Chile · 4 Days · 12 Moments · December 2016

Hiking 2000km on the Greater Patagonia Trail

8 December 2016

Yesterday I had dinner with Alexandro Silva, a former professional Chilean national football player from the 60s/70s.
First night in my tent on South American soil in the outskirts of Molina ;)

7 December 2016

... first difficulties occur ;/ new heavy poles, heavy bag and a slight tingle on my right Achilles' tendon again.
Just lost my hiking poles in the bus shortly before reaching the starting point of my great South America adventure...

6 December 2016

...and finally at 1pm in the night the biggest burger on earth ;)

5 December 2016

Ready for the first section: Siete Tazas - La Mina Fortuna; 4 days; 120km
Clear sunset on top of Sky Costanera observatory over the vast metropolitan area of Santiago de Chile ;)
Incredible view over the Andes mountains and the highest peaks ;)

4 December 2016

I was looking forward to a last delicious pasta in Rom, however I got one of the most horrible scampi/Béchamel tasting Penne in my life... hope I don't have to use one of these on the way ;)
Light-weight backpacking ;)
Bei herrlichem früh winterlichem Sonnenschein Aufbruch zu einem neuen Abenteuer ;)