Netherlands, Belgium · 1 Days · 14 Moments · April 2017

Belgium ❤️ Going to the Pairi Daiza.

16 April 2017

Flamingo. ❤️
This is so beautiful!
Beautiful glowing stones/crystals.
These panda's are so cute! ❤️
Good morning. Time for breakfast, decorated easter egg style. 😎

15 April 2017

My new cute fluffy easter bunny!
Easter egg hunt prizes. 😀 With a fluffy plushie, a game, chocolate and more.
Belgium. Delicious easter bunny! 🐣
Can't go on holiday without yummie tea. ☕
Finally going to this awesome zoo tomorrow, can't wait! 😀
Our turtle friend is always coming with us. 🐢
On my way to Belgium. ❤️