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Jut&Jul on journey in South-India

10 December 2017


8 December 2017

A few hours away from home! How exciting. Madurai, India --> Dubai, UAE --> Stockholm, Sweden --> Amsterdam, the Netherlands --> oirschot & klundert de gekste!! We are now waiting in Sweden, to our own surprise as we thought we were actually in Norway... πŸ˜‚ maybe it was the jetlag thinking πŸ€”
After a blessed farewell to all our friends, fathers and brothers and our room we are now waiting at the gate to go back home. Yesterday evening we got a sweet and funny farewell show by the brothers and we told a little story about three boys and one girl who went to India for 3,5 months, we did the Macarena an had much fun and some tears.. What an adventure this was, we've met amazing people, learned alot about the Indian culture, improved much on the dairy and goat farm and discovered and developed our own abilities such as responsibility, time management, research, patience, hand and foot signlanguage and many more.

3 December 2017

Last few days in India.... we have gone shopping yesterday, couldn't help to buy some more colourful dresses πŸ˜… Thomas went fishing with the brothers and caught some crabs in the grassfields, they had some delicious crabsoup. Also the groundnutfield is going to be a sorghum field soon after Thomas and the farmer sowed new seeds there. We're excited to go home but we'll also miss it here as dinner is always so cheerfully with so many people on the table! And I'm missing the dogs here already, thankfully I have a lovely dog waiting at home for me!

26 November 2017

We are back! In India. So we brought some rain again after a week of drought at the farm. This rain and thunder also caused that the power everywhere went off. The fields that Thomas has ploughed are looking good so next move is for the cultivator. Also there are two new dairycows, what Thomas told the father's not to do they did in our absence. as Thom told them to first optimize the farm. But oh well we'll see how things go. Now is our time to complete/finish our internship in the next 13 days. Our flight back home is coming closer. (To be honest, this makes us excited!)

25 November 2017

Friends and love in Sri Lanka. Tonight my lovely Annie goes back home and tomorrow we will go back to Trichy to finish the internship for the next week and a half.

22 November 2017

Beach, beach, beach! I'm lovin it😍 and a gorgeous house as accommodation for two nights Oh btw Thomas and Sergio were playing seashore whales.. πŸ€”

21 November 2017

Some shots from the safari of today! Wonderfull!
Dear readers, in figure 1 you will see two different routes in the colours blue and yellow. Both routes are possible to drive from Hikkaduwa to Ella. Both routes are gorgeous and contain crazy bus drivers and tuktukchauffeurs. What was originally not shown is the approximately duration of the routes which differs about 5 hours if not more. Luckily I may tell you that the long-route-people found the short-route-people again! I am mostly pleased with seeing the lovely humanbeing called Annie again. Today's planning is the safari in Udawalawe. From there on we will continue driving to Tangalle, which is actually a short route on the way back to Hikkaduwa. Much love from the independent bike travellers xo

20 November 2017

Nature, amazing views, "big bikes", arrival in Ella, beer, good food!

19 November 2017

We found some great big bikes (250cc) in Hikkaduwa for five days. So we decided to drive to Ella and back. Sergio knew the direction of the bus and we drove first to Galle and from there to the north not thinking about the approximately 3 forest reserves in the mountains which caused this 4-5 hour trip become a 8-9 hour trip on small mountain zig-zag routes with tropical rainfall and insane tuktuk drivers. Well we laughed our asses off and made it not to Ella but to Balangoda and we'll continue tomorrow to see Annie and Janel there. Conclusion: this is all the fault of the airtelstore employer who screwed up Sergio his simcard and internet so we couldn't use Google maps to tell us please continue following the coastline or your travel time is approximately 9 hours on crazy roads. Great experience tho and the most gorgeous biketrip of my life! Cheers to a cold beer and warm bed!

18 November 2017

Sri Lanka arrivels and First days with finally seeing my bestie Annie!

