North America · 12 Days · 83 Moments · January 2019

Hogan & Sarah adventure in Cuba

15 January 2019

Pool area by el Benny
Dinner at El Benny tonight.
Mojitos in the afternoon in the public Bolivar de placo. Marianna, one of my favorite servers.
Saying goodbye to Club Amigo. Bus coming soon.
Our chamber maiden left a nice swan this morning.
Our little lizard, we call him Pasquale, love this little guy, he greets us every morning and keeps the cockroaches out.
Nice relaxing pool day today.
Final day today, then back home. Chillaxin by the pool with my pina colada
My little getaway cove.
Uri our coach driver took us on a little tour through the humble side of town. This is tge nice housing for the hotel workers.
Dance party on the beach tonight, wow what a blast. My new fav name is Olga.

14 January 2019

Nice dinner at El Strada tonight..
Bingo starting in 15 minuets, going to win me a bottle of rum.
View from the pool.
Awesome bed design by our chamber maiden today, I have never seen this one. ❤️
Hot day today, cooling off in the games room for a bit and then off to the pool.
Outdoor Chess, Sarah started out strong, but Dad won in the end. ❤️

14 January 2019

More Captain Canada recipients.
Sarah having fun
Mohito Sunday
Sarah loves the animals and posing with our Pizza Chef.
Out for Pizza tonight, met these great people from Toronto, of course they got hit by Captain Canada and got their pins.
Sarah the animal whisperer
Patcho, lobby waiter, loves to sing and do magic
Best Mohito yet, Chino and Marianna
Poor little guy
Donutia and Maria, awesome ladies, great peeps to party with.
Captain Canada strikes once again
Yes please, 20 peso cuc for 4 bottles
A day in the countryside. Horseback riding, one of Sarah's favourite.
Sarah catches her first fish, stripped sea bass.
Federal park and sanctuary
Countryside tour
Countryside tour

12 January 2019

Captain Canada pin peeps..
Great show on Amigo Main stage
Sarah and her friend from Amsterdam, Ricardo got selected to play with the Cuban Clown.
Dinner, getting ready for street party tonight.
Dinner, waiter gives Sarah a paper flower.
Met an awesome lady, Nadia from Holland.
Sarah and Ricardo got called up on stage with the Cuban Clown, great times.
Mohitos on the beach and a paddle boat trip out on the Ocean.
Got to love Sarah's photography skills. Ole
Lunch time, then snorkelling

12 January 2019

10 January 2019

Sarah enjoying life
Great entertaiment in the hotel lobby
Local musicians, peeps are so friendly here.
Awesome entertaiment, hanging out waiting for Sarah to have her hair done.
Nice walk on the beach, Sarah loves collecting seashells by the seashore. Bumped into our friend Andrew from Ottawa.
Sarah and Andrew hanging out at the pool.
Meetin so many great people here, and no one asks for there computer fixed. Lol
Pool bar... Hell ya
Sarah found a boy. Lol Really nice boy
Sarah and her new dress.
Captan Canada out giving pins to the locals
How you cut the grass in Cuba.
I think Sarah loves it here.
Love the flora here. Today is a pool day, just finished shopping with Sarah, tgat can take a lot out of you. Lol
Breakfast with a view.
Beautiful sunrise this morning

9 January 2019

Awaiting dinner buffet..
Captain Canada in Cuba
Sarah tries her hand at Cuban basketball, swish...
Tour train
Our tour guide Maurice. Beers 2 for 5.00. The cars here are vintage.
Arrived safe and sound. Just waiting for munchkin to get her luggage.
Nasau and the Bahamas. The water colour is so amazing!
3 hours till landing. The navigator is crashed.
On the plane, of course we have 2 kids right behind us kicking my seat.
Patiently waiting to board the plane
And we are off, right on time...

8 January 2019

Didn't realize your geek shop property runs down to the beach/bay- nice!
One more sleep and we will be on our way...

6 January 2019

5 January 2019

3 more sleeps
Two more sleeps
4 more sleeps

4 January 2019

Leaving Jan. 9th