Asia · 103 Days · 101 Moments · January 2018

Jaz’s Journey

25 April 2018

Final breaky in Bali then began my journey home to London via Hong Kong

24 April 2018

Canggu and Seminyak. Spent the morning in Canggu, one last crate then last minute shopping before heading to Seminyak for my final night to meet Nermin! Had a spa afternoon and an amazing cheap massage for the last time before we went for Dinner and drinks @ la favela! Last full day 😮 so nice to catch up with Nermin again before leaving!

23 April 2018

Canggu! Today’s aim was to soak up the last of the sun and try and get as tanned as possible before going home! Also had food as my favourite cafe Crate that I first visited when I was here. 💗💗

22 April 2018

Canggu! Headed back to Canggu, where I began my Bali trip. Dipped into hostel pool, got some food from my favourite warung and then spent the afternoon shopping for things I had eyed up to take home! Watched a cloudy sunset on the beach, more warung food then a chill evening reading in the cosy hostel :)

21 April 2018

Uluwatu! Today I had a chilled today - surprise surprise. Went to Nalu bowls for an amazing smoothie bowl! Then spent the day at a beautiful beach club in the pool and reading. It had amazing cliff too views of the beach below! Got some food in the evening and headed to the gym to try and reverse some of the damage that all the food I’ve been eating has made ...

20 April 2018

Uluwatu, Bali. This morning we had breakfast then headed out to find some nice beach spots. We found so many beautiful beaches from above but because we were so high up we couldn’t find a way down but they made for some beautiful viewpoints! We ended up at Nyang Nyang beach which was a hell of a climb to get down to (I slipped on the rocks a few times and cut open one of my big toes) but the beach was almost empty and so beautiful. The waves were crazy! We chilled here for a bit and jumped in the strong waves then headed back up the cliff and went for some food at a place called the Cashew Tree which was so good! We realised we had both got a bit red in the sun so headed back to shower and put some aloe Vera on!

19 April 2018

Flores > Bali. This morning we said goodbye to our beautiful hill top hostel in Labuan Bajo and took a short flight back to Bali. It was the tiniest airport we had ever seen and everyone there was almost getting the same flight, we saw people from our hostel, diving group and Day trip because it was so small! We landed in Bali and took a cab to south Bali, Uluwatu. Checked into our hostel, rented some mopeds, grabbed some food. In the evening we visited Uluwatu’s famous cliff top temple which had amazing views of sun set! It’s beautiful here!

18 April 2018

Labuan Bajo, Flores! Today we took a day trip from Labuan Bajo. It started at 5am and we spent three hours on a boat to get to our first stop, Padar Island. We hiked for about 30/40 mins which was so sweaty but finally reached the amazing viewpoint!! The next stop was Komodo Island to see the dragons which were cool and creepy but also a little underwhelming to be honest because they were just there. We saw a baby running which was cute and an injured dear. Then we went to the most beautiful Mini Island/ beach and snorkelled. It was so beautiful then finally to Manta Point which was one of our dive spots yesterday. We saw lots of manta again which was cool. Then got the boat back, napped and watched sun set from it then grabbed some dinner and headed back to the hostel because we were so exhausted 😆

17 April 2018

Labuan Bajo. Diving day!!! 🐢🐠🦈 Today we left super early because we had booked three dives. It was an amazing day! We saw sharks, manta (so many it was amazing), hundreds of pretty fish and huge turtles. It was actually kind of hard because the current was so strong! At one point our instructor (was Paul, a couple and I in our group) had to hold onto me and the other lady in our group because we couldn’t swim against it! Also Paul’s regulator stopped working on the second dive which was so scary, he tried to surface and inhaled so much water but our instructor grabbed him and sorted it out luckily! All in all amazing day though! We chilled on the sun deck between dives then had dinner and a drink at a rooftop bar and I caught up with Nermin who had just arrived here too which was a lovely and weird coincidence! 😊

16 April 2018

Kuta - Labuan Bajo. This morning we took a short flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia. We arrived and took the free shuttle run by our hostel and were pleasantly surprised when we arrived. The view from our room was incredible! We headed into town, sorted out our diving for the following day, grabbed some food and then headed back to our hostel for the movie night! This place is beautiful!!

15 April 2018

Gili T - Bali. Banana pancakes for breakfast!! Then more chilling by the pool before heading off the island and making our way back onto Bali! We took a boat which took 3 hours then a 3 hour taxi which was not very enjoyable! We arrived in Kuta for the night because it’s close to the airport for our flight tomorrow, popped out and grabbed some local food then got some rest after travelling all day in prep for more of the same tomorrow! ✈️

14 April 2018

Gili T. Breakfast, pool and then had a wander around. The beaches are so beautiful again here! But Gili T is much more built up and so much busier than Gili Air which is chill and super quiet! Grabbed some food (surprise surprise) then went to find some turtle bracelets and ended up sitting on a shop floor with a man who custom made them for us! So now we can remember swimming with turtles in the Gilis 🐢. Stopped for coffee then hiked up to a viewpoint for sunset before heading out for more food later on at a really nice hotel with some wine 🍷 (for the first time in 3 months merlot was on a menu 😮)

13 April 2018

Gili Air - Gili T. This morning we woke up and booked our flights to Komodo for the 16th - 19th! As well as some dives ... so excited! 😊 After all the planning we grabbed some food then got the local boat to Gili T island, a neighbouring island that is much livelier. Checked into our hostel, had a swim and a wander around, sat down for a couple drinks and got shown magic tricks and the baby otter that lives at the hostel (wtf) then headed out for dinner and a couple drinks. We decided not to brave the crazy nightlife due to being sober at 11.30 and way behind everyone else .... think we prefer Gili Air 👵

12 April 2018

Gili Air. We decided to extend and have one more night in Gili Air because it’s so chill and our hostel is so beautiful! Spent the day being really chill, swimming and then took a cycle trip all around the island which was lovely but soooo hot so we came back after some food and a trip to the beach and spent the rest of the afternoon in the hostel chatting to people and swimming. In the evening we went out for green pandan crepes which were soooo good then did some travel planning! Exciting adventures to come ....

11 April 2018

Gili Air 😊 Today we went on a snorkelling day trip which was so cheap and so much fun! They took us to four sites to snorkel and we saw turtles twice!! The water was so clear and swimming on my front all day meant that I burned my bum and lower back :( But overall a great day and we were so happy we saw turtles because we swam away from the group so we got lucky! Stopped for lunch at the quieter island, Gili Meno which was beautiful! Then came back, went to the gym and ate dinner at a satay bar followed by a couple beers on the beach!

10 April 2018

Gili Air 💗 This morning I woke up in my very comfy princess bed and headed to the gym! Felt good to be active but also bad because I realised how much I’ve lost it :( then had breakfast at the hostel, chilled and read then met my friend in the afternoon so I met on my diving course in Koh Tao and we are gonna do some diving together over the next couple weeks because he wants to go to Komodo too! So we spent the evening chilling and went to the beach cinema to see Why Him which was really funny!

9 April 2018

Gili Air 💗 this morning I moved hostels to Captain Coconuts after making the free pancakes at my old one. This hostel is absolutely gorgeous!!! The beds hang from the ceilings and swing, the pool is beautiful and it has an amazing cafe. I spent the day journaling, chilling the pool, took a walk around the island and then in the evening went to a BBQ place on the beach. Then finished the day by having a massage at Jasmine spa across the road, apparently they give a discount for people named Jasmine (I was cheeky) so I’ve also booked a hair cut for tomorrow!

