Netherlands, India · 43 Days · 14 Moments · April 2017

Wandering in India

10 June 2017

Renting a motorbike for 8 days and driving it thorough the himalaya was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The view was breathtaking, sometimes the roads were hardcore, but we managed it all the way without any accident! We have seen the beautiful green valley, the desert-ish valley, the snowy tips of the mountains. Often we had to drive through rivers and over rocks. In the end our but really hurted, but it was definitely worth the pain! Thanks Oscar for being my buddy during these days, I'm happy we've met each other!

4 June 2017

In dharamsala I met Sergio. Together we went to the very impressive Tibetan museum and the dalai lama temple. What all Tibetans have been through because china wanted to invade tibet is heart breaking. So many Tibetans died, have been in pain (physically and emotionally) or are still in pain. I'm really happy I learned about this tragic happening in tibet. The Tibetans escaped to India to hope to be save.. I decided to stay in dharamsala for only one night so that I could stay in Manali for 3/4 nights, relaxe a bit before starting the motorbike trip. The second day we went for a trekking and in the evening I left dharamsala by bus to Manali. The first moment at the hostel I saw a guy who I've met before in Jaipur. He, Oscar and me decides to rent a motorbike and explore manali. Oscar is already driving his own motorbike since march, so he was a good tourguide. The second day in Manali we went Rock clinbing with the 3 of us. I felt like a real monkey and climbed all the walls!

2 June 2017

Pushkar was a good first day as solo traveller since I meet up with Brig, Daniel and Arthur again. In pushkar I did nothing more than exploring the city and relaxing. In Amritsar I decided to say goodbye to the 3 boys and go my own way. In the hostel I already met a new boy and we, together with an Italian couple, went to the golden temple. This temple is famous because it serves food to everybody for free, 7 days a week 24 hours a day. It has the largest kitchen in India. The photos will make it clear!

29 May 2017

Jodhpur was the last stop for Tamar and this city is know as the Blue City. Well, a few houses are indeed blue. But most of the houses aren't, which is why I wouldn't name this city as the blue one. Still we had a great last day! Tamar I had a great time with you and I'm going to miss You!

27 May 2017

Jaipur wasn't a lot of fun for me since I was in bed for two whole days. Whereas jaisalmer was great. But before we went on the train to jaisalmer I remembered that I forgot to pack my towel. Luckily for me there was a friendly man who drove me all the way to the hostel and back on his motorbike, for free. So after we arrived at the trainstation again I had some chai tea with him and his friends. Finally we arrived in Jaisalmer. The camel safari was very impressive and I liked it a lot because it really looked like the camels are treated good! Jaisalmer is located in the desert, so you can imagine how warm it was!

21 May 2017

Our 19hour during trip was a interesting experience, especially how we went on the train. We had to jump in the last compartiment which resulted in me hanging half out of the train and somebody at the station had to push me inside. The Indian conducteur was amazed by this and gave us a seat in his cabine and wanted a selfie. After 1.5 hour during a break at a station we were able to move ourselves to our compartiment. In Agra we went to the taj mahal, but this was quite a disappointment since it was cloudy and they were rebuilding the taj. But since we got u at 4.30am we were the first ones seeing the taj and making pictures with the taj. Half an hour later there were already dozens of people present in an around the taj.

20 May 2017

Varanasi was amazing. I have seen both, sunset and sunrise, during my boat trip at the holy ganges river. The city is hectic with a lot traffic jams, but besides this the city has its charms which stole my heart.

15 May 2017

The veterinary college in India was amazing. Everybody, especially Taj, made us feel so welcome. They showed us the farm, the clinic and the laboratorium. It was quite an experience!

14 May 2017

Say hello to Bangalore city! It was quite a relaxed day. We walked thorough the city, ended up in a park, enjoyed the cold ice cream we bought and went to an amazing bookstore which had over 200000 books!

13 May 2017

Farewell WVS, let the travelling begin!

7 May 2017

Wat is India toch geweldig.

3 May 2017

Opereren, vaccineren, Jut en Jul zijn niet te stoppen ** English below, especially for Tobias ** Everyday we work like real surgeons to help the sweet animals and last Saturday we went on a trip to vaccinate dogs against rabies. Our group managed to vaccinate 101 dogs (!) and all together we vaccinated a total of 264. Because rabies is still a big problem in india we vaccinated all dogs we crossed, stray-, free roaming- and domestic dogs! It was quite an experience!

2 May 2017

Dapper als wij zijn besloten wij een willekeurig dorpje te betreden, en wat was dit een leuke ervaring! De blog komt binnenkort online! **English, especially for Tobias** Brave as we are, we decided to walk down the main road and make a turn towards a random village. Besides seeing those small and colourful houses, we met awesome Indian inhabitants. They showed their home, showed the temple, prayed with us, gave us a hindu dot between our eyes and they even invited us to have diner with them! Too bad the training centre expected us back for dinner.

29 April 2017

Na 40 uur gereisd te hebben én een vlucht gemist te hebben kwamen we eindelijk aan in india! ** English, especially for Tobias** After we have been traveling for 40 hours while missing one flight, we have finally arrived in India!