Vietnam, Thailand · 12 Days · 42 Moments · August 2014

Ho Chi Minh 2014

19 August 2014

Finally, my 12-day trip has been accomplished.
Get back to the main airport to drive home.
It takes a while, transferring from DMK-BKK.

18 August 2014

Sit tight and relax on the Airport Shuttle Bus.
VN sim card ^^
The tray decorated by Sally, Line Friends.
I am sitting on the a plane with Line characters decorated.
Passengers are energized to look for their seat after the flight has been delayed.
The system is down so that the boarding pass manually issued.
This set costs 300K VND. It is the most expensive pho I ever buy.
Look through the window while I am waiting for dinner to be served.
That's all I have for my trip.
I am here for checking in too early.
A blurred shot before leaving my hotel to the airport.
My online check-in boarding pass, 19B. I hate to be stuck in the middle.

17 August 2014

View from 7th Flr
Sinh To, Bui Vien. It is recommended for you to try.

16 August 2014

Local Banh mi. Price: 15k
The Lotus pond at Con Vien Park.
Just sit and stare.
Considered Banh mi @Highland Coffee Price: 19k

15 August 2014

Galaxy Cinema, Here for Lucy with friends.
KFC Le Lai, good view at night time.

14 August 2014

Over night for beer with local friends ^^
Dinner with friends after movie time.

13 August 2014

This is what I have, just USD 17 a night, not bad.
I should spend my life like a traveller. I need too!!
My 5 nights stay @Bizu Hotel, 183 De Tham Street. ^^ TTL USD 18
My all time favorite dish in HCM.

12 August 2014

Bargaining for tea ^^

11 August 2014

Cute chashier

10 August 2014

Lemon Black Tea is also nice.

8 August 2014

Bui Vien for beers. ^^

7 August 2014

Pho 2000
Here I am in Ho Chi Minh.
This is a trusted Taxi Company.
Flying across the sky
Prepare to Fly with FD650 DMK-HCM
Transfering myself from BKK-DMK by Airport Shuttle Bus @Door 3, 2nd Floor. It takes approx. 1 hr non-stop drive to get there.
This is where I park my car @Parking Zone 2, 1B.
Prepare for a drive from home to Suvarnabhumi Airport
Mobile Check-in. I feel excited for today. My vacation has begun.