Vietnam, Netherlands · 23 Days · 77 Moments · February 2019

Het avontuur van Sascha en JP in Vietnam

6 March 2019

Home sweet home.

5 March 2019

And also the riksja as means of transport couldn’t be left out.
Real Vietnamese coffee at Little Cafe HoiAn with lovely balconies across the street after our massage at the Mido Spa
Relax at Mido Spa

4 March 2019

The most luxurious van we ever sat in...with massage leather chairs👏back from Halong Bay to Hanoi.
Jan Pieter is writing a love letter 💌 😂
We went for a bamboo boat trip to the Dark and Bright Cave but it started to rain 😔
Good morning Halong Bay...unfortunately no sunrise but this misty weather makes it somehow also beautiful.

3 March 2019

Sunset and (spooky) darkness at Halong Bay
Halong and Cat Ba Bay, over 2000 islands in total. Beautiful
Today we will sailing through the Halong Bay and this (second picture) is our cruise ship 🛳 😱👏

2 March 2019

This did me good😋Hawaiian poké bowl in Hanoi, Vietnam!
We went to the Waterpuppet Theater. A traditional program which features water puppets theater and northern Vietnamese folk music. They depict typical Vietnamese daily activities, such as ploughing, fishing, dragon dance and Le Loi returning the sword. I have to look that up what it’s about.
ABC news was also in our hotel for the coverage of the summit in Hanoi with Trump and Kim.
We had a lovely quiet walk around the lake Hoan Kiem in the city center.
On Saturdays they close the old centre for traffic so you can walk without being twatted by cars or mopeds. And no honks!!
We got an upgrade, which means a room with windows 😂@orientalsuiteshotel

28 February 2019

Jan Pieter filled the bathtub for me, arranged afternoon tea and now I can relax and let the water soothen my burned skin 😅

27 February 2019

Jan Pieter’s food walhalla 😋shrimps, mantis shrimps, crabs, clams and oysters
Still a little bit misty but it all will be alright after breakfast 🌞and it did indeed alongside the coast of the South Chinese Sea 🌊
Good morning Hué

26 February 2019

Holy tree in front of the national embroidery museum of Hué, street food alongside the Perfum River and icecold matcha tea😋
Sleeping bus from Hoi An to Hué and check in at An Mandara Resort

25 February 2019

Holy tree 🌳 martini espresso 🍸lanterns 🏮classical music 🎼tam tam restaurant 🍽Hoi An you are beautiful 😍
Typical Vietnamese...outside bed and scooter on the patio😂

24 February 2019

Back to Hoi An for the final fitting. Doesn’t he look handsome in his 3-piece custom made 😍
Lunch at An Bang beach restaurant but the street food and smoothie were better and cheaper😅
The sun is late today🌥
Back to the tailor in Hoi An today for the first, second and third fitting. Jan Pieter really enjoyed taking pictures of me with my helmet on😂 in the meanwhile making pictures of some typical Vietnamese everyday life.
Breakfast at our own patio at the Blue Dolphin Homestay😍

23 February 2019

There are two kinds of dogs in Vietnam, the adorable one 😍 and the scabby one 😖
And on the scooter back to the surfers village near Hoi An...we are so cool 😂
Time for some Indian food at Baba’s😋
He finally chose a fabric so he could be measured. Sofie did the measuring at Kimmy Tailor.
Choosing isn’t easy for Jan Pieter...always...when it comes to food, hotels, shoes, clothing, places on the beach choosing fabrics wasn’t easy too🙈Obi Wan Kenobi was there too😂
Cappuccino, cocktails, crab and pho bo at the Shore Club at An Bang Beach 🏖and some jet ski lifting 💪🏻

22 February 2019

Hoi An by night. Unfortunately the pictures don’t do real it is so magical.
😍 @The Shoreline Homestay
Lunch at the Dolphin Kitchen and Bar at An Bang Beach. See those round bamboo baskets? The thung chai, or “basket boat”, traces its history back to the French colonial era. As the story goes, the French arrived in Vietnam and began levying taxes left, right and centre – including a tax on the ownership of boats. Most of the poor Vietnamese fishermen who depended on boats for their livelihood could not afford to pay the taxes, so they invented a new type of boat: the thung chai.
Okay, so we went from boat to local bus to sleeping bus to taxi to train to local bus to taxi to the Shoreline Stay in Cam An, Hoi An....and it took us 20,5 hours for 451 kms.