8 April 2018

Gili Air 🌴 This morning I returned back to the lovely local restaurant I ate at yesterday and had a rice pancake and smoothing whilst catching up on my journal that I am so behind on! Then I met up with Dominika and we hired some bicycles (no vehicles here) and rode around the whole island via a few beaches for some pics! Then caught up with Nermin and waved them off in the afternoon, Nermin is off to Ubud to sort out health insurance and Dominika back to Sweden to work! Planning to catch up with Nermin again if poss! Then chilled in the hostel for a bit and met a girl that went to Christ Church uni (weird?) and in the evening went to an open air cinema on the beach with her, they were playing the beach with Leo in 😍 We got a beer and popcorn with our tickets it was so nice! This island is really chill and lovely. My hostel is fine but looking forward to moving to the one that I originally wanted to stay in tomorrow morning 🥥

7 April 2018

Ubud - Gili Air 🌴 This morning I had breakfast in a really cute cafe, said goodbye to my Brazilian friend Tuane who was flying back to Australia 😢 and had a chill morning catching up on my journal in the lovely cafe near my hostel. Then in the afternoon I headed to Gili Air, it took about 5 hours including a 1.5 hour bus to the port and a wait then a 2 hour not to the tiny island! But it is beautiful here! My hostel is cool, everything made from bamboo and a mushroom shaped pool! I headed out for some food at a really cute and incredibly cheap local restaurant (warung) which was absolutely delicious and the man that made it and served me was so friendly! I had gado gado with rice (veg with peanut sauce) and I watched him even grind the peanuts, cost me £1.50. Then met up with Dominika and Nermin as it’s their last night here so our trips luckily overlapped! We had a couple cocktails on the beach and got given free nachos! Lovely to see them again and have a nice catch up 💗

6 April 2018

Ubud 💗 This morning I took an amazing Indonesian/Balinese cooking class. It started in the local market where we were taught about local ingredients them headed to a beautiful location which overlooked rice fields to get cooking! We made sooo many dishes which were all delicious and were even shown how to make the small floral decorations which are used as offerings to the gods(pic1). In the afternoon I met Tuane (Priscilla had left to fly back to Australia the night before) and we drove to NungNung waterfall about an hour away which was gorgeous and so powerful that we were soaked before we were even in the water! Another beautiful drive 😊 We had a super cheap dinner at the same warung I went to yesterday, three plates between us and two smoothies for £4 total! I need to find more places like this!!

5 April 2018

Ubud! Super chill day! Had to check out of my beloved Puri Gardens this morning because I was booked up so I couldn’t extend 💔💔 and checked into a hostel that was £2 a night so I didn’t have very high expectations but surprisingly it was fine! Clean and had a decent pool and lots of space to chill! I met the Brazilian girls there who had moved a day before and we chilled in the sun for a bit before going to a local spa and treated ourselves to a massage. I had probably the best full body massage of my trip with really cool service (welcome drinks and slippers etc) for a grand total of £3.80! Then had some dinner at a local warung (Indonesian restaurant) which Rowan recommended to me. Was delicious and also very cheap! It is possible to be cheap in Bali you just have to resist the gorgeous £10 hostels and expensive western cafes with smoothie bowls and eat local! So I’m trying to get more of a balance! Then I went and hired a new bike ready for the next day!

4 April 2018

Ubud! Had such a lovely and busy day with the two Brazilian/ Aussie girls that I met at my hostel, Priscilla and Tuane. First I started the day with yoga class then we hired a driver for the whole day and he took us to everywhere that we wanted to see. We went to a coffee plantation, tested flavoured tea and coffees and were taught about luwak coffee (the one that the animals shit out and is super expensive!). Then we tried an extreme swing over a rice terrace view, followed by visiting and praying at the holy water temple then lunch in a lovely spot that our driver recommended! In the afternoon we visited a couple more temples and beautiful rice fields but we were so knackered by now! Also ended up stumbling across a really cheap market and I managed to get two coconut bowls finally! (Spoons next!) In the evening we went for dinner together and chatted for ages about South America and I started to plan my next trip in my head ...

3 April 2018

Ubud 💗 this morning I woke up at 1.30 ready for a 2am pick up to hike Mount Batur. I booked it with Dominika, Nermin’s friend that I had become friends with who is lovely but we did it in a group of 10 people. The hike up was 2 hours long and not easy, very steep and lots of rocks but manageable! We were very pleased when we got to the top and watched the beautiful sunrise. After a quick and simple breakfast, the way back down was also 2 hours. So many people kept sliding down because it was so slippery and hard to keep up right at a few points! Approx 750 people do this every day our guide said! We drove back to Ubud where I took a well needed long nap then chilled in the pool with a couple girls from my hostel and ordered some food in the hostels amazing cafe! I couldn’t decide whether to eat breakfast or lunch so had both. Wandered around the markets with Dominika in the evening before visiting Nermin in hospital who had started to feel dodgey last night.. salmonella 😬

2 April 2018

Ubud. Got up early this morning to meet Nermin and Dominika to drive to north Bali to find some waterfalls. It was about 2/3 hours each way but the drive was so pretty! On our way there we stopped halfway and saw a man with loads of animals that he told us about (all saved from wild) and let us touch. Even conquered a fear by holding a snake or two! The waterfalls were beaut, we slid down one that was 10 metres, jumped into three and on the third I managed to really hurt myself! Oops. Grabbed some food and prepared for the drive back as it started to pour with rain. We grabbed some rain coats and persevered! Lovely day despite the injuries 😊

1 April 2018

Canggu - Ubud. This morning I left Canggu and took a taxi for 1/2 hours to Ubud. Checked into Puri Gardens which is the most amazing and beautiful hostel I’ve ever seen! Free yoga,breakfast,towels and a double bed 😮 I had a little wander around whilst I was waiting to check in, got excited over all the coconut bowls and cutlery in the shops (where will I fit them all) then grabbed some food before having a nap by the pool! Caught up with Nermin (from KL and Koh Lipe) and her Swedish friend from home that was visiting her and we had a couple drinks, shopped and had food!

31 March 2018

Canggu, Bali This morning Rowan and I drove to Tanah Lot, a temple by the sea. It was a nice drive and cool to see! Then we went to a Saturday market, was so tempted by a lot of things but managed to just walk away with a couple of cute bracelets!! We then grabbed some lunch at a local restaurant called a Warung where you choose a rice and top it with as many other dishes as you like for less than £2! In the afternoon we met with the other girls, had a swim and chill then went for dinner later on at a really nice Balinese restaurant where the waitresses were dancing in front of us! Spent the night having a few drinks and dancing at a bar nearby! Was really sad to have to say goodbye to the girls after catching up with them for such a short time! Ellen and Amelia will be home just before me, but Rowan I won’t see until at least July!💔

30 March 2018

Canggu 💗 Pretty chill day but also so exciting because Rowan turned up in the afternoon (we slept in for a long while today) and it was so lovely to see her!! Her and I went to get some food at one of our favourite places in Canggu called Crate. Then we had a pretty chill afternoon, pool, chatting and I visited a cafe called the Avocado factory to get my journal done for a bit! In the evening we met up with a couple girls from Rowans Aus tour and had a few drinks at a beach bar called the lawn which was so nice and even had a pool! 😊

29 March 2018

Canggu! This morning I went for a yoga class at a place called The Practice. I really enjoyed it, it was a 90 min beginner session but I still found all the breathing etc quite tricky! Then I met up with Ellen, Amelia and Tessa and ended up having curry for breakfast/ lunch post yoga! We then had a chill afternoon, chilling by the pool and reading and sunbathing and catching up 😊 We grabbed some dinner and sat on the beach and ate it, I got one of the corn on the cobs from the street and they were so delicious! In the evening we went to Pretty Poison, the skate park/ bar which was really cool we watched the skate competition and had a few drinks! Then headed to a bar on the beach and danced on the sand until it poured with rain at 3am ....

