Vietnam, Thailand · 4 Days · 3 Moments · August 2017

Hoi An, Vietnam

27 August 2017

Straw Matt Creation Our second culture stop was to see a 60 year old women and her son make Straw Matts

25 August 2017

Nhi Trung Hotel We arrived early morning at 1 am after our shuttle ride from the unforgettable cave tour. Although our shuttle driver did get pulled over on the way, we made it there safely and seamless. The ladies at this hostel were absolutely adorable. The short black hair, big glasses entered our passport information into the computers as she would wipe her eyes between every entry. She soon thought we were crazy when she learned of our bike tour that would be picking us up at 7:30 am. Breakfast was free, they did our laundry (paid) and were extremely helpful and accommodating. Great stay, cute friends who waved us out of the hotel as we left!

24 August 2017

Bike Tour through Hoi An & Cam Kim Island: Happy Harry (Vu) and Happy T our tour guides. Wow this was cool. It was a bike tour took us through the town of Hoi An shortly and then we took a ferry over to Cam Kim Island. Once we got to the island Vu showed us around the farmland and town but we made three major stops socializing with locals. The first was the rice wine maker. This man had been a Vietnam veteran who had fought in the Kobain Vietnam war when the Kobain had came over and killed 3,000 Vietnamese. He had lost his leg during this war, came back to the island and could not do any of the island jobs due to disability. He was lost and depressed when he did not want to go on anymore. He inspired into being a Dad, Husband and a very successful business man on the island. He started with a barber shop that wasn't too successful, moved to the rice wine and learned the guitar.