Europe, Asia · 113 Days · 113 Moments · June 2017

Wisse's Wandering around wonderful Asia!

4 October 2017

Sinharaja rain forest

2 October 2017


28 September 2017

Woodcarving shop

27 September 2017

Galle fort

26 September 2017

Bike tour along the south coast

25 September 2017


24 September 2017

Yala national park

22 September 2017

Hiking from Dambutenne tea factory to lipton's seat and back.

21 September 2017

Ella rock

20 September 2017

Hike thru Horton plains national park. With famous world's end leap, waterfall and a hike with beautiful views.

19 September 2017

Teafactory tour
Lover's leap
Pedro tea estate
Mountainbiking thru hill country in Nuwera Eliya

18 September 2017

Hiking single tree mountain

17 September 2017

Train ride from Kandy to Hatton
Hiking Sri Pada

16 September 2017

Kandy city and temple of the tooth

15 September 2017

Ancient city of Polonnawura

14 September 2017

Relax on Uppaveli beach
Snorkelling on pigeon island

13 September 2017

Riding bicycle around Trincomolee

11 September 2017

Jaffna islands
Point Pedro
Elephant pass

10 September 2017

Jaffna centre In the half day that was left after the train ride, I decided to explore the centre of Jaffna city on foot. In the centre itself is not much to see so easily done in a half day. First I decided to go to the coast and see the Dutch fort. The fort was currently under renovation but you could still get in and climb up the already restored part of the walls.
Train ride 🚂 from Anuradhapura to Jaffna. Traveling first class 💎 because the other tickets already where sold out.

9 September 2017

Ancient city of Anuradhapura After a short bus ride I came in the city of Anuradhapura. Long time this was the ancient capital of Sri Lanka.

8 September 2017

Dambulla cave temple and the golden temple This is the best preserved and largest cave temple in Sri Lanka with lots of murals in good condition. In the five main caves are in total a staggering 153 Buddha statues. But you can also see three statues of Sri Lankan kings and four statues of gods. The latter include Vishnu and the Ganesha. The murals cover an area of 2,100 square metres
Sigiriya or lion's rock This is an ancient rock fortress. The name refers to the massive column of rock nearly 200 metres high. According to the ancient Sri Lankan chronicle this site was selected by King Kasyapa (477 – 495 BC) for his new capital. He built his palace on the top of this rock. On a small plateau about halfway up the side of this rock he built a gateway in the form of an enormous lion. The name of this palace comes from this structure, the Lion Rock. The capital and the royal palace was abandoned after the king's death. It was used as a Buddhist monastery for the Sangha until the 14th century.
Sigiriya water gardens

7 September 2017

Local intercity bus from Negombo to Kurunagala and final stop Dambulla. 🚌 The first ride negombo to kurunagala cost me 210 Lkr (Sri lanka rupee) for a ride of 66 kilometer. That is about 1.15 💶, so local transport here is very cheap cheap!💸💱
The Hermitage Negombo I stayed a night at Negombo and not in the capital Colombo. This town is closer to the airport and lays more to the north. Because I first want to travel to north Sri Lanka and then go south to stay here was the best option. The accommodation was good for the price you pay. And better the lady that takes care of the business is very kind and helps you with your travel plans. She recommended to go first to Dambulla because it is central in the north and from there you can go every where. In the evening when I arrived she even had some diner for me! It was a lovely short stay.

6 September 2017

After a two hour flight from Bangkok with Sri Lankan Airlines I arrived at Bandaranaike international airport. The flight was comfortable with a entertaining system onboard so I could watch guardians of the galaxy 🌌 vol. 2. This plain had also the first flight meal that actually tasted good.

3 September 2017

Moncham viewpoint

2 September 2017

Hmong village called Don Pui after the mountain where it is based on. In the village where gardens, a small waterfall and a museum about the history of the Hmong minority people and other tribes in Thailand. The village it's self was one big mall for tourist with all the same shops where they sold clothing and other stuff the villagers made. So not really an authentic tribal village these days.. But the ride to the village and the viewpoint on the mountain where excellent!

1 September 2017

Mae Pan Waterfall
Mountain top of Doi Inthanon After the trek Thidarat and I decided to sight see the rest of the national park starting with the mountain top 🗻.
Short trek for five kilometers thru the national park. We started at the roadside a couple kilometers from the village. After being dropped off we walk for an hour thru rainforest and walked for a couple of kilometer downstream with a river. On the path we crossed the river by a beautiful waterfall.

