Europe, South America · 92 Days · 31 Moments · July 2017

Buenos Aires Life ❤

4 October 2017

My time had come to go home again. So weird to leave this life behind, which was just beginning to take shape, and to get back to NL, where everything was so normal it almost felt alien-like. Voy a extrañar ustedes, todos❤ But also, I'm glad to be back, seeing my Dutch buddies and family, starting my master classes, starting this new adventure with these amazing girls called "RUSrugby-board, and everything else I forget to mention right now(:

1 October 2017

Last trip before going home:(. Took the storm with me from BA to Iguazú, so no power from 7pm the first day of my stay (and hence no camera on the second) but the memories of these beautiful falls will always be etched in my mind. Brasil side, Argentine side, in the boat getting soaked, I've done them all! (And hopefully I'll get some photos of the Argentine side (2nd day) from the sweet English grannies I met:)

30 September 2017

Last time sightseeing, first time going to San Telmo (tourist style) and eating Churros - shame on me. It's an awesome neighbourhood and ofcourse I had awesome company plus big excitement for our evening program: Pumas-All Blacks!!

29 September 2017

From working at home to counting 515.000 cells behind a microscope, today was the last day working at my research (in BA..)!!

24 September 2017

This sad day had to arrive eventually.. My last rugby game in white and blue. Preceded by something called "tercero tiempo" the evening before, Chiara and I were, of course, extremely fit to play this day. Luckily it was a friendly match, because the opponent didn't have enough players and I ended up making some minutes for both of the teams. Another tradition surprised me when the game had ended: a bucket of water and some wrestling to get me covered in mud and out of breath. We ended the day with our own third halve with some hot tea and sweets Gracias por todo chicas, las amo❤

18 September 2017

00.00 it was time: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME😁! Starting with a "poquito asado" with my friends, followed by an enormous amount of songs and pie, I've had an amazing birthday with them all!

15 September 2017

Even though my tongue still hurt and I couldn't drink alcohol, the Neon party organised by BAIS was a blast with my rugby girls, at least when they switched from techno to reggeaton;)..

13 September 2017

A special notification for the best friend I've had in my time in BA: Chiara❤ This amazing creature took me by the hand from the day I started playing rugby, translated millions of convers to me, shared drinks/stories/friends/family with me (not in that way;)!) and was there on the best nights I've had in BA; play my first rugby match, go and see the man play, getting the piercing I've wanted for 10 years, joining me on the first (and last) 3rd halve party I've been to, SEEING THE ALL BLACKS PLAY AGAINST THE PUMAS(30-9), and the best thing ever, she got me a hand-made photobook of my time in Argentina. Linda, I'll see you in May at Flanders Open Rugby, but I'm sure we'll stay in contact before and after that. Thanks for everything and know you have a spot in my heart always!

9 September 2017

Day 4: Hiking with a professional while hungover. Perfect way to spend the last day in the "pre-Andes" with a nice workout and a shitload of snow. I loved it, and man I slept well that night in the bus!

8 September 2017

Day 3. Plans got cancelled, shit. Well, let's do a (touristy) "hike", drink some beers (DISCOUNT!) and play some beerpong. Perfect recipe for when you're going properly hiking the next day..

7 September 2017

Day 2: Jordan and I decided to skip the touristy shit and go hiking by following a dried stream. We wanted to take our newly found pet dog, but the busdriver wouldn't take him.. Awesome hike, nice climb in the end and a well-deserved beer to finish the day. Oh and a shitty evening finding some good food, but who cares, right

5 September 2017

"When you're going on a last-minute trip and life is beautiful❤" Some problems with sample delivery for my research allowed me to go visit another part of Argentina for 5 days: Mendoza, region of wine at the edge of the Andes. Day 1: out of the touringcar and straight to the wineries (sorry wallet)

27 August 2017

Day two we visited the famous local market, an incredible amount of locals came from the (what appeared to be solely empty) houses, and you could suddenly barely walk the streets anymore. Nice place for tourist shopping and relaxing before taking the bus and ferry home after a small game of Jenga that almost got us delayed. Other pictures were of Saturday's tour, but they didnt fit the 10-max rule anymore

