North America, Europe · 23 Days · 97 Moments · August 2017

Italia 2017

29 August 2017

Cream & blue in Nice, France 🇫🇷
Saltwater & stone grounding in the Med. sea.

28 August 2017

Breakwater in Rapallo as seen from the lace museum housed in the Villa Tigullio. Rapallo is well known for its talent with creating extraordinary lace.
More faded glory along the coast road to Rapallo. I am especially enchanted by the gate and its mostly hidden double staircase, along with the classic artichoke pier finials (one has fallen to the ground)......

27 August 2017

Delightful rose casa.... Chiavari.
Il giardino botanico at Villa Rocca. Once grand........
Villa Rocca. Oh how she must've been magnificent in her day..... heartbreaking to see the garden pavilion fallen into such dire disrepair......and the villa itself not too far behind. And yet, it was all gifted to the City by its generous owner for posterity. Mr. Rocca must be rolling in his grave.
A visit to the (much) faded glory that was at Villa Rocca and its gardens. In Chiavari.

26 August 2017

Last rays of sunshine as we stroll back along the seaside walk. Rapallo.
View out to sea over Monterosso from the train station bar
Monterosso. Clearly, the thing to do here is sun one's self like a lizard.
"Dwell in possibility." -- Emily Dickinson Gifted in the church in Vernazza.
Overlook of Vernazza from the tower. Excellent graphic umbrellas!
Narrow "streets" or caruggi in Vernazza.
Vernazza - Cinque Terre
Arrival in Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre.

25 August 2017

Harbourside in Portofino.
Portofino is very fino indeed.
Can't get enough of that azure emerald sea. Portofino.
San Fruttuoso Abbey.
Ferry to Portofino......

24 August 2017

In Santa Margherita Ligure - Villa Durazzo...... available for hire...... cocktail party, anyone?

22 August 2017

Arrived in Rapallo...... looking out across the golfo Tigullio.... Hello Portofino, you're looking lovely.

21 August 2017

Out and about in Parma, on a cheese hunt, we found a centuries old archives, engravings, & art shop - Oliva.
Cool custom kitchen shop..... closed for the month of August for holiday.
Stopover in Parma. Pristine bed and fresh modern bathroom - yay! Now, to hunt down some proper parmigiano reggiano.....
IKEA Italia for sheets for our next rental...... yes, pooches welcomed....

19 August 2017

Oh what a lovely evening vista........ San Marino.
Aperitivo with a view
The country's flag whistling away in the hilltop breeze.
Paaren, king of the castle. San Marino.
San Marino. Brilliant rocky citadel. One can see out to the Adriatic Sea a few miles away........
Adriatic in the distance...... San Marino.
Arrived up up up at San Marino - an independent republic surrounded wholly by Italy.
Packing up from the Florence villa to head to the next nest.

18 August 2017

Magical long vista over Chianti wine region. ....... Yes, it is confirmed, I do indeed require a citadel.
Castello di Brolio. Home of the Ricasoli family, who created the wine Chianti Classico as we know it.
Over Chianti.......
Castello di Brolio
Castello di Brolio. Family photo time!
Lunch in the piazza. Siena.
Stalls for the horses in the Palio Siena horse race.
How many Canadians does it take? lol
Siena. Piazza del Campo - seat of the city, and home of the famous Palio horse race.

16 August 2017

Pisa. The Field of Miracles architectural complex...... including the leaning tower. Throngs of tourists.......

14 August 2017

Peek-a-boo view of the Bargello National Museum. Another incredible space.
Streets disappearing softly 'round the bend
Open air market. This is the place for leather goods!
A proper hotel welcome.
Interior court Piazza Della Signoria. Delightful details abound.....every view point considered.....light & shadow playing.
Copy of Michelangelo's David. The original stood here for centuries before being taken inside to the museum for protection.
Palazzo Vecchio....... once the palace of the powerful Medici family.....with windows high enough to be just out of reach of angry stones thrown.
Duomo in Firenze. Art, architecture & technology harmonized finally to bring to fruition the dome that kicked off the Renaissance!

13 August 2017

Out the kitchen window......
Villa views......
Villa views...... We are nesting in a hilltop villa from the 17th c.
Ruin of ancient amphitheatre..... Teatro Romano in the town of Fiesole in the hills above Florence. They still hold events here.
Long view to Firenze from Fiesole hilltops. Can you spy the famous Florentine dome tucked in the centre of the city?

12 August 2017

Lucca...... en route to our next roost.

11 August 2017

Villa Durazzo
Villa Durazzo
Black & white marble terrasse
Si! I'll take it! (Pesky detail that it happens to be a museum and event venue). -- Villa Durazzo
What a vista from here.... out to the ever-changing Ligurian Sea.
Up the hill to Villa Durazzo. Oohhhhh yes, now this is my kind of place! Feeling architecturally ecstatic and happy happy in the spirit ❤️
Autumn fashions are starting to show up in the shops...... Cashmere & angora sweater with brooches, anyone?
Bar La Terrasse
Line 8 bus...... eleven minutes to Santa Margherita..... for a cappuccino in the sunshine :) at La Terrasse at Hotel Hélios.
Awoke this morning to big rolling sea and dark sky (a welcome reprieve from the heat)........ Let's see what the day will bring.....

10 August 2017

The colours are a feast!
Crystal clear. Hello little friends :)
The plants are ridiculously happy.
Incredible patterns with smooth stones in the piazza at San Giorgio.
Grafica. Colore.
Portofino from the church, Chiesa San Giorgio. Super yachts, Dolce & Gabbana, tiny dogs, handmade linens, and portside cocktails for €40. All happening here.
Style on the street. Style on the buildings.
Ferry into Portofino. And it's just as magical as I had hoped for..... The deep blue of the sea is mesmerizing and the pastel buildings are architectural candy!
No filter. No photoshop. No adjusting. No fiddling. Just..... straight up amazing.
San Fruttuoso
A cappuccino and a latte macchiato by the sea? Why, yes, don't mind if I do. Holy cats it's glorious!
Ferry to San Fruttuoso...... monastery accessible only by boat or on foot. The water is practically glowing!

9 August 2017

An evening stroll along the seafront promenade in Rapallo.
Tables set for dinner at Hotel Italia & Lido...
La costa Rapallo...... from the balcony at Hotel Italia & Lido
Toodling around Menton. And a café crème - only acceptable in the AM, according to the French.
On the ramps up to the basilique...... they hold outdoor evening concerts in the square at this church..... music with a view!
Basilique Saint Michel, Menton

8 August 2017

Moonlight over the Med....
Vieux port Menton
Vieux port & ville Menton
Menton as the sun begins its descent.....
Well bonjour to you, my dear Méditerranée. We've installed ourselves in Menton for this evening. There's just nothing quite like seafront, is there.....?....
Touch down in France.

7 August 2017

Ready for departure at YVR