31 August 2017

Mea Klang In the evening when we arrived at the national park we did a short walk thru the Mea Klang Village.
Khoa soi at Thamel coffee

30 August 2017

Train from Phitsanulok to Chiang Mai

29 August 2017

Sunrise in Chiang Khan mountain of Phu Thok.

28 August 2017

Another viewpoint of the Mekong river Kaeng Khut Khu.
On the boarder of Thailand with Lao the Thai build a big Buddha. From this point you have an amazing view of the Hueang river that is streaming into the Mekong river. The Hueang and Mekong river form the border between Thailand and Lao.

27 August 2017

Chiang khan

26 August 2017

Walking street night market

22 August 2017

After the worst flight I ever had. Because of an unknown fever that suddenly appear on the way to the airport in Myanmar. I even puked on the plane what is a nice first timer for me. The flight itself was fine I arrived an half hour before schedule in Bangkok. And there was no long line for the immigration to get the visa.

21 August 2017

Today I wanted something else than the city of Mandalay. So Lin and I decided to go to Htoo Ma Cave in yaytakhon hill.

20 August 2017

Mandalay day 1 Mandalay u-bein bridge and some temples Motorbike tour with Lin

19 August 2017

Sunrise Bagan

18 August 2017

Sunset Bagan at Ta Wat Phaya
Dhamma ya zi ka pay
Dhamma yan gyi
Anada temple
Shwe gu gyi
that byin nyu pagoda and around

14 August 2017

Dat Taw Gyaint Waterfall
Exploring Pyin oo Lwin by bicycle. With Pim I did a self organised bicycle tour around the British colonial city of Pyin oo Lwin.

13 August 2017

Train from Hsipaw to Pyin oo Lwin

12 August 2017

Shan palace This is the house of the last prince of the Shan state. The nephew of the prince still lives here with his wife. She is a very friendly woman, Mrs. Fern, told about the history of Hsipaw and Shan state and how the Myanmar military regime the country drove to the poorest of Asia.
Little Bagan In the north of Hsipan is an old mini stupa complex with a few monasteries called little Bagan.

10 August 2017

Myanmar wine tasting

9 August 2017

Kalaw - Inle Lake trek day three four hour walk from mountain village thru the Countryside to Inle lake Lunch One hour Boat ferry to Nyaung Shwe

8 August 2017

Kalaw - Inle Lake trek day two Jungle trekking

7 August 2017

Kalaw - Inle Lake trek day one Jungle trekking - water reservoir

6 August 2017

In Kalaw I stayed at Richards inn. I arrived from Taungoo at 4 in the morning. Today I did a walk thru the city and rested for a bit to prepare for the trekking to Inle Lake.

4 August 2017

i had a short stop in Bago because I had to with busses. In the two hours that I had to wait I visited the Snake temple and a the biggest reclaining Buddha in the south of Myanmar. In The snake temple there was a big Python. This python was I her former live a princess. And a monk knew that he was her father back then. Now the people of Myanmar believe that this python has magical power to make wishes come thru.

3 August 2017

Golden rock pagoda When you are in Myanmar one of the highlights is the golden rock pagoda that is what every website and travel guide tells you.

2 August 2017

Kuwait kyat pagoda
1000 boeddha images
Sadan/Bad cave and boattrip
Kauw Ka Taung cave

31 July 2017


30 July 2017

Shwedagon pagoda I spend 4 hours at Myanmar's biggest and most impressive pagoda. To soak up the Buddhism lives of the people and see how they worship Buddha. I even did some mediation at an altar myself among the locals! The longyi I bought the day before became handy here, because I was one with the locals. Also I got good response on my traditional dress.

29 July 2017

Circle railway Yangon, stopped at Kyauk Ye Twin station: I like to know how the locals live and transport themself that's why I wanted to try the Yangon circle line. This is a cheap way of transport. With a ticket for a day only 200 Kyat (0.15 dollar) for a whole day.

28 July 2017

Discovering downtown Yangon with a very kind local. I met him when I walked to the Sule pagoda in the middle of downtown area. At the pagoda he explained me about Buddhism and how you have to pray. At each pagoda there are different altars / Buddha statues for each day in the week. If you are born on a Thursday, you pray at the altar with Thursday on it. If you do this you have to pour water on the statue. 3 times and it will bring luck or make your wishes come thru.