10 November 2017

Hola! We still have one week of hard work ahead of us before we will be relaxing on a white beach with a cocktail in our hands on Sri Lanka! So during our hard work we have finished the feeding throughs for when the chaff cutter arrives today! We have digged a ditch for some redundant water from a field behind the cowstable where we want to plant more Napier grass this weekend. We also helped Menno & Sergio sell their first batch of ice cream on the AMRC school in Sembattu where 1700 students went mental for some Dutchie made ice creams! Great first selling for them! Thomas went to a "real" hairdresser as I (apparently) wasn't good enough anymore... I feel slightly replaced. But of course we are still enjoying each other's company, couldn't do this internship without my blond God!

2 November 2017

Hello there you guys! So we're working and researching and talking and searching and building and watering and so much more! It's great. We finished the hayfeeders in the goat shed, the lambs (9 in total now) are doing great except for the fact that they have diarrhoea. For the goats and calfs we bought some mineral lickstones (made in the Netherlands). We've been busy painting the registration boards. Our plants are starting to grow (super Napier grass) and the brothers are loving the games Menno shipped to India! All going well 😊

30 October 2017

So alot has happened! We've been experiencing quite the chaotic and unorganized Indian life (AGAIN!) As I'm typing Thomas is sitting above me on a luggage rack in a over crowded second class train where we'll be in for the next six hours... I can hear you thinking, how's it possible?? Well I'm still thinking 'bout that too and I'll have quiet some time before we reach our lovely stay in Trichy again. Well let's talk about why we are sitting in this train at first place. We've been in Coimbatore for two days where we visited a "big" dairyfarm (250 animals) and had an appointment with the head of the veterinary training and research institute! Before this we were surrounded with tourists in Kochi which made us feel uncomfortable, we prefer the untouristic life of Trichy on the farm! Unfortunately that life means saying bye to Shamangy and at the moment she chilling in a gorgeous hotel in Bangkok. Well it were quiet some days and we've enjoyed seeing the beauty of India in Kerala!

26 October 2017

Photo moments in Kochi

25 October 2017

Relaxing time! #India #Pollachi #Kochi #Kerala #friendship #love

22 October 2017

Circus in town after some more work work work
This morning we've visited Suresh Goat Farm located in the mountains. We also bought some super Napier grass to grow on our farm at the formationhouse. The guy was very happy to show us around and it was nice as we were able to have one of the workers on the farm with us. Dhanam is 17 years old and she and her mum take care of the goats and collect food for the cows everyday. Now we want to plant the Napier grass but unfortunately the tractor is broken so Thomas has to use his creative mind to fix it! Also Thomas and I are planning a babyshower... for the three newly born lambs of course πŸ€— --> two day count down before I get to hug Shamangy when she will arrive at Trichy airport!!

16 October 2017

What's happening in India? Well, at this moment we're having a little break with a Kingfisher on the rooftop. Before this we had a look at the goat shed and went to Trichy for a meeting with a agriculture machine dealer where Thomas wants to purchase a chaff cutter for the farm. For the rest of the week we will be picking grounsnuts because we've got plenty of em. The nuts are being sold and the leafs are fodder for the goats. Thomas has also made a fodder through for the hay we've made. Next week we will have a real break as we'll go on a few day trip to Kerala with Shamangy! Whoopwhoop something to look forward to!

11 October 2017

Today I've been learning and helping in the paddy fields on the farm. I've worked with the local females who do this for living. They sang gorgeous songs and showed me the correct way of planting the paddy. I've got a huge sunburn now but I did learn something new today! Our handcut grass is drying perfectly into hay and also the chicken fence underneath the goats is finished, now poultry farming can start as well. Yesterday Thomas, Sergio and I did some internship shopping in Trichy. Where I bought some schoolboard paint to make a registration board for the goatshed, Thomas bought some new knives and he opened his first coconut! Achieving goals you can say! #workinprogress #whoopwhoop