28 March 2018

Canggu, Bali! This morning I had my first smoothie bowl in Bali (been waiting a while for this!) at a lovely cafe I’ve followed for ages on instagram! We had a chill morning, did a few jobs and then rode around and chilled by the pool in the Farm hostel nearby where a few of the girls friends were staying. Had lunch at another very nice cafe followed by coconut based ice cream! Back to hostel and chilled in pool then headed to the beach for sunset and a couple beers. We spent the evening looking at an art exhibition and then went for a few more drinks at a bar where there was a big beer pong tournament! Bali is heaven! Mostly excited about the food hehe

27 March 2018

Singapore - Bali! This morning I flew from Singapore into Denpasar, Bali. It was a short flight but I was so excited so it seemed longer. Arrived in Denpasar and took a taxi to Canggu to meet Ellen and Amelia. They were still on their way from the Gilli islands so I grabbed myself a smoothie at one of the many organic, vegan cafes (heaven!!!!) then met them and their friend Tessa when I got back to the hostel which is nice and has a really cute pool area. We hired some mopeds, went for dinner at a really nice Italian then went for a couple drinks at a cool skate park/bar :)

26 March 2018

Melaka - Singapore. This morning I took a bus from Melaka to Singapore which was meant to take 4 hours after sharing a taxi to the bus station with one of the girls from the hostel. The bus left at 9.30 and arrived in Singapore at 6pm! I checked into my hostel then quickly headed out into the rain to at least see a few hours of Singapore! I wandered around little India then visited an indoor food market where I had some fish, veg and rice. Then I spent the evening by the marina seeing Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. They were absolutely incredible and so beautiful! The whole gardens were way bigger than I expected. Sadly because it was late, the sky garden walk and indoor waterfall were closed but I was still very impressed watching the light show :) Headed back to hostel and rearranged backpack in prep for a flight in the morning ...

25 March 2018

Melaka! Had a lazy morning eating free pancakes made by the hostel and getting Singapore booked. Then I headed out to wander visit a heritage house - Baba&Nyonya it was a really cool and interesting tour but we weren’t allowed to take any pics. Had a look around the cute gift shops! I then went on a hunt for some food served on a banana leaf and found just that! Then I caught up with some guys from my hostel, we walked and then sat by the river with a couple beers before heading up to the revolving tower which gave us a cool view of Melaka at night from above! We ended the day grabbing charcoal ice creams from the extensive food market on Jonker Street which we all really enjoyed! 💗

24 March 2018

KL - Melaka! This morning I took a bus to Melaka which was about three hours, after a delicious pancake breakfast in KL. I arrived at the hostel, signed up for a bike tour and then chilled and read on the rooftop and got chatting to some people. The bike tour was great, we visited a floating mosque and everyone else that had signed up for it was so friendly! We all got along and decided to go out for dinner together after. We hit the huge street food market on Jonker street and tried a few different things then had a few beers and of course some coconut ice cream! We then sat on the hostel rooftop for hours playing cards against humanity which was hilarious and I won almost every round which I’m not sure is a good title lol. Melaka is so cute, I’m glad i came here rather than spending more time in KL or an extra night in Singapore. I’ve booked two nights here so that’ll mean I’m in Singapore for just one because I’m not too fussed about staying there but I want to see it! 💗

23 March 2018

Kuala Lumpur. This morning I had a well deserved lay in after a sleepless night the previous night then headed to see the Batu Caves/ temple with the girls from my hostel! It was a bit of a trek for somewhere that we only stayed for about half an hour lol. Oh well! In the afternoon I wandered around central market and had a coffee then met a girl I met in Koh Lipe . We visited the KL tower and the views were crazy! Then we went for some dinner and ordered way too much hummus but it was delicious! Hoping to catch up with her again in Bali! 😊

22 March 2018

Kuala Lumpur! This morning I arrived in KL super early, got a bus to the centre and found my way to my hostel. I panicked when the 16 bed I was booked into had NO one in it. So I asked to move and luckily found two girls from Surrey. I had a nap after my sleepless night, then wandered around and found some yummy food in a cafe recommended to me by one of the Kitch Girls! In the evening the girls from my hostel and I headed to Heli bar which used to be a Heli pad to see the views and a have a cocktail which was really nice. We then went to a road full of street food and restaurants for some cheap and yummy dinner! Was worried to turn up in KL completely solo but it turned out alright! 😊

21 March 2018

Last day in Goa and India! This morning Dad and I headed to Anjuna Wednesday market to look for a little gift for the girls. There were so many spices and we had fun smelling them and picking curry mixes! It seems Dad is a magnet for attracting dogs because this one dog followed him/us around the market all morning and eventually Dad went to a food stall and bought him a burger and the dog looked like he enjoyed that burger! It was a lovely drive to the market, I directed on the back of dads bike because we returned mine last night. I was adamant that my last lunch in India had to be a Thali so I took Dad for his first Goan Thali! They were delicious and so cheap! (£7 for two Thalis and three drinks!) Spent my last couple hours playing cards with Grandad who I beat (and all his friends) which he wasn’t too happy about 😉 Then I had to say goodbye to Dad! Felt quite sad to say see you later again to him! Now I’m at Goa airport flying to Mumbai then onto KL ✈️

20 March 2018

Goa! We spent the day at a nearby hotel that had a really nice rooftop infinity pool! I headed to use the gym in the morning which was tough after so long not training but felt good! Then I met them on the rooftop where we swam and sunbathed for a bit before having an amazing lunch with Dad, Nan and Grandad (it made the cover photo) 🍛 In the afternoon Grandad showed Dad and I the fort of Aguada and we went on a nice scenic ride on our bikes and got ice cream! Our last evening together :( was spent having drinks and Dad I shared a delicious seafood platter! 💗

19 March 2018

Goa! Dad and I got up early this morn to go and visit Dudhsagar water falls which were a couple hours away. We had to take a taxi then a jeep which was the bumpiest and most dangerous ride ever, even driving through water! It was worth it when we got there though as it was so beautiful and we had a nice swim! There were so many monkeys and we enjoyed feeding them until one of them stole the whole bag of bananas from Dads bag! Our journey back was longer than expected due to a road closer, but when we reached the beach in the afternoon we had lots of delicious food! In the evening we headed out for dinner and some drinks. A dog hung around dads feet under the table and he started feeding him off the spoon! He was a cute doggie though 🐶

18 March 2018

Goa! Left the tour for real this morning, had to say more goodbyes which was sad but I know have great friends in Scotland, Norway, US, Aus and New Zealand! Went for breaky with Gary and Dad then chilled on the beach for a bit. See pic 3 for proof of how well Dad can apply his own sun cream. In the afternoon we went to an indoor ice bar/Park which was cool! Literally. Pic 6 is blurry but it’s Dad sliding down an ice slide on his belly! In the evening we went for a really nice dinner, I had lobster which was amazing!!! The chef used to work at the Taj in Mumbai where I visited the other day so that was pretty cool! 💗

17 March 2018

Goa. End of tour. This morning the girls and I went for our last breaky together, then chilled on the beach for a bit before I met Dad for lunch then chilled and sunbathed with Nan for a bit :) In the evening we had our farewell dinner, Hars was adamant that it was a see you later dinner and not a goodbye one! He even got us a cake! Was sad to see this tour to come to such a quick end!! :(( but looking forward to some time with Dad and the grandparents for a few days 🇮🇳💗

16 March 2018

Goa! This morning we took a short flight from Mumbai to Goa then I arrived and met Grandad and Nan for a drink .... turned out to be Dad there too! I was so overwhelmed and shocked I couldn’t believe it!!! Was amazing after not seeing him for so long. I had a couple drinks with them then headed back for a group dinner drinks as one of the guys was leaving tonight! It’s good to be by the beach!

