Australia · 13 Days · 25 Moments · May 2018

Holiday 2018

24 May 2018

We are now home holiday is now over
Just in Melbourne time for 3 hours drive home
Good bye Queensland

23 May 2018

Day 10 we are packing to get ready to go home 🏠

22 May 2018

Day 9 we want on the skyrail up then we walk around Kuranda town then we got the train down

21 May 2018

Day 8 We went to a Crocodile Adventures we all had a great day

20 May 2018

Day 7 started out really early with Daryl waking us all up at 7:30am not really needed while on holidays. Any way up and out early for Port Douglas hippy market it was huge but to much massaging and tarro readings or palm reading or coconut water stalls also beads and bling stalls or float he’s made from coconut finer or hemp but even all that it was a lovely market Daniel got a free coconut to try but he didn’t like the water in it. Then we left town for Cairns because it was another rainy day here in far north Qld. We did get to stop at the oval full of 300 kangaroos it’s amazing that they live right on the Cook Hwy. We went to AJ Hackets Bungy jump and swing were Daniel had a go on the swing that went about 10 stories high I don’t know how he did it I would of needed clean shorts I nearly need them just watching him, he tried to talk Gran in going with him just telling her it’s just a swing but it didn’t work she wasn’t going any where near it not even for him.

19 May 2018

Day 6 More picture
Day 6 Today’s weather much the same in Port Douglas hot 28’ no sun very cloudy and windy so we went for a drive out to Mareeba on the way we stopped on the beach road at what must be named peace and harmony cove were there was hundreds of this stone towers built for peace a bit like yin and Yan I think. Then we drove closer to Cairns and just in a football ground just next to the main highway was at least 300 kangaroos did get a picture but we will pass there again tomorrow so we will stop and have a look you need to be in the right lane roads are busy up here. Any way we headed in land up the mountain ⛰ that looked like it was covered in snow ❄️ it was covered in clouds looked cold. We stopped at a few photo spots followed the sky rail up the mountain to Kuranda at the top at a hippy market got some incense for Alix Ha Ha Ha peuuuuu and a great pie and chips lunch at the pub. Then went out to the Barron Gorge and Falls it was beautiful but a long walk we couldn’t make it all the way

18 May 2018

Day 5 we want on the Lady Douglas River Cruise 🚢 we did see a crocodile

17 May 2018

Day 4 we had a day out on the reef the boat that took us had 3 XXX 300 HP motors it did 100 KM on the water shit it was farst we went snorkeling where “ criky mate “ was kill

16 May 2018

Day 3 out for a day trip to see the hills

15 May 2018

Here is the 4 mile beach 🏖
Here more pictures
Day 2 we are at the wildlife Habitat

14 May 2018

Here is the pool we have
Here is #2 geocaching
Here a look out
Here is #1 geocaching
Day 1 we are out for the day
Dad on holiday at 8am

13 May 2018

Here is our new home for 2 weeks
We are in Cairns now here some pictures of the flight
Good morning at the airport I’m ready for this holiday

12 May 2018

Here is our first night tomorrow morning we fly out at 6am