Germany · 3 Days · 8 Moments · August 2017

Shamangy & Maartje in Berlin, Germany

13 August 2017

Berlin, you were amazing again. Such an awesome, free-spirited and cool city. We had so much fun, laughed alot, talked alot, walked around many places, met new people, ate delicious and are now back home in the Netherlands! I've had the most lovely weekend with Mangy but I'm happy to be in my own bed again! Glad to be able to spend this great time with such a good-hearted, honest, intelligent and funny friend in my life! <3
So we're on our way back home again. After two nights at Nemo his glampsite! Both tired and almost missed our train but we made it. Then we found out we should have made seat reservations and we now survive in the bistro with some beers after the trainman didn't let us travel first class...

12 August 2017

Nice surprise on the wall from Mangy when I went to the toilet <3
We decided to do half the alternative free tour (frituur) through old east Berlin and saw lots of cool graffiti art!
Sightseeing in the rain when everything is still closed, but we're having fun figuring out history
We woke up with the chickens this morning and went wandering around in an empty and closed Berlin and a deserted metro station.

11 August 2017

Time for a break with some Vietnamese food and cocktails after a six and a half hour train journey.
Silly people on their way to Berlin! Whoopwhoop