15 March 2018

Mumbai! We arrived at around 6am, had breaky then began a taxi tour of the city. We visited many places inc Chowpatty beach, Gandhi’s house (see letter) and marine drive. We were shown the house of the richest man in India where 600 people are employed (pic 4) before being taken to the slums of Dharavi where 1 million people live. It was so interesting to see esp after studying it so much and I was so surprised to see how much industry was going on inside the slum, mostly recycling but a lot of manufacturing. We saw a huge outdoor laundry business where most of the laundry for hotels etc is done then napped before a evening of visiting the Gateway of India and having cocktails/ dinner! A few of us wanted to have a drink inside the Taj Palace hotel, one of the most expensive and famous in India so we asked Hars to come with us and a few mins later he had arranged us a private tour with the head of security and our drinks were paid for! It was insane and the hotel was incredible!

14 March 2018

Udaipur > Mumbai via Ahmedabad. Today was a full day of Travel! We got a bus from Udaipur to Ahmedabad which took about 6 hours where we stopped and visited the Gandhi ashram and chilled for a while and had dinner in a huge shopping mall after being confined to a bus all day! Didn’t have many pics so I set the first picture as a group photo from yesterday instead and the rest are mostly pics of food lol. Then we boarded an overnight train at 10pm from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. The bunk beds were three beds and high and very cramped so I felt really claustrophobic but overall they were ok! Had an ok sleep then arrived in Mumbai at 6am!

13 March 2018

Udaipur! For the first time in a while this morning we didn’t have to get up early! So a group of us went for a rooftop breakfast of pancakes! Hars then took us to an art shop where they painted the cutest little pictures on our nails then Lindsay and I spent a couple hours shopping. In the afternoon, he arranged for us to visit the best exotic marigold hotel because his friend worked there. It was so cool to walk around and we watched the movie and had tea and chilled by the pool. We went for a lovely dinner in the evening where I had a delicious chickpea curry which was a lovely way to end our stay in Udaipur 💗

12 March 2018

Udaipur! This morning a group of us opted in for a bike ride around rural Udaipur, we saw gorgeous lakes and struggled with a few uphills before stopping on the side of the road for traditional chai then by the lake for a packed breakfast! After waking up with angry legs covered in bites I spent the afternoon with Hars in the hospital who lied and said I had a flight to skip the queue! After this we had the best lassi then picked up some samosas for the group! In the afternoon we visited the city palace, then enjoyed a traditional folk dance show. The lady in the pic with all those pots on her head was 71 years old!! Then we had dinner at a lovely, candlelit restaurant by the lake where I ordered a recommended smoky mutton curry which was absolutely amazing!! 💗

11 March 2018

Pushkar - Udaipur. This morning we got a local train from Ajmer station to Udaipur which took about 7 hours! It was cramped and smelly and people hung out of the doors (myself included because I was so hot) the kind of Indian train you’d imagine in a movie. We arrived in Udaipur and I ate some biryani before taking a walk around the city known as the city of the lakes or Venice of the east. We chose to go on a lovely sunset boat ride and see the palaces, there is a palace hotel you can stay in for 7k a night! I ended up having cake and coffee for dinner today lol but it was some great banana bread. We spent the evening having cocktails on our hotel rooftop which was a lot of fun although I know I’m gonna regret it when I get up for my 7am bike ride in the morning ....

10 March 2018

Pushkar. This morning we were up and out by 5am for a hike up a mountain to see the sunrise over Pushkar city. It was beautiful and worth the 5,000 steps before breakfast! We ate a well deserved breakfast on a rooftop then spent the morning shopping! In the afternoon I chilled and treated myself to a massage and a nice salad (craving fresh food) before heading out for an evening of adventure in the desert. Most people rode into the desert on camels but I decided against it (even after paying for it) because i didn’t feel too good about it and after seeing the sad elephants a few days before I felt like the two situations weren’t too different. Plus I just wasn’t sure how ethical it was. Anyway the evening in the desert was amazing! We were served chai, dressed up in traditional clothing, watched dancers and fire breathers then ate a delicious traditional Indian meal! It was such a lovely experience and so much fun 💗 Can’t believe I’m halfway through my India tour already! 😬

9 March 2018

Tordi Sagar - Pushkar. This morning our guide took us on an orientation walk around the village before leaving again in the 4x4s to Pushkar. We saw a local potter, school, how people live within their caste groups and dozens of roaming pigs and cows! Pic 3 is a wedding invitation painted onto the wall, addressed to a whole village! Then we headed to Pushkar, had some lunch and chilled by the pool. In the afternoon we headed out and wandered round all the streets that are full of shops, cafes and animals as per usual! This town prohibits liquor and meat so all restaurants are pure veg and has a very hippie vibe! We watched the sunset at a lakeside restaurant where I have an amazing Thali!!! Then rest up ready for a 5am wake up ...

8 March 2018

Jaipur - Tordi Sagar. Woke up for an early yoga session on the rooftop again! Today we travelled from the city of Jaipur in a 4x4 to a village a few hours away. We stayed in a huge beautiful old nobles house. We were taken around the village in jeeps, shown how locals live, grow their food, ventured into some ruins and then finally watched sun set after climbing (and sliding down) the sand dunes. We were served chai and biscuits at the top it was so lovely! When we returned to the house, we were served a lovely dinner of lots of veggie curries, rice, chicken and roti which was delicious!!! All the produce was local. Then a few of us girls had henna done, I got one hand and my ankle and it looks so beaut! I showed the lady a picture on google images of what I wanted and she replicated it exactly in such little time! After this we spent the evening having some beers and teaching ring of fire to or Indian guide who tried to rhyme ‘Monday’ with ‘Fun’ 😆 Another brill day 😊

7 March 2018

Jaipur! Had an amazing day. It began at 6.30 when a couple of the girls and I decided to attend a yoga class! It made us feel so good! Then we joined the group and visited the Palace of the winds and Amber Fort which was gorgeous! Here we saw elephants being ridden and they looked so sad and tired :( The afternoon was spent shopping with a couple of the girls, we met a funny rickshaw driver who looked after us and waiting around for us all afternoon! He said ‘I am cheaper than Tesco’ and made us laugh a lot then let me drive which was dangerous but funny. In the evening our guide took us to his parents home, we watched sunset, drank chai made by his mum and flew kites then saw his puppies! It was such a lovely experience, he had never taken any groups to his parents house before! We went for dinner in a literal garage, not a converted one. There were tables in a fully functional garage with vintage cars to see! The food was surprisingly so good, I had chicken tikka and naan 👅✌️🇮🇳❤️

