North America · 15 Days · 241 Moments · August 2017

Hogan's adventure in San Antonio, TX, United

1 September 2017

Good to be home but miss my family in Ohio.
, almost home just passed Wonderland
, welcome home to Canada and massive traffic
Sarah's first stop she wants Tim Hortons
Back home in Ontario
7 miles to go to the Peace Bridge
They should call these troll booths
I don't know who this driver is but I thought it was cool that we that we were driving behind Cody arlett I will Google him later when I get home
So after an amazing 2 days with my cousin Bradley Cheryl Pam Colin and Matthew we are finally making our way back to Wasaga Beach the Hospitality we received through all the states was simply great but nothing matched the final two days with our cousins who made sure we were well-received comfortable and provided the best that Ohio had to offer thank you once again Pam Cheryl Brad calling and Matthew we can't wait till we see you again
Cold in Ohio this morning, heading back to Canada

31 August 2017

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Stan Hywet Manor Ohio
Stan Hywet Manor
Stan Hywet Manor
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
This was by far the best corned beef sandwich I've ever had highly recommend Slyman's if you're in the Ohio area
Off to the rock and roll Hall of Fame with Bradley and Colin
Great day planned today we're going to be off to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame shortly then going to check out a submarine that was in World War II.
Sarah giving Bradley a kiss with her purple lipstick
An amazing evening at Stan Hewitt Manor

30 August 2017

Well made it back to Ohio at my cousin Bradley and his wife Pam now we're just relaxing enjoying time with family
Well this was pretty cool stop to go to the washroom at a gas station and they had a old tow truck done up just like the Cars movie with the character Mater the tow truck very cool it was an exact replica
So I'm sure everyone in Canada has seen those speeding signs that tell you how fast your going and if you're going over the speed limit well in the US they pick it up a notch if your over the speed limit it shines to Bright Lights in your eyes what a great thing to do if you're speeding blind you I've never seen anything like it and tell you the truth I'm glad I won't be seeing it again for a while
Coming into Columbus Ohio next stop Cleveland
Sarah and Celia goofing around with Snapchat
If Jesus is Alive I am sure he's living in the US cars like this are a dime a dozen and there's road signs crosses all over the roads big giant white crosses big signs telling me I'm going to hell and I should repent now it amazes me at how much religious people know about other people but fail to know about themselves
So Sarah looks pretty confused here because this is gum with some kind of drops you put on it or something we don't have that in Canada so she's trying to figure out how to chew it
, time till we get to Brad and Pam 7:07 p.m. can't wait looking forward to it
Cincinnati bound home of WKRP if anyone's old enough to remember that show dr. Johnny Fever Venus flytrap Bailey Travis mr. Carlson and I can't remember what Loni Anderson's name was and I show but Bailey was the hot one, and my favorite character herb tarlek who's belt always matched his shoes
On our way through Kentucky making the push to Ohio

29 August 2017

, heading into Kentucky sunset at our back
A beautiful Tennessee sunset
Sarah and Hogan used to love this pop in Japanese restaurants it was the only place we could find them we called them marble pops so the cap is actually a marble and it comes with this plunger and you take the plunger and the push the marble and it makes this pop sound we just happened to find them in Arkansas in the candy store and boy are they good
Cool they have a Stonebridge here in Tennessee as well
This is the biggest bass pro shop I have ever seen this is right on the Arkansas Tennessee Border
Arkansas Tennessee Border
Why we stopped to get something to eat and I came out and my car wouldn't start I couldn't take it out of gear and I thought it was screwed Keith's Auto down the street came to my rescue Southern Hospitality here in Arkansas is unbelievable second and nothing so he charged my battery all up and everything didn't even charge me fantastic people here I'm going to take care of him when I get back home
Quick stop for lunch at a good old Louisiana BBQ
Sarah loves stores like this soon as she seen from across the street Zoom right inside
Bathhouse row Hot Springs Arkansas
More from bathhouse row Hot Springs Arkansas
Still more from bathhouse row Hot Springs Arkansas
And still more from the bathhouse row Hot Springs Arkansas
Sarah getting ready for her back and posing as a ranger and then this biker guy came along and he wanted to try it too
This was a hospital during World War II
Hot Springs Arkansas what a beautiful little town beautiful buildings Fountain Springs here you'll see the spring water that everybody comes and fills up 20 and 30 jugs at a time it comes out at 140 degrees
This was an amazing Star Wars and superhero Museum that we got to see
What an awesome store Sarah and I stumbled upon. It is called Rocket Fizz and Hot Springs Arizona
This will be a must-stop for us today
more problems in Houston dams are collapsing and floods are just brutal
Being my co-pilot is a pretty hard job I guess I'll let her sleep in
It's a beautiful morning today in Arkansas as we start our next leg of the trip to Kentucky if you look up into the Rolling Hills that picture you should be able to see a missed rolling through it quite the sight to see this morning but before we leave we are going to the hot springs for a dip into them
Well Sarah and I made it onto CTV news from Texas into Arkansas here's the link
Well we made it safe and sound to Arkansas Hot Springs tomorrow morning we're going to go for a dip in the hot springs and then down to the Fisherman's Wharf for lunch