21 February 2019

A delicious lunch before we leave the island again to go up north.
We went hiking over the red/white trail and back over the blue trail on the island. Lots of butterflies, unfortunately they were too fast for us. But what a beautiful views. Back around our bungalow we could take pictures of a little fiddler crab, a beautiful dark red and black bird and our friend the lizard.

20 February 2019

Our dinner 🍽 😋
Yesterday Jan Pieter was too tired but today he joined the Danes for a beach volleyball game🏐and of course he won!!🏆
And again a delicious lunch 😋
Some coconut drink and beer after our boot trip and before lunch🍽
We went snorkeling this morning...we’ve seen some beautiful fish, coral, starfish and crabs...unfortunately there was a lot of pollution😔.
Goooooood morning Vietnam!

19 February 2019

It was so good😋
A Long Island ice tea and a mojito before dinner🍸🍹...with eco straws.
The sun sets behind the mountains at Hon Ong 🌴 Will Piet get to the top to get some coconuts??
The menu for tonight.
Hello Whale Island Resort
It took us 7 hours to get from Nha Trang to Whale’s about 100 km😳Jan Pieter is still smiling, me on the other hand... 😶
Bye bye MerPerl Resort

18 February 2019

Check in at Merperl Hon Tam Resort...😍 first real cup of cappuccino 😋Jan Pieter on a swing👶seaside dinner🌔blue Hawaii and beer🍹🍺my first pho bo 🍜and catching little glass crabs on the beach🦀

17 February 2019

Some “me” time 😍
I hope this will go well😅tapioca bags in the isle way! Everything is possible in Vietnam! Transformers, robots in disguise. Palmheart from our Vietnamese fellow travelers. And then....finally...the SEA!! Seafood in buckets on the street. Now it’s time for a beer and music at the Sailing Club in Nha Trang.
On our way from Lien Son to Buon Ma Thuot we’ve seen little porcupines, a nun on a scooter and at the bus station a deer in formaldehyde😳.
Breakfast at Lake Lak

16 February 2019

We went on a soft hiking trip to the Bim Bip Waterfall this morning. It was a nice trip and at the end a beautiful cool waterfall to wash off the dirt. We had a swim and some lunch before we were heading back.
Sunset at LAK tented camp at Dak Lak🌞

15 February 2019

Cycling through rice fields behind our resort. Mountain views, lake views, ethnic minority, cows, water buffaloes, goats
Arrived at LAK Tented is so relaxing 😍
Driving with Grab from Buon Ma Thuot to Lien Son for the boat trip to LAK Tented Camp

14 February 2019

Check in at Tính Phát at Buon Má Thuot, lovely couple, doesn’t speak English, uses their hands, sits on a throne, big clean bedroom with all the equipments and more and that all for $15,- a night👏first some sleep and tomorrow we are heading to LAK Tented Camp
Let’s have a Mac after a week of Asian food😋just before taking off. At these moments fastfood is underrated!
Cao Dai temple in Ben Tre, a mixture of Buddhism, Catholicism and Taoism. On the painting there are Victor Hugo, the French writer, Confucius, the Chinese philosopher and a Vietnamese Buddhist monk. And our Israeli fellow travelers mentioned the stone they are writing on is in a Judaism form (like the stone tablet with the 10 commandments Mozes brought from the mountain).

13 February 2019

We ordered a elephant ear fish tonight at the home stay...not our kind of fish 😅 but we had a lovely evening with the rest of the guests from Croatia, Germany, Israel and Hungary.
During our bike trip through the Mekong Delta we came across a piece of land that hasn’t had any water for some time😱and that whilst we’re in a delta! And look at that bridge we had to go across.
Lying in my hammock in my “op zoek naar mezelf broek”😂
Quoc Phuong Riverside Homestay
In a bus full of locals Jan Pieter was having a Vietnamese/Dutch conversation with his neighbors as we drove through the Mekongdelta.
Our premium tour operator for a bus to the Mekong delta.
Some Vietnamese breakfast soup before we go😋

12 February 2019

And yet another food pic at the Ben Thánh streetfoodmarket😋
School’s out and all the kids are drinking one of these to go...avocado and papaya we got some too😋