beautiful. After sitting around the pool until darkness it was time to see what Bangkok looked like at night. Busy is the first way I can describe the scene. It's amazing and crazy at the same time! We went for an amazing Thai curry along side some very interesting cocktails! Warning a Long Island ice tea is just alcohol and no coke!
DAY ONE: Ready. Set. Go. And we're off to Thailand! To start our holiday off in style when we arrived at Heathrow we had a full English breakfast overlooking the runway. Would definitely recommend going to this cafe. After our breakfast we got on our 11 hour flight. Yes 11 hours, then to be greeted by a screaming baby for 11 hours. This equaled to no sleep! Once arriving into Bangkok and getting very lucky with the security we met our Tour guide Grant. He was really welcoming and told us the things to do and not to do in Bangkok. After a 40 minute taxi and learning very quickly about the locals driving we arrived at the Wild Orchid guest house. After checking in it was time to get some sleep before day two...