Thailand · 4 Days · 7 Moments · September 2017

Het avontuur van Rinus in Switzerland

5 September 2017

Went on the bus and met kristian Emma and Adrian. Ilona and Lidia where there too But to take a later bus. Will defenetly meet then at koh pagnan

4 September 2017

I thought i lost My credit card iT was in My Wallet in the end though

3 September 2017

I had a moment of depression today though Narisara helped me over iT by convincing me to go koh Penang
Torn out of My shorts and no1 knows Hey This all hapend on the first evening when i met the indian the Italiaans mariana and .... and Narisara and.... got scammed once witha tuktuk and i was amazed by almost everything
Met Narisara and spend a day with her. Crashed on her bed instead of the couch.
Met anna en Marijke and Ilona and lidia hopefully seeing lidia again at full moon party

1 September 2017