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Hokeefe August 2016

7 August 2016

Sunday Brunch with the lovely still drunk bride to say goodbyes! It was like a maze of picking the next hug as we were the center of attention every second. Little did everyone know, we both passed out fully clothed above the covers :) We had a little bubbly and donuts coming out of our butt! So much happiness and sadness that the event had to end. The details were over. The counting was complete. I think everyone was paid. The O'Keefe are so so so nice for gifting us the funds to make our dream party weekend come to life when we have nothing saved and I have no benefits. I means the world to me that we all love each other and appreciate the importance of family. Our families brought a lot to the table this weekend and I wouldn't change a thing besides inviting one awfully annoying guest. There are many more weddings to come and I know that ours will stay at the top obviously but it sounds like a few guests can agree :)
We get married! The bridesmaids are a little late but I expected it as a few guests were late as well. The bell was rung hard. Saint dropped a tune, Botwin and the flower girls were adorable, Mark said some remarkable words, the moms were surprised for flowers, the tree ceremony was a little silly, the vows were heart felt, the rings fit, the kiss was great, the bird seed hurt, people were crying, the second down pour was quick and messed up the cocktail hour, the pictures were delayed and went on and on, Daria was our personal server, Kevin's and Catie said some kind words from the heart truly amazing words, Victoria was our MC, Scot said endearing brotherly love words, Kathleen broke down the compassion and Jos took it home with some Elementary School throw backs, the dances were fun to waddle around, "never gonna give you up" was a complete surprise, the band rocked the woods, quick cake cutting, popcorn was ok, Williams firework show was scary fun, last call was messed to SOM

6 August 2016

Saturday was the day. Planning was over. Built up, so many things at once, no time to be nervous, we are getting married, Botwin retrieval, meet Dani at site, hair/make up!, dudes volleyball, left over BBQ, getting ready pics, quick down pour, the catering company does some WORK, band is setting up, Saint is figuring out where to go, Botwin looks stunning, I wait in the sun to see Maureen in her beautiful dress/two chains/4+ bracelets/down but styled hair with baby's breathe/smiling/sweating the tan, damn she looks amazing and I am the happiest man on the mountain :) We do a few style pics at the Joseph House and return to our bridal groups
Friday was tough. Prepping for 2 events and still dropping off welcome gifts before this bread goes bad :( getting up with my heart racing at the crack of 7AM after sleeping in what will be Duke's room. A diehard group of tubers head out for the day trip including Mark, Sara and Scot, all of whom told me they felt guilty for not helping. I did better without them. The O'Keefes were busy running the flower and decor game, I met Jason to move tables to pond, I met Kevin, Patty, Ally and Jesse for light work, I met my parents and Aunt Chris, Eric and Christine for BBQ set up and finally got back get marks ceremony words printed before 5pm. The rehearsal went smoothly and the guys were fine. The BBQ was amazing with the rain holding up and the Christianson's being so helpful :) We made a few speeches and I missed recognizing Jesse in our party :( The sparklers, the pies, the Sara embarrassment, the row boat of beers, the massive amount of wine left over, the quick game of Jenga with Eric

4 August 2016

Thursday we were rushing around to get more stuff done before the bridal group arrives at 5pm - ish but there was only enough time in a day...
Wednesday night with Mo, Leen and Trish getting some $2.99 margaritas to kick off the wedding weekend! Trucks of local bros urrywhere, incredible packing skills in 3 cars, we remembered the rings, quick welcome package prep and we crashed hard!