Canada · 23 Days · 15 Moments · October 2017

Hollie's voyage in Canada

12 November 2017

Spent the evening in our luxury Airbnb talking to fellow housemates! Troy, Caitlin and Cody. Troy is Canadian and has lived in BC for 22 years and Caitlin and Cody arrived on the same day as us from Townsville in Australia. They’re staying until about February to work and travel to Banf and stuff and seem really nice. Making connections ;P
Dear Vancouver, please stop raining. It’s making all the impressive things we’re seeing, less impressive and I need to make people in the UK jealous. Many thanks, avid Canada enthusiast.
We stopped by another lake after Harrison hot springs because on the way it had been sunny and you could see the mountains. However, when we got there, on the return journey, the rain had come and you could no longer see the mountains...

9 November 2017

When you basically walk a marathon in the woods and then proceed to walk about an hour just to get the bus

2 November 2017

We drove to Montréal - 6 hours of shared driving, on the wrong side of the road, the wrong side of the car and in an automatic 😳. But we made it, so it’s all good!

29 October 2017

Game changer. The whole reason for the trip, Niagara Falls. Make or break. Time for Canada to shine and for Dad to be won over. It worked! It’s insane, the noise from the falls is so loud, it’s hard to believe that it can just be from water! But also, the amount of mist/spray coming from it. As an observer, it doesn’t look like the boats get that close, but in reality, you get soaked. No joke. We were literally in the spray and within 5-10secs needed the boat to turn because we had got so wet. We caved and went downstairs, it was unreal. But I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Despite being soggy and a wet day already, we were all smiles. Niagara Falls, the reason for the trip, have won us all over. (note to self: next time, take a spare outfit).

28 October 2017

The hockey game was INSANE! Although it was only an affiliate team and not the Maple Leafs, the energy was huge and it was so much more entertainment was amazing! 60 minutes of playing time and in between they had teeny tiny kids on the ice, Halloween competitions, meet and greet, mascot dances etc. It was so good! Even if we didn’t really know much about the sport, it was relatively easy to follow and I actually got quite into it! Would love to go to another game simply for the atmosphere. Honestly, one of the major highlights, thanks Marlies.

27 October 2017

Spent the day at the aquarium with mum, Chaz, Ben and Ellie. Highlight: Jellyfish and touching a sting ray. Lowlight: seeing the octopus being all creepy and weird. Really nice day and not too strenuous, it meant Dad could let his feet rest, another stage in the quest for him liking Toronto. I TOUCHED A STING RAY

26 October 2017

Took Charlie off mum and dad’s hands for a day and we went to High Park. Basically a massive park with really pretty autumnal colours! It was pretty cold and we started to get pretty tired. Met ma and pa in the Eaton centre after and Dad got new shoes, he can now sing paolo nutini’s song once again.

25 October 2017

Amelia took the family on a tour around Kensington Markets. It’s like the shoreditch of Toronto, very artsy and alternative and full of vintage thrift shops! Also, Medicinal marijuana is a big thing there, apparently it’s being made legal at some point! Also, Charlie’s Snapchat game is strong.

24 October 2017

Cools views and crazy wind. You could go outside to an observation tower and it was so unbelievably windy. Loved the view, they say on a good day you can see all the way to Niagara and I don’t doubt it. Although lake eerie looks like an ocean from ground level, you can see to the far side from the CN tower and that’s pretty impressive. Dad, however, was pretty over the sights in about 5 minutes, the quest to make him fall in love with Toronto continues...

23 October 2017

Note to self: Toronto, like other tourist destinations, has peak seasons - the last week of October, is not one of them. The island was basically the ideal location for a creepy horror film where a kid goes missing and lives with the strange island dwellers. Not the best idea, but gave us a great view of the Toronto skyline and made us be active for a good section of the day 👍

22 October 2017

Just walked around the city trying to get our bearings. It was about 20 degrees or warmer, not at all what we were expecting! Wandered down to the waterfront and had a beer, still crazily tired, but completely in love with the city already!

21 October 2017

After a deathly 8 hours waiting in the airport because I got there at 9am with the others, Az, Becky and I got on our 8 hour flight to Toronto. It was not a v. Nice flight. I don’t know if it’s because I was slightly drunk and too warm or if the planes air conditioning wasn’t working, but it was so hot and stuffy and I was so tired, it seemed to last forever! But once we landed it was totally worth it, because Amelia met us at the airport with a sign and a massive smile, welcoming us to Canada.