7 October 2017

Moments like thes make everything perfect. Everytime I get to see a colourful afternoon sky like this or an night sky filled with stars I feel blessed and more close to home. Knowing that where our family and friends are they'll have the same sky. Distance is relatively πŸ’Œ
Today we woke up early, around 05:00am and it was great. Well the part were it was cool and still a bit chilly outside was great. The part were we had to actually get out off bed was a bit less great tho. But we drove to the north of Trichy and actually crossed a river with water instead of a dry piece of wanna-be-look-a-like river which was dry. There was some good rain by suprise yesterday and the day before yesterday! So we drove to the goat and sheep market. It was crowded and unorganized as f#@k but it was a good experience. We tried to buy a goat to figure out the prices but I guess they didn't expect us really take it with, so they just stared at us. Who stared at us, you may be wondering now? Well, both the goats and the people did πŸ€” good morning India!

3 October 2017

AND........ Today we celebrate Thomas leaving his teenage years behind! Congratulations with your 20th birthday Thommie! I've made a special "home-wall" with all our birthday cards and pictures. East West, home is best. North South, but we are in Indian drought. Left right, waiting for a homeflight. Up down, two months before our hometown. Hit and run, golly we're having so much fun! Hello goodbye, let's eat birthday-pie! ... more pictures will follow during this day ... Btw look at how Thomas rocks his Indian Lungi! #Indianskirtgoals

1 October 2017

Meanwhile in India Jut&Jul experienced some more Indian culture during the, originally hindu, festival of machines and tools. On this national day everybody was giving thanks to all the tools, machines, cars, bikes, you name it and we were all thankfull for it. All the tools got a nice dot of gratitude, some candles were lit, a melon was crushed, bananaleaves were used as decoration, offers were made and donations were given. Afterwards every drivable machine had to be driven to the main road and back and we all ate some festivity food. The day after the toolfestival there was a friendly soccer and volleyball match between the Norbertine brothers and the Jesuit brothers.

28 September 2017

What else has happened? Well we tagged all the goats and weight each individual animal in Thomas his creation of a very inventive scale (with his own trousers, not sure whether his mum will encourage this as much as we did). The goats were perfectly fine with it after we figured out the best way of working. All the goats got registered in our system and we can look them up easily. Whoopwhoop internship goals, achieving some good stuff here! We also wandered around the school in Sembattu and Thomas and Sergio almost looked like some obedient pupils in their matchy blue blouses. Oh yes and Thomas clipped his hair again.. 1 mm left this time!

25 September 2017

Oops forgot to post some happenings on here... hope you guys didnt forget about us tho! So we came back safe from Bangalore. On monday I prepared my birthday cake together with Sergio. We did some grocery shopping by bike with Thomas and Menno. On the new purchased bikes from Sergio and Menno. Great and quite nerve racking experience in the marvellous insane Indian traffic! The cake turned out wonderful and I made on for Thomas his bday next week as well. My birthday celebration was surprisingly sweet, all the brothers sang for me and fr. Felix played keyboard! I felt blessed as all the father's also prayed for me during the early morning mass. And many thanks for all the sweet birthday cards and presents I received from the Netherlands! πŸ’–

23 September 2017

We had a blast with Casper this weekend. We went to some bars where we met a group of Australian nurses who I could dance with, because my own men didn't want to continue dancing with me haha. We drank some beers and cocktails. And we said goodbye to Casper and Bangalore again. Now on our way "home", sleepingtrain time πŸš‚ night night ya all 😚
Making new friends during shopping and in the Shiva temple in Bangalore! Gorgeous place with lots of spiritual energy! Ohm nam shivaya = shiva mantra

22 September 2017

We had a wonderful evening! Good company, good food and lots of stuff from the Netherlands. Many thanks to Casper, Thomas his uncle, for taking goods and gifts from friends and family in Holland to us.
Once upon a time in the life of Jut&Jul they came back to Bangaluru again. This time they were better prepared. They now know how to cope in this big dirty city. Enjoying themselves during some shopping and Indian MTV shows. Making fun of people and cows on the middle of the road and eating delicious waffles to start the morning after a sleeptrainjourney again. So much fun to hang around with Jut&Jul in their daily Indian life! Talk to you later alligator.