6 March 2018

Agra - Jaipur! This morning we took a 6 hour local bus to Jaipur, the pink city and capital of Rajasthan. We checked into a really cute hotel with a lovely rooftop where I caught up on my journal when we arrived after having some lunch (lentil dal and naan). In the afternoon our guide took us on an orientation walk around Jaipur which was pretty cool because he grew up here! We saw so much it was amazing!!The hustle and bustle of the old town and all of the little shops were so beautiful! I watched a man make fresh chai tea on the side of the road, saw all the spices being sold, we were taken to a tea shop to be told about how chai is made and taught about spices then went to sample some Indian desserts! After this our guide took us to a place to try Lassi - was interesting to see the equipment they used to make it! It was served in a clay cup which was then thrown away and so delicious! Evening ended with a rooftop dinner and a green tea mojito ✌️ I love India 🇮🇳

5 March 2018

Delhi to Agra! This morning we are due to leave Delhi at 5 am so I meet the group super early! We take a train to Agra which was much better than expected and we were served breakfast, check in then head out to visit Agra’s red fort! It was so beautiful! Then we had lunch at a local restaurant and I got to know everyone a bit better and learn names. I ate a Thali which was absolutely delicious and was great because I got to try lots of different little dishes! The afternoon was so exciting because we went to visit the Taj Mahal. It was honestly breathtaking!!! So interesting to learn why it was built (to show an emperors wife his love for her where she was later buried). I already have fallen in love with India and am so excited for the tour! My guide is from Mumbai ( a law grad who’s parents weren’t too happy when he decided to give it up and become a guide) ,really friendly and all the guys are so lovely too!! 😊😊😊😊

4 March 2018

Bangkok - New Delhi! At 4.30 am the overnight bus drops me in dark Bangkok, I grab a cab and end up being at Bangkok airport 7 hours early for my firs flight and Im so tired!! I sit in Starbucks, try and nap then when I eventually get so bored I treat myself to a massage! I need to stop doing this 😆 First flight from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur was pleasant and short then had to rush through KL security and transfer desks to get to my next gate within half an hour! But made it then had a longer flight to Delhi. I was fed curry so I didn’t mind! Finally arrived in India at 7.30 pm after almost 36 hours of travel from Koh Phangan! Because I’m a little late I missed the group welcome dinner so I go to my hotel, order a curry and catch up on some well needed sleep! I’m so excited to be in India!!! The taxi driver from the airport was pointing out lots of sights to me, ignoring the dozens of stray animals (mostly cows) that we passed on our journey 😝

3 March 2018

Koh Phangan > Bangkok! So today I left Simone (was an emotional morning) and began to make my way to Bangkok. I took a taxi to the pier, then a boat to mainland Thailand which took around 4/5 hours! I then boarded a night bus in the evening from Surat Thani that’ll get into Bangkok at 5am in the morning! Lots of travelling today but I have plenty of snacks to keep my going 😉 added in a couple pics from last night because I didn’t have much to post!

2 March 2018

Koh Phangan! Last day in Thailand. This morning Simone and I ventured out on our bike for the final time! We found a lovely beach, ‘secret beach’ where we chilled and explored for most of the day. We met some girls from the tour in the evening for dinner and drinks then I got creative and did our body paint (which I was quite proud of) before heading to the full moon party! 💃🏽

1 March 2018

Koh Tao - Koh Phangan. This morning we hiked up to a viewpoint over looking freedom beach, it was very sweaty as it was essentially a rock climb in flip flops. The view was worth it! Then we headed back to our hostel to pack up, ready to leave for Koh Phangan: land of the full moon party. Did I mention there was a pet pig at the hostel we stayed at? We then had brunch at a lovely cafe on the beach and caught our boat to Koh Phangan in the afternoon! When we arrived it was the evening so we checked in, hired a new bike and ventured to the food market! ✌️ I had some delicious, really fresh spring rolls and my fave sticky rice and mango for possibly the last time! We spent the evening having drinks on the beach with a few girls from our tour who are also here for the full moon party tomorrow - was lovely to catch up with them and hear about their travels! I can’t believe I just have one full day left in Thailand before I begin my travels to India on Saturday! Excited but also nervous 😬

28 February 2018

Koh Tao! Final day of the diving course! This morning I met the diving group at 5.45 am for our last two morning dives! We dove up to a depth of 18 metres!! Had to do a few skills again but they made the last one mostly a fun dive and I really enjoyed them! Then grabbed myself a fruit salad from my favourite lady on the side of the road and ventured with Simone on our bike to a lovely cafe on the beach with a pool in the middle of it where we chilled for the afternoon, reading, drinking smoothies and writing our journals! Then I had to go back to the dive shop in the evening to watch our video and have a couple of drinks with the group (should be sent the video by tomorrow) and to fill out our log books now that most of us are all certified open water divers!! ✌️ The evening consisted of a drive and noodle soup 🍜 So happy to have completed the diving course! Woo

27 February 2018

Koh Tao - Diving course day 3! But the first proper day of diving in the sea. We did two dives today, went up to 12 metres! Had to do lots of skills under the water like losing air and switching to someone elses, taking off masks and pretending you’re out of air and going up to air without using any breath! I really enjoyed it and didn’t get nervous as I thought I would. Although it wasn’t the main focus, I still saw lots of pretty fishes down there! Then I met up with Simone who in the meantime had hired a bike and we drove up to ‘Mango viewpoint’ which was a very dangerous journey, I had to get off the bike and run up hills so many times! Then went to dinner in a town a bit further because a friend recommended a lovely little place that was amazing and so cheap! A lovely day! Now getting some rest ready for my other two dives tomorrow which should be less skills and more fun and start at 5.45 am ... by tomorrow I will be a certified open water diver up to 18 metres!

26 February 2018

Koh Tao - today I started my first full day of diving training and I was so nervous! Spent 8-1 in the pool doing skills, some of which were actually really hard! They even turned off our air and we had to ask to share a friends! Then the afternoon (after realising I had a wetsuit tan from the morning) was spent in the classroom doing the exams! Not too bad just so boring because it was so hot!!! Then met Simone for fruit bowls on the beach at sunset followed by Thai food at an amazing tiny place where just one man served us, made our drinks and cooked our food! It was great and very speedy! Had a tom yam and banana shake!! :) then we decided a cultural experience of a lady boy show so we headed to the queens cabaret which was over an hour of draw dropping dance routines and lip syncing! Looking forward to getting into the sea tomorrow even if I am a little nervous to be at depth!

25 February 2018

Koh Tao! After some breaky this morning we headed to the beach where we planned to chill for most of the day. Unfortunately it was quite cloudy and we even had an hour of rain where we were forced inside with a cup of tea!! 😮 I suppose I’ve been quite lucky with all the weather though! Then in the afternoon I started my PADI open water dive course. The first afternoon was just videos and learning so I was sat in a classroom for the rest of the afternoon answering questions! The course is 3 more full days long, tomorrow is a full day of swimming pool training and theory then the next two days there are two open water dives per day! I’m really looking forward to it now! Met back up with Simone and we got some dinner at a place that was based around roasted duck and it was so good!

24 February 2018

A day of travel from Phuket to Koh Tao. This was a long journey consisting of a 6 hour bus and then a 4 hour boat! So not too interesting things to talk about. When we arrived on Koh Tao we walked and checked into our new hostel, The good dream hostel which was nice but no hostel will ever be as lush as our one in Phuket! Then headed out for some local Thai food which was delicious as always, I had a tom yum soup and some sticky rice! We then treated ourselves to some late night massages before getting some rest ready for a full day here! :) planning to start my diving course tomorrow and I’m really excited!! 😊 Also regarding the last pic ... sun cream is so expensive on the islands that it is displayed in the supermarkets like this!! Crazy!