28 August 2017

Have you ever wondered what it's like to drive into a hurricane
I sure don't like the look of those clouds it's starting to look a little scary
So this is kind of bizarre when you look to the West you have a beautiful sunset and then when you look to the east is he the hurricane we are just 30 miles out from Dallas
What an eerie feeling standing on that property of the Branch Davidians in Waco Texas where I believe 83 women children and men were murdered by the that's now I'm not saying David koresh was a good guy or anything like that but still What a Feeling standing on that property and going into the warehouse that used to hold all the weapons there's now a woodshop the memorial pictures you will also notice they have a bunch of names or unknown names of all the aborted fetuses just disgusting
Quick pit stop and grab some good tacos
We started at home we'll be going through Austin first clouds are looking horrible will be driving into the hurricane winds are really high low in the car around but I'm sure it's going to get a lot worse than this
Zach and Sarah saying their goodbyes till we meet again
Well that escape room was brutal we failed miserably and got eaten by the zombies
A picture of us after our extreme escape
as we start our journey home back to Wasaga Beach we stopped for breakfast at the Daytime Cafe First Watch

27 August 2017

amazing Texas sunset tonight
Dinner with socks parents and grandparents great night great food great people awesome what can I say
The Battle of Texas Museum what a great exhibit that was awesome
Shooting at The Targets in a Texas gun range what a great experience
All this is what it looks like today kind of gloomy drizly and a little windy that ain't going to stop us from going out and having a good time
Seems we lost a piece of the roof last night there's a few of those pieces lying around guess the wind blew the shingles off
Well due to the rain we are doing some indoor events today and what better indoor event to do than a shooting range.

26 August 2017

Sarah loving the crab
Joe's Crab Shack. Awesome food
Made it to the most awesome Joe's Crab Shack right on the Riverwalk what an amazing lunch
Joe's Crab Shack on the River Walk
More River Walk tonight.
This is a Hawaiian lightning two types of moonshine mixed with passion fruit banana and blackberry and a splash of grenadine nothing like doing the Riverwalk wobbling
Our server Stacy at Margaritaville if you see this Buffett give this girl a raise she's awesome service
first stop of the day have a margarita and then go look at some boobies
So this is our Lyft driver lift is a lot like uber just better and his name is Benjamin and if you can see that building with the big American flag on it that was the first building in America with air conditioning
. Neither snow or rain, not even a hurricane stops the postal service
I 35 and I 10 are flooded. Supposed to get worse.

