Spain · 11 Days · 22 Moments · July 2017


2 August 2017

1 August 2017

Flying back to Brussels. I had a lovely vacation in Fuerteventura!

31 July 2017

Our last full day in Fuerteventura, we spent the day at the beach Grandes Playas, at the dunes of Corralejo between the 2 big RIU hotels. The water is clear but the waves are huge 🌊🌊

30 July 2017

Strolling through the old town in the evening to have dinner and drink something. The city comes alive by night, there are music performers and flamenco dancers on the squares or in the restaurants πŸŒƒ
A lazy day. We went shopping in 'Las Palmeras' shopping center and other stores in the main street of Corralejo. We could save money because of the 'rebajas' (sales) πŸ™Œ

29 July 2017

The last day we drive around with the car we rent. We drove past the airport to the Salines del Carmen and Caleta de Fuste. The water of the bay in Caleta de Fuste is clear and calm. In the port is the Oceanarium where they have 2 seals (you can swim with them!) and you can do all kind of water activities and boat trips.

28 July 2017

On our way back to Corralejo from Puerto del Rosario we drove through the dunes natural park along the coast. The sand has a beautiful light colour and the water is clear turquoise, it looks like you're on the Carribean🌴🌊 We stayed there till the sun went down under the volcano mountains πŸŒ„
We visited Puerto del Rosario, the capital of Fuerteventura. We walked down the main street all the way to the port. There are a lot of statues and sculputers throughout the city. We parked the car we rent in the shopping center Las Rotondas because it's a free parking and we ended our day with shopping!

27 July 2017

We reached our final destination: Ajuy! Here's a black sand beach, huge rocks and a cave. It's a spectacular place πŸ‘Œ
Arrived in Betancuria! This town in the mountains used to be the capital of Fuerteventura. It's a small and peaceful town, it's a green oasis in this desert landscape. The Santa Maria de Betancuria church was once the only cathedral of the island β›ͺ
Another viewpoint in the volcanic mountains is Mirador de Morro Velosa. It's a beautiful building with information center and a cafetaria. Not so far away are 2 statues but we didn't stop there.
We drove uphill to Mirador de Vallebron, to have a stunning view over Tindaya Mountain. It's a holy mountain and you need permission to climb it!
La Oliva, here's Centro de Arte Canario (a sculpture garden) Casa de los Coroneles (former house of a Spanish colonel) and Iglesia Nuestra SeΓ±ora de la Candelaria, one of the largest churchs of the island. We didn't visit any of them, it was just a quick stop because we have other things planned for today πŸ˜‰
We rent a car for 3 days to explore the island πŸš— The first stop on our way was Cueva del Llano, also called 'spider cave' because there are unique spider species. In fact it's not a cave but a lava tunnel. We wanted to walk in the tunnel but due to landslides it was closed

26 July 2017

We spent the day swimming and sliding in Acua Water Park 🏊 From the tower you have a wonderful view over Corralejo and Lobos Island!

25 July 2017

This afternoon we did a buggy tour. We drove between vulcano craters and stopped at a big one to feed chipmunks (they're so cute 😍). We went further to El Cotillo, still through vulcanic landscape, and stopped there to watch over the restings of the city walls. Then we drove along the coast back to Corralejo with a short stop at the oldest village of Fuerteventura. The people there don't have elektricity or fresh water, and they live from traditionally fishing. It was a beautiful but very dusty ride!

24 July 2017

After dinner in we went shopping in 'El Campanario' center close to our hotel. You can recognise it by the belfry tower that you can climb for free!
Walking on the Island of Lobos, a small and uninhabited island between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote (but closer to Fuerteventura) πŸŒ‹ The whole island is a natural park. The landscape is vulcanic with some beaches and a few houses from when there lived people on the island. After a few hours we took the boat straight back to Fuerteventura
Today we did a boat trip with a glass bottom boat 🚒 We sailed to a lagune close to the Island of Lobos. There they throwed food in the water for the fish. The water is very clear so you can see many fishes swimming around 🐟 you could also snorkel between the fishes if you wanted, there was equipment on board

23 July 2017

An afternoon chilling by the pool (I need a tan 🌞) and drinking cocktails in our all inclusive hotel 🏊🍹
On our first morning we explored the town of Corralejo. We saw beautiful sand sculptures at the beach!

22 July 2017

After a half an hour bus ride through the vulcanic landscape, we arrived in our hotel Atlantis Hotels/Resort Fuerteventura in Corralejo. That orange bracelet shows we have all inclusive package πŸ‘Œ
Our flight to Fuerteventura had 35 minutes delay, but besides that everything was fine. We landed around 5pm and took the bus to our hotel