23 February 2018

Phi Phi > Phuket old town! This morning we travelled to Phuket and stayed in the loveliest hostel yet in Phuket old town with a rooftop pool 😲 We then explored the old town which was so cute, lots of pretty shops and cafes. We got our nails done in prep for more beach time in Koh Tao :) Then enjoyed chilling in the pool for a bit before heading out to see a Chinese festival/ market which was absolutely amazing! Most of the main roads were closed for this festival that displayed so much singing, art, jewellery, clothes and good street food! It was so refreshing being at a market/festival catered towards the locals rather than the tacky tourist markets for once! I had so much good street food including steamed pork shumai dumplings and Thai fish cakes which were so good! ✌️

22 February 2018

PHI PHI ✌️ this morning we woke up at the unearthly hour of 5am to join a ‘beat the crowds’ tour to see Maya Bay (aka THE beach). It was for sure worth the lack of sleep because it was empty and beautiful! We were then taken to a place to snorkel and to monkey beach nearby all before 10am. After a nap back at the hostel we grabbed some food (same place as yesterday because it was so good) wandered around then hiked for a good 30/40 mins up hill to reach a viewpoint for sunset. Was also worth it because the views were beautiful!! When we got back down we went for some dinner, found a place for me to print my Indian visa (!!!) then went for some celebration ice cream to celebrate the coming together of my India plan so quickly!! Phi phi has been great, much better than I expected but we are off to a new island tomorrow .... 🌴

21 February 2018

Phi phi!!! This morning we travelled from Koh Lipe to Phi Phi. This place is so beaut! We had low expectations as we knew it was touristy and more popular than other places we have been but it’s much prettier than expected! The town is busy but has lots of good restaurants - we were recommended to eat at a small Thai place which was delicious and so cheap. Simone said it was the best Pad Thai shes had yet and I had the best sweet and sour! We then went on a bit of a trek to long beach and chilled there until the sun set! Then we went out in the evening with a couple guys from our hostel, watched the fire shows and got a bit too drunk considering we booked a 6am boat tour for tomorrow ... RIP Jaz x Of course the night ended with a delicious Thai pancake which are everywhere out here! Nutella and banana for me 🍌

20 February 2018

Koh Lipe - this morning I woke up (after a bit of a lay in because one guy in my hostel DID NOT STOP snoring so I was awake half the night) and tried a popular Thai dish which is Pad thai in an omelette for lunch. I then chilled on the beach for bit and decided to go and treat myself to a massage :) The Thai massage was amazing, much more enjoyable than the Lao & Vietnamese ones I had even if I was bent into the weirdest positions and clicked like crazy! Spent the evening on a sunset snorkelling and plankton tour, after a snorkel and watching sunset we were swimming out in the pitch black and watching the plankton appear as we kicked around. It was impossible to photograph so to show you what it was like pic 5 is the best I could do! But we were underwater in the middle of the sea kicking around so that they all lit up it was so cool! Had a curry for dinner then sat around and had a couple drinks and played games with some girls we met from our hostel! Time for a new island tomorrow ..

19 February 2018

Koh Lipe beach day! This morning we moved hostels as there was a nicer one available on the island that was also closer to the beach. We will be here for two nights! Then went for some breaky and just enjoyed having a beach day on Sunset beach! I finished my book, swam and then we watched the sun set before grabbing some dinner at a really yummy small local restaurant for about £1.50. A very chill day so not too much to say but the beaches are the most beautiful I’ve seen here ... the sand is so white and the water is so clear 💗

18 February 2018

Koh Lanta - Koh Lipe. Today we spent most of the day (until 4pm) getting to our new island, Koh Lipe! We took a speed boat then a long tail boat then trekked along the beach in the heat with our backpacks to find our hostel which wasn’t the nicest but was the only one available on the whole island for tonight!💤 After this we headed out and explored the walking street then sat on Sunrise beach which is so beautiful with the whitest sands and the clearest water! We then headed back to our hostel, found a friend and went for a couple of beers on Pattaya beach. It’s beautiful here and the island is much smaller than Koh Lanta, you can walk anywhere within an hour!

17 February 2018

Koh Lanta - Spent the morning whizzing around of our mopeds to make the most of them before we had to return them at 11! We visited a bakery for breakfast/lunch and I had a delicious salad and some fresh bread :) then had such a chill day! Relaxed on the beach, swam, read and wrote in my journal (which I’ve almost finished!!!!). We wandered to a street food market in the evening and saw and tried some lovely Thai food. I had a papaya salad which was made in front of me, it was so delicious I ended up having two for dinner! Will be making these for ya’ll when I’m home :) Have loved Koh Lanta but we are planning on leaving in the morning ... let the island hopping commence ✌️

16 February 2018

KOH LANTA 💗 Today we hired mopeds to explore this beautiful island!! Our first stop was of course some brunch, found the most amazing Kitch like place where I had an açai bowl served in a coconut shell ... what more can a girl want? Also metal straws which I was so happy about!!! We then headed south and visited the national park, this involved a very sweaty one hour hike but we eventually ended up at the most beautiful and secluded beach! The only downside was that there were so many monkeys, who despite common perceptions are SO VISCOUS! One of them nearly attacked me! I was petrified 😆 In the evening we drove to the other side of the island (the old town) and had dinner in a restaurant where we sat outside on cushions on the floor with a lovely view and swings! The pad Thai wasn’t bad either! We ended up having to drive back in the dark but there’s only a few main roads on this island so it was much easier than expected! A very lovely day 😊

15 February 2018

Krabi > Koh Lanta! This morning we woke up and got some smoothie bowls for breakfast at a place called coconuts in Krabi. Then decided we wanted to venture out of Krabi and begin our island hopping adventure. Our hostel arranged us tickets to join a group leaving Krabi for Koh Lanta in an hour, the journey was about 2/3 hours long. We arrived and checked into a hostel that we had reserved for one night but then changed to two nights when we saw how pretty it was (and directly on the beach)! The afternoon was spent on the beach, reading and watching sunset. Had dinner in a local restaurant then a nice beach stroll :)

14 February 2018

Bangkok - Krabi! This morning we took an early flight into Krabi then checked into a really nice and friendly hostel! Had some brunch (delish) and planned our island hopping trip :) Then spent the afternoon on Railay Beach which was nice but a little crowded so looking forward to the quieter ones! Had some mango and coco out sticky rice for dinner which is actually a dessert but who cares ✌️

13 February 2018

Last day in Bangkok! This morning I woke up and had to say goodbye to everyone as they left for Bali, The Philippine’s, Thailand, Korea, Switzerland, Australia, India and home to the UK! It felt very strange. We treated ourselves to a breakfast that was comforting and tasted like home then began our journey via public transport (brave) to our new hotel near the airport. We chilled here for the day by the pool and planned our island hopping trip then wandered into the market nearby for some food in the evening! Will wake up at 4 am go fly to Krabi 🏝

12 February 2018

LAST DAY OF THE TOUR 💔 This morning we arrived in Bangkok super early at 6am. Went for a walk in a lovely park and sunbathed after breakfast and found a really cool place on the street for lunch (drink and meal in one!!). After checking into our hotel in the afternoon we visited the golden mount which was beautiful! It involved walking up a lot of steps but was totally worth it :) Our final supper was spent in Khao San Road area. Can’t believe I’m having to say goodbye to these people that I’ve been living with for the past month!