25 August 2017

She's probably going to sleep through the storm I'm going to have to wake her up when it gets here
If you're going to smoke in your Canadian and you have to smoke us cigarettes Marlboro Black 100s are the best they taste just like the mortgage no skunk the American taste to them they taste like Canadian cigarettes
Hurricane Harvey's about a half hour away make sure to check out my live feeds on Facebook I'll be recording it
I'm Canadian I need a hurricane emergency kit
Sarah was amazed that the birds will come right up to her and take the food out of her hand they even flew right up to bit not on the table. They would take the food right out of your hand gently was amazing
The Iron Cactus on the Riverwalk.,, fantastic tableside made guacamole
One part of the Riverwalk we are rushed because of the hurricane we were rushed we rushed so is everybody else though we'll see what tomorrow brings.
Well you want to see my 16 year old girl go crazy with excitement she's a big anime freak as anyone who knows her knows and when she seen this Pokemon store she was floored. we don't have this in Canada.
So there's a military graduation here in town and this is believe private cook getting off to her graduation today and they're staying in the same Hotel I got to meet them great people and congratulations private cook
More pictures from the Alamo
Hurricane Harvey update so far it's sunny and cloudy here in San Antonio that they don't expect it to hit here until later this afternoon so we're going to go off to see the Alamo and then go down to the Riverwalk and see if we can get some sightseeing in before this hits and we're trapped in our hotel room
Awesome trip through the Alamo went on a horse carriage ride with Sarah and Zack and we're now at a timeshare for a 60-minute 90-minute tour and we get a bunch of free coupons for the Riverwalk which will be doing next

24 August 2017

Hurricane Harvey is on its way and we're all bunker down ready to weather the storm
Well its 8:30 here in Texas San Antonio so far so good the hurricane has not touched land as yet supposed to do it sometime today or tonight so I'm going to try to get some sightseeing in before it hits I'm going to go down and check out the Alamo and have lunch on the Riverwalk
Well how awesome is this free complimentary passes when we're leaving so we should be coming back again on Saturday or Sunday
Well that was a hoot Splashtown San Antonio great place
Here at Splashtown getting ready to get wet before the hurricane
On the road to San Antonio check in at new hotel and then off to Splash town for a day of water sliding
So we're on the road to go to San Antonio and check into our new hotel and we stopped at the Sonic restaurant first where they come out to your car it's like the old A&W on roller skates it's so cool

23 August 2017

A quick stop at Zach's home to pick up a clean set of clothes for him what a beautiful place they have goats horses dogs nice Farm
So driving back to Pleasanton from SeaWorld as you can see on the left hand side it's raining in just one spot this apparently happens a lot in Texas they call it spot rain
Swimming with the dolphins this was a great highlight of our trip to SeaWorld today. They had an amazing roller coaster called Journey to Atlantis there as well that was really cool
Sewing another 10 minutes Sarah and I will be swimming with the dolphins
So this is Ann-Margret it was awesome meeting her today at SeaWorld she was very happy to receive a Canada pin and she assured me that soon as her husband retires from the military and the next three years they are going to come up to Canada and see it finally
Yep that's me up on stage being made a fool of they sold to me they trolled me as Sarah said but it was well well worth it boy that's like a bucket list I can check off
So how cool is this we're at SeaWorld at the beluga and Dolphin Show and as a good Canadian I'm sitting here minding my own business and this girl comes up to me and says would you like to be a participant in the show and of course I said yeah damn right I would and then I gave her a Canada flag pin so I'm sitting here waiting for the show to start and Sarah and Zack are going to take pictures of me up on stage I hope they know what they got themselves into never put me up on stage
How cool is this so I paid for General parking and I gave the girl a Canada flag pin and she was so thrilled she upgraded me to preferred parking for free
I just had the best taco I've ever had in my life that it was more like a burrito phenomenal when the best part is feed three people with drinks 11 bucks and I mean Taco Bell can't even hold a candle to the kind of tacos you get out here
Today is SeaWorld day and Sarah and I are going to go swimming with the dolphins. Will be leaving here at 10 Central Time picking up Zachery and then a 40-minute drive to SeaWorld
The morning sky in Pleasanton Texas
You got to get up awful early in the morning to have breakfast in Texas

