United Kingdom, Costa Rica · 6 Days · 13 Moments · April 2017

Adventures in Costa Rica

4 May 2017

Monteverde Hotel Belmar
Monteverde Hotel Belmar Breakfast is not included! I was a little disappointed to find this out.

3 May 2017

Manuel Antonio National Park Playa Manuel Antonio The infamous beach. On our last morning in MA, it was sunny so we decided to head to the famous beach! Worth the extra ticket to come in here. We got here about 8:30/9am so was pretty empty. It was so sunny which made it all look so much better.

2 May 2017

Buru Restaurant It is super convos that as it is literally a few steps outside of the park. Since we spent so much time in the park we were famish when we got out and really wanted to eat. We got some fresh juice, lemon and pineapple. Lemon was super sour and very refreshing. We got a 'Marriage' plate with chicken to share since we though it was expensive. The food was good just about oily.
Manuel Antonio National Park Sendero La Catarata - waterfall trail Sendero Congo - monkey trail We decided to stay longer after our tour finished and walked around the park in some of the other trails. You can spend so much time here. We only picked the short ones because we were tired and knew that we would need to leave soon because we were hungry. Not allow food in the park - no feeding to animals. The rangers at the start of the check point will ask you. And sometimes check your bags too. Saw more animals frogs agoutis, crab eating raccoons and finally sloths!
Manuel Antonio National Park Senders el Perezoso (Sloth trail) It was raining but super excited to be in the national park. Hoping to see lots some wildlife! This particular national park is the smallest in Costa Rica but also most popular. We saw monkeys lizards birds but due to the rain didn't see any sloths.

1 May 2017

Playa Biesanze Our hotel is partly on this sketch of the beach but the hotel don't really have an area to sunbath. We walked ~40mins to get to this beach. Costa Rica is hilly! But we saw a sloth and the beach was a bit quite so it was worth it. It was a national holiday today so there were loads of locals here.
Catching some rest in the hotel. Just enjoying the sun and view!

30 April 2017

Arrived at Hotel Makanda super hungry and had lunch straight away and enjoy the view while we waited for the room then be ready.
View of the city
We didn't have much time in San Jose but the Teatro Nacional is a beautiful building outside. A working theatre with lovely painting inside and good coffee cafe. Wish I was able to come in during the day too.
Dinner at La Esquina De Buenos Aires Lovely restaurant. We had a cute table by the window. So old school.

29 April 2017

Extra seat woo Saturday BA flight direct to San Jose. Plane was old though.