11 February 2018

Chiang Mai! This morning I visited an elephant sanctuary! It was so amazing! I didn’t expect there to be so many elephants. For a while we were allowed to feed them loads of bananas then we walked them, mud bathed them and cleaned them. Even got to play with a baby elephant named Jackie Chan who was really naughty. After lunch at the sanctuary we headed back to the hotel, chilled by the pool and gathered our things for a 4pm night train! Due to this dinner was a pot of instant noodles ..... we are due to arrive back in Bangkok at 6am where our tour will finish! 😯

10 February 2018

This morning we departed Chiang Khong and headed to Chiang Mai :) En route we stopped in Chiang Rai to see the white temple which was absolutely stunning! It’s shockingly modern... only just older than me! I grabbed my matcha and pineapple for the rest of the journey (essentials) then we arrived in Chiang Mai at around lunchtime. I chilled by the pool for a bit then went on a cooking class in the eve! We were taken to the local market to buy our fish, meat and veggies then back to the kitchen. We made spring rolls, Tom yam prawn soup, Thai red chicken curry and a chicken and cashew stir fry... all of which were DELISH :) The evening was spent wandering Chiang Mia’s HUGE night markets! (Sadly the only thing I left with was some bite cream... if only I had a spare back pack to fill....)

9 February 2018

Back on the boat! We left the homestay at around 5am but was awake from 4am due to the roosters... We boarded the boat again for the second leg of our journey along the Mekong to Thailand, we arrived at the border at around 4pm then transferred to our hotel, popped out for a well earned buffet dinner and enjoyed a few drinks! Not too much to say about today but lots of travelling done today... I’m back in Thailand 🇹🇭

8 February 2018

A day on the Mekong River. This morning I woke up at 5am to give alms to the Buddhists monks. This happens daily, tourists and locals buy sticky rice/dry snacks then wait until the monks come along and fill their golden containers(?) with the food. It was an interesting experience and I didn’t realise that monks depend on this giving as their only food source. We then left Luang Prabang and spent 10 hours on a boat which took us to a homestay, half way to the Thai border. The village was small (population around 200) and very basic, it had no electricity or signal. The children waved at us and there were so many chickens and dogs wandering around. In the evening we donated school books and pens we had bought to the children. They queued up and even sang songs to us in hope that we would give them sweets, we weren’t allowed to :( The room I slept in was small and empty and I had to force myself to sleep with the max dose of sleeping pills after my friend saw a rat run through the room..

7 February 2018

Luang Prabang. A brilliant day!! Opted in to do a trekking trip, this was about 13km in total! We visited a local village, saw the school and played with the children (they challenged me to a jump rope session) then hiked up to the waterfall. It was absolutely beautiful!! The water was so blue. We jumped into a truck to be taken back after our long trek then spent the evening having a massage, street food and ice cream. (One hour massage, dinner and dessert all for under £10) Now resting up ready for a very early start tomorrow ....

6 February 2018

Vang Vieng > Luang Prabang. Not much happened today because we spent 7 hours on a bus travelling to Luang Prabang. The roads were so bumpy and twisty it was a tough journey! We stopped at what was meant to be an amazing view point but unfortunately it was so foggy that we couldn’t see anything at all! Just our luck lol. Then spirits were lifted when we checked into a beautiful hotel!! Probably the nicest one yet. Then we trekked up a mountain to watch sunset and visited a night market which is also probably my favourite so far. It was overlooked by a pretty temple and was a huge crafts market. Wanted to buy everything but sadly don’t have the back pack space :( Ended the day with a lovely stir fry and of course a coconut! Looking forward to spending a full day in this gorgeous city tomorrow!

5 February 2018

Vang Vieng! Today was filled with many activities. We began the day with a bumpy ride to the lake in a truck then went kayaking along the beautiful river. The scenery was so gorgeous! The water was rocky and rapid like but was so clear and fun. Next up was zip lining, the route consisted of about 6/7 zip lines! It was so funny! Then we sat down for lunch which was followed by caving. These caves were pitch black, wet and muddy but it was a great experience despite the fact that at one point we had to crawl through a tiny hole between two rocks and I hated it! To end the day we visited a blue lagoon then headed back to our huts. After a knackering day we headed out for dinner and everyone was very keen to head home straight after in preparation for another city tomorrow ....

4 February 2018

This morning began with a lovely cycle ride. Borrowed bikes from the hotel in Vientiane and explored the city! It’s crazy to think that it’s the capital because it lacks the stressful hustle and bustle of most capitals but it’s so relaxing and chill! Has a population of only 1 million. Stopped at a really cute cafe that we found for a juice then made our way back to the hotel which was tricked than expected because we hadn’t realise how far we had come! Then began a 4/5 hour journey to Vang Vieng. Arrived in the evening and checked into our hut like room which are really cool! We will be here for two nights remind me of the naughty cabin in Parent Trap. Went to a local restaurant for dinner ... more sticky rice and coconut! Then into bed ready for a busy day tomorrow ...

3 February 2018

Hello Laos 🇱🇦 We arrived in Vientiane at around midday then had on the twelfth floor of our hotel (pad Thai!). Then visited some beautiful temples and buddhas, followed by a market in the afternoon. We hired a tuk Tuk driver that drove us between all these places and waited for us! Then dinner at a beautiful restaurant, where I ordered chicken with sticky rice and a green papaya salad which was amazing! Laos is much less busy, less polluted and cleaner than Vietnam and Cambodia. It is so pretty and the food (so far) is amazing!! 🌴

2 February 2018

Last day in Vietnam!! Today I spent the morning walking around Hoan Kiem lake then went to a pretty rooftop cafe for some cool coffees. After this I went to see the prison museum where the French colonists imprisoned the communist party of Vietnam and then was turned into a prison for American prisoners or war. Was very interesting to see but also creepy because we were able to go into the tiny dark cells where there were still shackles laying on the ends of beds! Then enjoyed my last afternoon in Vietnam relaxing, went for another Vietnamese massage (much better this time and only £6!) then got another egg coffee which is a Vietnamese specialty. Spent the evening having my last bowl of Vietnamese noodles and a trip to the cinema before an early wake up for a flight to Laos! Vietnam... you’ve been amazing 🇻🇳 🍜🍵💗🌴

1 February 2018

Ha Long > Hanoi. This morning we transferred from Ha Long back to the capital of Hanoi where we will spend 2 nights. En route we visited Ha Long Pearl Farm which was really interesting as we learned how pearls are cultivated and then saw how pricey they were in there shop next door.... When we arrived in Hanoi 4 hours later, we checked into a very nice hotel then went for lunch where I had really good sweet and sour chicken. Then we walked around the city, orientating ourselves and walking to the huge West Lake to see the Tran Quoc Pagoda which is the oldest Buddhist temple in Hanoi. Stopped for a coffee watching over a very busy street, then went on a street food wander. We decided to stop at a place known as BBQ street as all of the restaurants serve a Vietnamese BBQ dinner. We chose a BBQ place and enjoyed cooking our own outside on a little wooden table in the street. Then went out for a few drinks and danced for the rest of the night 💃🏽

31 January 2018

Ha Long - had a brilliant day in Ha Long today! We got off the train at 5.30 this morning then boarded a 4 hour bus from Hanoi to Ha Long. We then got on a boat to go and visit Ha Long Bay and the caves! It was so beautiful. I opted to do some kayaking too so i could see even more. It’s much chillier up in North Vietnam but I think that might just be due to the contrast! Back to Hanoi tomorrow to explore the capital for a couple days!