22 August 2017

A few shots in the lobby of the savannah inn
Well we made it to Pleasanton at the Savannah Suites really nice hotel
And the wait is over Sarah finally gets to meet Zach
Very pretty Texas sunset tonight but still does not compare to Wasaga Beach sunsets
My goodness is the sun ever bright here in Texas we're 2 hours 11 minutes out of our hotel in Pleasanton looks like check-in will be 8:30 p.m.
We're at 100 degrees Fahrenheit
Very cool architecture on this building and this is just coming up to the Katy toll which they charge you to go into the express lanes which were not going to do
165 miles to San Antonio
Downtown Houston
Arrived in Houston on our way now to Pleasanton
700 million dollar draw tomorrow night
Coming into Old River and lost river and Winfrey coming up to a gas pit stop shortly
just crossed into Texas coming into Bridge City just crossed into Texas coming into bridge City
This is the Westlake oil storage area refinery it is owned by Exxon
Making our way through Alexandria
How to take a quick stop at Gator Chateau so Sarah could hold a baby alligator
Traveling through Lafayette
I thought this sign was hilarious and they told me that it happens to them all the time people pull money out of their bra their shorts and all kinds of things like that pretty funny yes we stopped here and I got some homemade mustard pepper sauce and a few cans of beer and a strawberry margarita
This was the tiger Cafe truck stop where they actually have a live tiger living there made a quick stop for restroom few cans of beer a can of strawberry margarita check out the Tiger and we're on our way again
Just passing through Westport Louisiana on our way to Lafayette very cool Bridge
Just passed through Baton Rouge on our way now to Lafayette
And just five more miles up the road and other grass fire and the fire engines on his way to put it out
Here's something you don't see everyday a random grass fire is your driving down the highway
Entering into St Gabriel
Well we finally ran into a little sunshine wasn't much rain for like 80 Seconds and it's done
Sweet boat
On the road to Texas Bonnie and Clyde Style
Done breakfast all showered and shaved ready to head into Pleasanton
Going to miss the City of New Orleans had a really good time here but we got to push on next stop Pleasanton Texas 8 & a half hours
Having breakfast on the patio munchkin is very excited cuz today is the day she gets to meet Zach
Breakfast on the Patio

21 August 2017

Brad from Czechoslovakia awesome guy he's my neighbor tonight
Beautiful absinthe how's it going
The Oceana right in the heart of downtown
What a fun night on Bourbon Street
So we took a walk down the Esplanade from our Motel over to Bourbon Street to go to the Oceana for dinner and boy did we have fun on our way as you can see by the pictures
We just checked in to the Old Town in what an amazing room Arnold patio overlooking the French Quarter this is just unbelievable great place
Glinda and Arden are awesome hosts at The Olde Town Inn New Orleans we made it
World's largest bridge over water this bridge is over Lake Pontchartrain
Robbie and Martha were a great help at the Louisiana Welcome Center
Made it to Louisiana
Two and a half hours to New Orleans
More awesome Southern Hospitality nice meeting you cane and Ariel
These are pictures taken with my glasses over the lens of the camera
This is Brad from Crystal Springs he didn't have a pair of glasses so Sarah loaned them hers to take a look he was quite amazed apparently the boy has been coon hunting up in Canada that's who remembers about Canada coon hunting as a kid he says you guys have some big ass Coons out there
15 minutes to go till a total solar eclipse
Okay Sarah and I have stopped here in Oak rights I don't know where it is but it's a gas station with a beer store and we're stopping to have a little sip of beer and watch the eclipse and Sarah wants me to turn the WiFi on
Made it to Jackson now we're going to McComb
I don't know what that big Monument is but it was pretty cool looking
Durant Mississippi
1 hour and 43 minutes till the total eclipse
I guess there's nothing like moving day let's put your whole house on a truck and move it
19 miles to Grenada traffic is light weather is hot and we're cruising along at a comfortable 100 miles an hour
I can't believe how cheap gas is here and there's no tax
I know Elizabeth Rossi will appreciate these can't get menthol cigarettes in Canada anymore so these are for you Liz
Making a note that I must stop and get more Fried Chicken on the way home Winchester and Elvis Presley Boulevard is where the gas station that sells the amazing Daisy Fried Chicken
So there's so many nice little ponds and water areas here through the Mississippi I was going to stop and maybe go for a swim cuz it's so hot until Sarah and for me that there's probably crocodiles and alligators in there
Welcome to Mississippi
I love these little postal trucks they have here in the US
This is Daisy she makes the best fried catfish and fried chicken you'll ever taste I actually got one piece of catfish before we went to Graceland it was so good I backtracked and grab chicken chicken tenders more catfish and I gave her two free VIP passes to the Wasaga Beach Blues Fest and she has Flyer points and said that she would love to come so I gave her two and I gave her my phone number and I hope she comes
Well we're here at Graceland but I'm not paying $10 and $53 to get in and park to go see a house where dead guy used to live however I did get some pictures of the Lisa Marie jet and the smaller one I've don't know the name of that one and I can see Graceland from the outside that's good enough for me I was here