12 July 2017

Arrived in funky flashpacker Siem Reap.
Goodbye Viet Nam! I had a great experience, what a beautiful and divers country. What a blast. Now boarding for Siem Reap, Cambodia.

10 July 2017

Ninh Binh

8 July 2017

Trekking in Ban Cho village: I met Simon the night before at the family diner at our homestay Anh Duc. Together we set up a plan to do a trekking route on our own at Ban Cho village. At first the trekking went well but on a quarter we lost the trekkingroute that was shown on So we decided to trek up the 🗻 in Ban Cho village and see where it takes us. After 2 hours of climbing up the steap mountain through dense bamboo forest we where on top of the mountain. There we saw a real remote farmer village. After we had lunch with the view on the village we decided to head back the same road back to Ban Cho. There we visited the waterfall and took a refreshing dive.

7 July 2017

Trekking with a local Hmong guide from the hostel in Ta Van. In the morning about seven a.m. arrived at my home stay in Ta Van named Anh Duc. After my tea I informed about the trekkings the home stay organised. They said that only today the trekking would leave in a group. So I decided last minute to join them with only 4 hours sleep. The trekking took us

2 July 2017

On the wiring tour we stopped for some Egg coffee. This coffee has 80% egg in it. Egg coffee taste really sweet and creamy.

1 July 2017

Leaving with another sleeping bus. Next stop Hanoi!
Zip lining into the darkcave at Phong Nha.

30 June 2017

Visiting the Phong Nha cave by boat.

29 June 2017

Abandon waterpark

28 June 2017

Hue city

27 June 2017

Lang Co Bay
First I doubted a lot if i could do or if it was safe to do the motorbike trip from Hoi An to Hue. Then I thought you only live once so let's do it because if I don't do it now I I will regret it. So did the same route as the called on top gear the most beautiful road in Asia, the Van hai pass on a automatic motorbike on my own.

24 June 2017

Kim bong village free bicycle tour

22 June 2017

Nha trang

21 June 2017

Last stop of the easy rider motorbike trip was in a fishmarket near Nha Trang.
Minority people village: On the way to Nha Trang we stopped at a minority village. In this village people from Sa Pa settled down to cultivate rice and coffee. Because on Sa Pa all the ground already was cultivated they came here to chop down the forest and cultivated the Highlands.
Brick bakery
Rice paper maker.🍚🏭 We stopped at the side of the road to see a family business in rice paper making.

20 June 2017

At the end of this motorbike day we arrived at Lak lake. The night I slept in a minority house called a long house.
Just 1 kilometre before the end of the trip it started to rain.
Happy water brewery
Took a Aloe Vera drink and food called banh xao quang. It's a omelet with lettuce and rice paper. 🍚
Elephant waterfall
Silk factory
Weasel Coffee farm

19 June 2017

Canyoning in the mountains of Dalat!🗻🏊🏃

17 June 2017


16 June 2017

Discovering the local nightlife in Ho Chi Minh city on the vietnam side of the busy barstrip.🍹🍻🌇 In the evening Ting introduced me to his Vietnamese friend ... . Also we met an other guy thru couchsurfing. Together we explored the famous barstrip of Saigon.
War Remnants Museum 🚚🔫💂 There I met up with Ting. I contacted him thru couchsurfing because I wanted a companion on my visit to the museum. He showed up with his kind mother and cousin. Together we took an hour tour to the museum. The most appealing part of the exposition was about the agent orange gas the Americans used against the Vietnamese.

15 June 2017

In the evening I met with Trang. I met her via through couchsurfing app. With a girlfriend she showed me Saigon by night. We went to the post office and did a walk thru district 1. After that we eat something at a local street food venue. At last we drink some beer in the backpacker street.
Today I been to the Cu Chi tunnels. I booked a tour at the hostel. It was a 2,5 hour drive to the tunnels by bus. We made a stop at a facility where disabled victims from the Vietnam war make all kinds of art to give them a chance. After that we had the 3 hour tour at the Cu Chi tunnels.

13 June 2017

There I go to the check in at Schiphol airport, on my way to my first destination: Vietnam. Adventure begins. 🥁🎵🎶