29 January 2018

Two days in Hue! We travelled to Hue on Monday morning which was a 4/5 hour drive from Hoi An. It’s getting greyer as we head north. We have the afternoon free and it’s time I treat to myself to a Vietnamese massage which is an experience to say the least.... Then grab some matcha sat in a teacup, check into my first South East Asian hostel which is very nice and clean! We go for dinner that evening at a lovely riverside restaurant where I have caramelised fish in a clay pot that is delish, then spend the night in Hue’s bars. The next morning we head to the Imperial City and see the Royal Palace who’s grounds are huge! Then lunch at a restaurant near the hostel where I order a hot pot that is cooked in front of me with noodles (and of course a coconut!) before heading to the train station to catch our 3rd overnight train to Hoi An. Thankfully, this train is much cleaner and comfier than the last and I am well stocked with snacks.

28 January 2018

Second day in Hoi An! So busy. Started with a wander around the old town for the final time (bought a really cute little bag ... im running out of room for all these things ....) and saw a few sights. Then we went to a cooking class called ‘oodles of noodles’ it is an organisation that trains young poor children to eventually become top chefs in 5 star resorts etc. So was nice knowing that it was for a good cause! (They also have a restaurant then we went to later on in the evening). Afternoon consisted of a very long bike ride through the country, I rode a water buffalo, become a Vietnamese farmer, met the oldest couple in the region (married for 75 years) and had a ride in a bamboo basket! Sad to be leaving Hoi An tomorrow, could definitely spend more time here!!

27 January 2018

This post is dedicated purely to the lanterns of Hoi An. They are beautiful and are everywhere!! This place is amazing.
Hoi An - we arrive super early after an awful sleep on the night train. But Hoi An is BEAUTIFUL, my favourite place yet! The ancient town is a UNESCO site and I’m in love with it. Had some yummy noodles for lunch, wandered around and shopped (the shops are much better here and so many pretty things!!) then we decided to try a lantern making class which was so much fun!! They turned out nicely and they collapse to fit in my bag small but I reckon I’ll eventually have to get rid of it!! Wish we had more than one more day here!!!

26 January 2018

Last day in Nha Trang. We go on another snorkelling trip but first visit a local island village where we see a fish farm, learn how the ladies sew the fish nets and visit a school on the island that resembled more of a prison! The snorkelling trip is amazing, I saw so much more than on the last one including jelly fish and a BLUE starfish (pics on cam) !!!! We are served an amazing lunch on the boat and are made passionfruit rum cocktails. After returning to the hotel we get ready for another over night train. When it arrives we see passengers leave the train just as we are getting on ..... gross. This one is much dirtier than the last! I clean my whole bed area desperately with face wipes and learn that this is the deluxe section of the train! Not looking forward to my sleep tonight ....

25 January 2018

Arrival super early in Nha Trang!!! Breaky on the beach (smoothie bowl) then a morning of chilling and napping after my awful sleep. Then the afternoon is spent at a mud bath (pics on camera again) which involves a 6 stage cleansing process! My skin felt very good after. I have a chicken curry IN a coconut for dinner then some freshly made passionfruit ice cream after a walk round the night market! Defo could spend more time here!

24 January 2018

Ho Chi Minh City - This morning we visited the war tunnels at Cu Chi! I was told I would make a great Viet Kong soldier as I had a go at camouflaging myself in the tunnels and did well! We saw bomb craters and lots of different traps that the Viet Kong used to trap the Americans in. I also stupidly volunteered to try crawling through one of the original war tunnels which was so scary and longer than I expected! Then back into the city for more pho and matcha! Was very tired so had a wander road and got my nails done (been so busy up until now) then we board our first over night train to Nha Trang. For the journey I find a matcha kit kat which I’m very excited about!!! The train is ok, could be cleaner but overall was like trying to sleep on a roller coaster! Looking forward to Nha Trang!

23 January 2018

Woken up early by the roosters at the homestay, we leave the village and visit a floating market which is amazing to see. It sold mostly fruit and veggies. We then went to another market and then to learn how to make rice noodles! I had a go at both stages of the process :) Then we transferred by bus to Ho Chi Minh City which is my favourite place so far!! It’s so mad!!! Sooooo many bikes on the road it is so busy!! A car is a rare sight here! The city goes crazy at about 6pm when Vietnam win what I assume to be a very important football game. I later learned it was a semi final for the under 23 Asian cup! They sure know how to celebrate!! Dinner was at a street food market which was delicious then we celebrated til late in the packed streets with the locals and thousands of Vietnamese flags(managed to steal one of them for myself :) )

22 January 2018

This morning we depart Cambodia and cross the border into Vietnam (by foot again) at Phnom Den. Then take a long coach journey (via a restaurant for my first Vietnamese Pho - see pic 1!!) to a village called Can Tho where we stay in a local village homestay. We watch a cooking demo then enjoy an AMAZING array of home cooked Vietnamese food. My room for the night is a little less luxurious than the previous ones! However it was a great experience, living like the locals for a night!

21 January 2018

Sihanoukville - Day boat trip and snorkelling to a couple surrounding islands. Water was so clear and the beach was beautiful!! Had a lovely lunch made on the beach then dinner and drinks on beach when we were back on the mainland. Some people choose to grab a kebab when they’re drunk on the way home .... me? Coconut number #4

19 January 2018

Time to leave Phnom Penh and head to Sihanoukville for some time on the beach! We leave early and have a 6 hour bus ride! When we arrive we spend the afternoon chilling on the beach then have dinner at a restaurant on the beach (more coconut!!) Looking forward to a full day here tomorrow :)
Full day in Phnom Penh - we visit the genocide museum where I learn so much about the unbelievably recent tragedy. We saw so many mass graves, skulls and bones/clothing appearing through the ground at the site. Then visit S21 which was used by the Khmer Rouge as a torture sight/prison for victims. I was lucky enough to meet one of two living victims from this prison, he managed to survive because he ended up becoming a mechanic for the Khmer regime. Crazy to think he comes back to the place that he was tortured every day to tell his story. A more light hearted afternoon includes seeing the Royal Palace and Russian market followed by dinner (mango salad, rice and coconut) and drinks on a rooftop bar (JACKFRUIT mojito!!!) Yum :)

18 January 2018

This morning we visited a floating village (see the floating school). Then we began our journey to our second stop in Cambodia (the capital) - Phnom Penh. We stop at a lovely riverside restaurant for lunch then visit an insect market (I held a tarantula, ate the leg of one AND tried a cricket). Arrive in Phnom Penh for dinner.

17 January 2018

Early rise (4am!!!!) to head to Angkor Wat (the huge temple in Cambodia’s flag) and see sunrise. Then visit the Tomb Raider temple (with the tree growing through it) then the temple with the faces (Bayon) After this we eat lunch (see frogs and noodles!!) then chill by the pool. Spend the evening at an amazing circus (see selfie with fans!), followed by drinks and face paint in ‘Pub Street’.

16 January 2018

Cross the border into Cambodia and travel to Siem Reap where we spend two nights! Spend the first day on a quad bike tour around the countryside and watch sunset. Then head to New Hope which is an educational non profit organisation for dinner which is amazing!

14 January 2018

My Journey and day in Bangkok! Breaky with dad and Jods at Gatwick, then a flight to Bangkok vía Hong Kong. Check in and spend the afternoon wandering the city before meeting the group for dinner in the evening