21 September 2017

Happy-good-looking goats πŸ˜„πŸ

20 September 2017

Today we where in Trichy. Doing some internship shopping. Thomas bought a scale to weigh the goats and I bought fifty dog collars to keep up with some animal administration and health history. We had a good lunch with dosai and finished the day with a cold beer in an empty bar! Whoopwhoop wonderful! Ps ofcourse I bought a new outfit πŸ˜‡

18 September 2017

So what has been going on in India last few days? Well the goat flock has a virus (PPR) so that's something interesting for my internship. What also is interesting is that a virus is treated with antibiotics... not sure why?? As this does not help, we'll see the vet must know what he's doing (right?)! There was a cow in season and she has been insiminated for the fifth time so they decided to put two straws of semen in her while three men where holding her steady. Yesterday was father Christin his birthday! Great man, really lovely and helpfull and we were invited to join they're evening prayer and birthday dinner. During this dinner is got a card from the Netherlands... when I opened it the nun next to me was also curious and I wonder what see was thinking when a man's six pack was big (and maybe oily) on the front of the card πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ many many thanks for Eline en Mirjam who send me my birthday card πŸ˜™ I absolutely love it and my "home corner" is a little bit bigger now!

15 September 2017

Today is the birthday of my gorgeous younger sestra! Congratulations with your 17th birthday sweetie! Also we had some great visits yesterday and today. We went to a local dairy farmer who also had 2 hectares of ricefields (paddy), sugarcane, corn and grass. And we went to a fruit plantage with mango, coconut, lemon and other exotic trees. It's was quite big! (18 hectares) and the guy was very kind! Luckily we also had brother Amul with us for translations! Great days with great people (us two lol)

10 September 2017

I'm loving India for it's amazing female decorations. Yesterday I got mehndi from the lovely cook. She had put some moist clay from the garden on my hands and It had to stay for an hour. Afterwards I had an orange design on my hands. Tonight I complemented her on the flowers in her hair. She laughed and came back with flowers for me, she's the sweetest! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ Now we're just having a relaxed sundayevning chilling with Rosie the dangerous houseguard🐢

8 September 2017

So today we got to see another bit of the Indian culture at a Catholic wedding. Quite the experience! We also were introduced to familymembers of the fathers and they showed us their birthtown. Thanks to the father's who asked us to come with! Today was a great Indian experience but I'm thankful to live in the Netherlands!

5 September 2017

Vannakom (tamil for hello)! So yesterday was quite an amazing day. It was international teachersday and we were being honoured as guests by the priests and both got a gorgeous scarf as a present. All the teachers looked really gorgeous (and if I may say so haha) so did Thomas and I. I asked the lovely cook here to help me drape my Saree and she made me look beautiful head to toe! Thomas was told by the children he is a hero and everybody wanted to shake our hands and asked for our name. Oh and btw I shaved Thomas his hair! I'm a perfect hairdresser, eventhough Thomas may say otherwise.. maybe brother Steven is a great hairdresser... oh well Thom is quite fond of his hair and it looks good! And if you are thinking what about this tattoo picture? Well we get bored sometimes so we like to draw and my tattoo was still available

2 September 2017

Hi hi! We're in Trichy again! We're doing great, getting used to the spicey food. We're meeting lots of helpfull and kind people. We worked on the fields spreading manure (by hand haha) and Thomas finally drove a tractor again after two weeks. Today we went to see one of Asia's biggest Hindu temples, quite gorgeous and impressive. At the formation house we get lots of time to rest and chill as we don't have any internet yet to start the assignment of our internship.. hopefully soon we will!

27 August 2017

No internet for a few days in the middle of nowhere. We managed to arrive at the nobertine formationhouse a few days ago. Totally different from where we've been so far, it's peaceful, quiet and dry. The farm is small and the management we hope to optimize a bit! We cycled around a little bit on roads not worth named to be a "road". Now exploring Trichy! Talk to you later, but maybe not :P who knows (not us) xo

25 August 2017

Last night we took the Tatkal train to Trichy. This was a sleeptrain and the system is really cool. It is made for Indian sized people so Thomas had some struggle staying in bed. And reality sucked because the woman we shared our bunk with snorted like she was cutting down all the Indian trees. We met a really sweet guy, Sundar. Sundar knows some more Dutch people and we had a blast talking with him! Hopefully we'll see you again sometime soon Sundar!

