South Korea, Japan · 7 Days · 4 Moments · May 2017

Seoul to Tokyo

22 May 2017

Closing in on the final day in Nagasaki right now. Getteing ready to eat something and get to bed early. We're leaving for beppu early in the morning tomorrow. We arrived in fukuoka 3 days ago and had some trouble adjusting to Japan. After a long walk we finally found a place to eat something where we only had a japanes menu and no English speakers. But the food was good, just not that much. The second day we went to the beach of Fukuoka for an hour or 2. After pozza for lunch we left for a walk back to the hotel while the other 2 stayed on the beach. The walk back was amazing, in the middle of a busy park was some sort of zen garding, absolutely beautiful and very quiet. For dinner we went for street food, truly amazing ramen and barbeque. After dinner we went into an oldschool english bar for some whisky, cocktails and good conversations. The next morning we left for Nagasaki.

19 May 2017

I'm on a boat ***, take a look at me! We're on the boat to Fukuoka. Two good days in Busan, better than Seoul. Busan is a very lively city, lots of shops and street food. The first was mostly walking around with the four of us, especially the fish market of Busan was an interesting experience. We had Korean BBQ (which isn't for everyone apparently) and had lunch from a big pan and on the street. After a long walk on the second day I arrived at the Korean war victims memorial, which was very impressive to see. The Soju and Korean beers are done and now we are of to Japan for sake and whisky.

17 May 2017

On our way to Busan. The coming two day we will be staying in Busan, where the 1 year anniversary of our traveling companions will be celebrated tomorrow. Yesterday was a pretty calm day. Our group was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the hotel we were staying. The temple was a nice surprise seeing how old and non touristic the city of Gyoengju looked. We stayed for about an hour before we went back to the hotel for some drinks and dice (soju is a very interesting and cheap/strong drink, recommended if you want to get drunk fast) and a unexpected onsen visit in the hotel for the ladies. For dinner we learned once more that Koreans really love the chilli peppers in the food. Burning tastebuds and sweaty faces. Some drinks, an arcade visit and a board game later we were ready for bed.

16 May 2017

De eerste twee dagen in Zuid-Korea zijn voorbij. Seoul hebben we inmiddels verlaten en zijn nu op weg naar Gyoengju voor 1 nacht voordat we weer doorgaan naar Busan. Na een zware reis van 26 uur vanaf Amsterdam naar Seoul waarbij we totaal 8 uur vertraging hadden, waren we goed in Seoul aangekomen. Het hotel was dicht bij het station, niet de beste buur van Seoul. Overal slaapzakken en dronken bewoners. De eerste volledige dag 22 km door Seoul gelopen. 1 Koreaans kasteel bezocht en verder Koreaans en Westers gegeten. De Koreanen houden wel van Pepers in het eten. Meer dan een paar plaatselijke biertjes gedronken hebben we nog niet, we gaan op zoek naar de originele Koreaanse Soju.