20 August 2017

8:30 a.m. we are up and mobile and on our way to Graceland
All checked in now to get some sleep another 8 hour drive tomorrow
Okay if we go to Memphis
Well this picture is pretty self-explanatory
Honky Tonk Row Sarah and me got pictures with the Elvis statue
Off to Honky Tonk Row
We have arrived in Nashville
Well that's just too funny how rare is this 1 800 go Hogan
Coming into Tennessee The Welcome Center is a must-stop Kevin was phenomenal gave me coupons Maps show me where Steven Tyler hangs out from Aerosmith and Keith Urban lives in Nashville and they hang out in these different bars and he showed me everything gave me guitar picks coupons told me where to go it was amazing just amazing experience this is a picture of Kevin
Good afternoon Tennessee stopping at the Welcome Center in Tennessee Quick washroom Break and stretch legs
Well we just gained one hour of time cuz we just passed over into central time so that's awesome gained an hour
On route to Nashville 165 miles
Just some random shots going through Louisville Kentucky boy they've got a lot of stadiums there and one Wicked ass airport with tons of military planes I'll try to get better pictures of it on our way back
Rest area off I-71 just before Louisville Kentucky
I have always loved driving through the Rolling Hills of Kentucky
A quick stop at Flying J's so I could put on my shorts and my Kentucky hat
Kentucky Cowboy relaxing at the Flying J
So it seems Kentucky has a sweet tooth to just like Wasaga Beach
Welcome to Kentucky
Cincinnati skyline
It's a lovely 91° Fahrenheit in Cincinnati
Hello Cincinnati home of WKRP
So we stopped at Target to grab some juice boxes and chips and snacks and stuff and Sarah was very disturbed when she seen Lucky from Lucky Charms on the American box who looks totally different than are Canadians lucky
What I find weird about this picture hanging and White Castle is if you look by the guys feet there's litter all over the ground I guess they just threw the rappers on the ground back in the day. Al Sposato would be pissed lol
Sarah and Hogan go to Shite Castle lol
Nobody here in Ohio seems to wear helmets on their motorcycles must be quite the feeling doing 80 miles an hour with the wind blowing through your hair like that
Hey made it through Columbus on our way now to Cincinnati
Entering into Polaris I think it's cool how they have the town's names written across the bridge like that
Just Cruisin along and a comfortable 80 miles an hour 23 miles out of Columbus Ohio
I-71 South 101 miles to Columbus just a normal thing seeing military trucks being transported
On I-76. co-pilot is in the backseat napping so I'm on my own here Turn Up the Music 7 hour drive to Nashville
Such a great day with our family looking forward to coming back but now we're off to Nashville we're an hour behind schedule but we were with family so it's well worth it

19 August 2017

Brads Man Cave
Welches Old Fashioned Dairy
Wolf Creek Speakeasy Ohio
Wolf Creek Restaurant
Brads Camero
Colin, Brad and Me
Pam, Cheryl and Sarah
Hello Wadsworth!
Almost at our destination! Just stuck in traffic.
Looked up from the phone and was not expecting this. 😱
Quick stop at Wendys
Made it to Ohio!
Crazy fireworks in Pennsylvania!
Cruising Gay rd in Pennsylvania!
Barcelona Chamber of Commerce
Barcelona Harbor and the historical Barcelona lighthouse
Built in 1859. Barcelona Lighthouse. Patricia was very helpful. We are going for a tour of the lighthouse
The light house
They have a lot of cotton round here in cornell creek!
Memorial park Dunkirk! Dunkirk also has a beautiful boardwalk.
Native Pride 1.04 a gallon. Love it
Were in. USA Go Trump
At the boarder
Quick quick pit stop before we hit Niagara Falls Fruitland Road and QEW
Making good time Highway 400 traffic is light
Left home at 7:06 it is now 7:55 in Berry topping up with a timmies coffee

18 August 2017

All started with the KISS concert last night