North America, Europe, Asia · 14 Days · 85 Moments · June 2016

Holly's adventure in Italy

27 June 2016

Goodbye to Italy and the Mediterranean! I will miss you but my feet will be happy to be home!
More from around Rome
Views from the top of the castle
More frescos
More Castel Sant'Angelo pics
One popes house
The Castel Sant'Angelo is not to be missed on your visit to Rome
Back in Rome!

26 June 2016

Mount Vesuvius overlooking Pompeii
Pieces they have removed to preserve plus the view over the city that was buried in ash
Frescoes and mosaics left in the floors and the walls
The big house in Pompeii
Pompeii was different than we expected
Sorrento We didn't have enough time here. Beautiful town and would love to see more!
more Capri
Although overcast still beautiful
More capri
Good morning Naples Italy!

25 June 2016

Mom and her girls!
Beautiful Turkey!
Sunny Santorini!

24 June 2016

Talk about desserts! This puts chocolate melting cake to shame!
The temple of Poseidon and views from
Southern coast of greece
More at acropolis
Temple of Athena and the Parthenon
Views of Athens from the acropolis
The Acropolis
A glass steet structure in Athens
The new Panathen stadium
Good morning from Athens!

23 June 2016

Everyone knows I love sunsets, how about an Aegean Sea sunset!
From the Aegean Sea to the top of santorini
More santorini
Who the heck decided to build such a beautiful place thousands of feet up!
Beautiful sunrise over santorini!

22 June 2016

A piece by a local artist sponsored by the government
We are in Rhodes Greece today. Giving our feet a little break! Beautiful as well they are also rebuilding their old town to emulate what it looked like thousands of years ago

21 June 2016

Dinner in the Tuscan grille, excellent!
We also learned about the art and effort that goes into carpet making.
St. John's basilica and castle above. St. John is buried in this tomb and they are rebuilding the basilica to be the second largest in the world . It may take many years!
Theater still used for concerts today
The library used by St. John, and home of Cesar's birthplace
More on the mosaic tiles that have been excavated so far and view from terrace
Terrace houses still in process of excavation
Ancient Ephesus was another extremely interesting site
Yesterday we landed in Kusadasi Turkey, it was absolutely beautiful and much different than expected

20 June 2016

Museum of artifacts found in Delos
Ancient Delos
Just arrived in Mykonos!

18 June 2016

GI.VAL jewelry manufacturing house
Will walking to the hardened lava river at the base of mount Etna a ladybug 🐞came out of nowhere and landed on the inside of my sunglasses staring at me and wished me luck!πŸ˜‰ I feel much better now! Everyone needs a ladybug on their side!!!! 🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞
Vineyards below mount etna and hardened lava river from last eruption in Sicily
Wine tour
Town of Taormina
Messina Sicily port

17 June 2016

Today we finally got some rest and are celebrating moms 85th birthday! Will try to get a good picture tonight.
We are on the celebrity reflection. This is our balconies and the pool deck which has a real lawn!
Leaving Rome and saw the strangest thing, a phone booth! Just left the port of civitavecchia, Italy. On our way to the western Mediterranean! Tomorrow Sicily!

16 June 2016

Like I said the seagulls are on steroids here!
The gardens at the galleria and my sister brother in law and our wonderful amazing tour guide Federica!
More at the borghese galleria
I just can't believe how someone could make these thousands of years ago with nothing but a hammer and chisel!
End of St. Peter's
St. Peter's cathedral, it was more than pictures can explain!
It's hard to believe I am standing under where the pope addresses his public. Very spiritual !
Although I couldn't take photos inside the Sistine chapel you can see the wonders of St. Peter's cathedral.
More in galleries
Now we are in one of the Vatican gallery
More Vatican City
More Vatican City , oh and another super seagull!
Vatican City
Hard to sleep in sure a beautiful place. The sun comes up early and the air is fresh and crisp. This is our morning view from our room. But darn the seagulls here are on steroids!

15 June 2016

Sunset in Roma πŸ˜€
Trevi fountain the end of the aqueduct
The fountains of four rivers
The arch of Constanine
Amazing day! Our adventure was changed from the Vatican to the colosseum! Go figure the pope wanted to use the church today. So we will be heading there tomorrow!
Sculpture by Michelangelo
More pictures of a sculpture Michelangelo made, history of it coming

14 June 2016

We made in in! We haven't slept! Just had a great meal and getting a good night sleep before we visit the Vatican!
Sunset in Miami airport!