24 August 2017

Once upon a time in Bangalore in the life of Jut&Jul they were visiting many many touristic places. They came on wonderful locations like Tipu's summer palace where an old sultan used to live. Another marvellous sight was big bull temple where both Jut and Jul got a hindoeistic dot on their head. Than they went to an old (and free) fort with huge walls but small hallways. After these sightseeing moments they decided to buy a pineapple and walk onto the most disgusting and crowded marketplace ever. But they lived on and went to have a little rest in the hotel. An escape of the busy Indian streetlife.

23 August 2017

So today was pretty awesome! Of course we have our trainticket to Trichy, thankfully we will be able to start our internship sometime soon! We went to the Lalbagh botanic gardens, which was really big and Thomas felt like some famous hunk, all the Indian people wanted to go on a picture with him and I was too plain looking with my dark hair so I could take all the photos haha. It was a really warm day almost too warm to walk around so halfway the noon we went back to the hotel to shower (in a bucket) and walk around the neighbourhood for some shopping (whoopwhoop) both Thomas and I succeed and we both look freaking-Indian-gorgeous!!😍
Whoopwhoop #feelingrelieved
Waiting...and waiting... and waiting... no trains available to Trichy until the sixth of September, that kind of sucks because we do want to start our internship there haha. So now we have to come to the station every morning to get a Tatkal (sort of last minute train I think) and hope we can get to our next stop! Thomas: 'Wat een ellende.'

22 August 2017

I've bought my first Saree but have no clue how to finish dressing up... I need an Indian woman to help me out haha. We visited some cool market places and more shops, obviously not Thommies favourite thing to do... but he stuck with it (even carried everything, next step is paying!) Afterwards we saw a gorgeous church with a blue ceiling! Whoopwhoop awesome day!
Bangaluruu palace where we were not allowed to take pictures.. . But yeah we're kind of rebels πŸ˜‡
Our first Indian train journey! All indian people love Thomas (find him in the first picture)

21 August 2017

We have survived the first day in Bangalore! After two hours in a hectic bus from the airport to the city centre, we walked around to find a hotel and sleep and quickly have a shower.. Than we figured out that toilet paper is overrated in India and that Thomas his length, blue eyes and blond hair are a real eyecatcher for the Indian people! The adventure has started but it feels like we're walking around in a big bollywood movie!

20 August 2017

Here we go!

19 August 2017

Yesterday my two sisters and I celebrated many things included my "goodbye" and my upcoming birthday. I was surrounded with love and good vibes. The group of people was a perfect mix who all joined the vibe and brought positive energy and sexy dance moves. Many thanks to my parents who helped lots and my friends who all came to wish me luck and especially joy on my trip to India: Amy, Myrna, Kayleigh, Mirjam, Rey, Thomas (who is actually stuck with me 3,5 months) and my besties Annelieke and Shamangy <3 I feel blessed being able to share this moment with my sisters Letty and Eline, will miss them for sure but I know they support my every move! I am blessed! I feel nervous (with some healthy doubts, if that is possible) but positive about India! One day left before the big adventure! Scaryyy whoopwhoop

15 August 2017

Yesterday was my last milking session on the dairyfarm where I work, before i leave for India. Today the farmer and his wife got me a lovely and delicious present with Dutch food, with all the stuff I'll be missing during my stay abroad. One thing is for sure, I'll definitely miss working on the farm here but it won't hold me back discovering farms in India! Five days left before the big adventure starts! Whoopwhoop

13 May 2017

The moment Thomas and I finally arranged everything for our Indian visa! I was feeling so happy, thrilled, excited and slightly nervous all at the same time. This is really happening!