26 August 2017

To not need a Visa(my stay in BA lasted for 91 days instead of 90..), I had to leave Argentina for a day, so might as well make the most of it and go visit Montevideo with Elena! Great hostel with great friends, so apart from a lot of sightseeing and an amazing lunch in this sleepy city, we also had some life music and "clubbing" on Saturday

20 August 2017

A long weekend offered us the possibility to have a night out at Sunday (yeay rugby!). Other nights we would just find a good time to have a drink;)

19 August 2017

Not only the asados brought the foodie out in me, also the free weekends where I was in need of some good relaxing enlarged my love for good food and the need for me cooking that. Needless to say I'm back on my diet the day I get back to the Netherlands..

18 August 2017

FINALLY. It took me 6 weeks, but I'd finally managed to finish and perform my final protocol. What a feeling of relieve and joy I've felt:) Just a little time left to perform the protocol though, so had to work hard to collect the data of the 40 bulls.

13 August 2017

Day 2@Cordoba

12 August 2017

First real trip; Cordoba! After a surprisingly comfortable busride we arrived at Cordoba station and we go picked up by Victor. Hop, on the horses and the next 36hs we'd be riding for 16 of them. It was amazing. Beautiful nature, lovely horses and no phone for two whole days❤

6 August 2017

The big day had arrived! I managed to sort out all the bureaucratic shit in time, so I was able to play my first match with my 'new' team!! Of course I didn't realise that there was this tradition at the club, which included a lot of smink, hair paint, some songs and some wigs. More games, and traditions, followed and I've played a total of 5 games with this amazing team(:

5 August 2017

Time to do some hardcore sightseeing 1.2! Second stop: Recoletta Cemetery And to top of the day, watching a rugby game with my teammates in the sun@Centro Naval
Time to do some hardcore sightseeing! Stop 1: Devoto Market (gluten-free food fest) After this we walked towards the Recoletta cemetry, visiting all the touristy places ("visiting") on our way

28 July 2017

A little something for which you could wake me up at any time at night: Asado(s). With asado-boss Rodrigo as my roommate and a parilla at our rooftop terrace, we had an asado (Argentine BBQ) almost every weekend. The best food I've ever eaten in my life has passed our plates on those evenings, and bbqing will never be the the same again.

24 July 2017

A week off for holidays meant working at home and visiting "La Exposición Rural", a big, annual, agricultural and livestock show, held in Palermo (the amazing neighbourhood I'd just moved to). Amazing to see a lot of the agriculture and enjoy all the tasty, artisanal food.

23 July 2017

Time for some drastic changes: I decided to move places because of the cold, damp atmosphere (of the house and the people) of my first place. Turned out to be the best decision ever, which gave me cool new roomies (and friends), an amazing place in the best neighbourhood of BA, and (very importantly) an asado almost every week!

16 July 2017

My second Sunday in BA had already turned into a rugby-Sunday. The Thursday before I managed to find my way to Centro Naval rugbyclub, and met this amazing group of girls, which from that day forward occupied me at least every Tuesday and Thursday and every other Sunday with the best sport ever; rugby. But not only they gave me a spot in their team, they also gave me a spot in their hearts and some amazing friendships originated from this day forward

15 July 2017

Sightseeing on a rainy day ia always best.. But that couldn't stop Elena and me from meeting up for a coffee and see our first attractions in BA.

14 July 2017

For half of the data we had to get out in the field to the Artificial Insemination centres. Learned some things at Las Lilas, and got our final data (almost weekly) at the CRB.

10 July 2017

First week consisted of getting to know the university and a spontaneous trip to the province for two days of work at the ovine research centre. Amazing landscape and people, but I nearly froze to death, brrr bring me back that summer! To see the dusty place I've worked at for 12 weeks, text me I've got a video. Believe it's not not as bad as you think, haha

9 July 2017

My first Sunday ended with me joining some awesome girls for "Sunday brunch" at Nola's. First real social contact and some amazing personalities made this an extremely nice meet-up, which was followed by meeting a lot more, nice people, pizza in the park, finally buying a bike and, of course, an occasional drink with some newly made friends

4 July 2017

There it was: take-off to Buenos Aires. Three months in this enormous city to do my master's thesis, a big adventure for this little student