France, Belgium · 3 Days · 28 Moments · June 2014

Holly & Tim in Paris

28 June 2014

We decided to try the catacombs again. We showed up an hour early. And still had to wait 2 to get in. Took up our entire last day. But tim was very excited to go.
So many skeletons! The tunnels were 2 km long. They were very cool and pretty chilly. Then we left Paris. And headed to Bruges. As you saw already we missed our connecting train.
Day 3 in Paris went to see dead people in the Catacombs. Prepare yourself. You are entering the empire of the dead!!

27 June 2014

In our defence the connection was only 15 minutes and at a different station up the street in Lille. And also it was raining. We saw the train pull away while Tim cried a little bit. Yay for adventure!!!
We missed our train to Brugge. Lucky for us there was another train an hour later. And it was free. I'd call that a win. We are about to get on it now! Talk to you in brugge!

26 June 2014

Also bill as an update. Tim has only had one beer. He is waiting for Belgium for the good stuff. I'll get you a photo soon!
Also. If you can't see the whole picture because the app cuts if off. Just double click it to see the whole thing! I hope everything uploaded. Goodnight for today! Off to Bruges tomorrow afternoon!
Be last one. AN ESSIE STAND!?! EHAT IS THIS VOODOO MAGIC. SO JEALOUS. only you'll understand how cool this is mom
We went to the Rodin museum. Tim's choice. He looked at the sculptures while I lay in the grass since it was 3.5 km to get there. And it was smoking hot today! Best euro I ever spend. Oh and maybe there's another picture of Tim with his finger up a horses butt. It seems to be a theme for the trip.
Then we walked past the louvre. The outside is so pretty, I'll bet that I enjoyed it much more than I would have liked the inside. Of course we got the classic photos. Me lifting it pinching it. And of course Tim with his finger up the horses butt. Classic.
We headed to the top. The gargoyles were definitely the best part of it all. There are a fee in there that look like the dopey ones in the hunchback of Notre dame. Also check out the dragon looking ones on the darker pillar. They were cool. And of course a view of a gargoyle looking at the Eiffel Tower. Oh and another selfie for you dad.
Oh and look at the courtyard vines on this building. So cool!
We had some lunch. I had onion soup! Cause that's ehT it's called here. It's implied its french. How silly.
We headed to the back. Take a look at the flying buttresses!
Then we went inside. So pretty also so much stained glass. We wandered and stayed quiet. Sat for a bit and just took it all in. Where's he gargoyles you ask!?! Don't worry. They are coming.
We started the day heading to the catacombs. However there was a strike, they weren't open. Bummer. So we headed to Notre Dame.
We saw the outside of Notre Dame first. Go figure right!?! Very pretty. We didn't stand on ground zero of Paris. Tim says it's not a big deal! Jerk.
Apparently yet will see the Rodin museum and the outside of the Louvre as well. See yo all later!
Now it's morning. That's better. Today we are going to the catacombs. Hopefully all of the skeletons don't creep me out too much. Then we are headed to Notre Dame. I believe that it all that we are attempting to achieve today. Oh wait. How could I forget. I have been promised Crepes for lunch. Yippee
A few more. I just like these ones. Probably because the clouds look fake. Then we went on the Metro over to the arc!
Be then we climbed. And climbed. And climbed. 700 stairs up later we made it to the top ( well the second floor since we didn't go all the way up). It was worth it for the view though!
There was 3 photos posted together in that last post. So just slide sideways across the pictures. (I didn't know if you knew about that feature)
Last but not least we went window shopping along the Champ-Élysées. Gosh there was a lot of people there. Can you guess the only store that we went in? You probably did, it was the Disney store. No shocker there right? Also, look at the size of that sephora store there mom!?! It went back for miles! Crazy. Then we took the metro home. Went to the grocery store and got some wine and yogurt and a baguette and cheese for Tim. Then we almost fell asleep waiting for France to play in the World Cup last night. So we went to bed. Didn't even hear our roommates come in last night! 10 hours didn't quite feel like enough. But it'll do for now! I'll post our adventures later. And I am also going to change the time on my iPad so that it doesn't say 2am. Woohoo.
We saw the Arc de Triomphe at least I think that's how you spell it. We didn't climb this one though. No sleep was getting to us.
Eiffel Tower Tried to take as many selfies as I could before Tim started to get upset with me! Also tried the "jumping in front of the Eiffel Tower" photo. But that didn't work so I won't be posting it! I also was successful at squishing it!
Pizza for lunch! Mine was shaped as a heart. Tims wasn't as cool but he looks pretty excited about it. Delicious pizza from Ristorante Da Vinchi Pizzaria. Tasty
We are all checked into our hostel. Was more of a walk than expected. After we trained here from the airport the connecting train stations didn't take bills, so we decided to walk. Not a good idea with heavy bags. We have 2 roommates who we have not met yet as we went to bed around 1040 last night and none were there yet. Maybe we will meet them today!
Sorry! I thought I had uploaded some pictures yesterday, but apparently I wasn't connected to the internet. Here u go again!