Netherlands, Denmark, China · 11 Days · 26 Moments · October 2017

Het avontuur van Kiki in Shanghai

21 October 2017

Aaand we’re back🇳🇱❤️

19 October 2017

Today we had sports activities like kong fu and Chinese hockey and we had a lot of fun figuring out how everything worked. After that the farewell ceremony and a cake because one of the teachers that came with us had her birthday today.🎉 At this moment I’m in a hotpot restaurant with my hostfamily as a goodbye dinner, and tomorrow morning they will bring me to the airport😢. Overall I really enjoyed this exchange, and China keeps amazing me over and over again. Hope I can discover more in the future😍⛩.

18 October 2017

Today we went to the Dutch consulate and after that we went to the Shanghai museum of Art. This was a beautiful building on the outside but on the inside it was not as intresting as the outside.. Tomorrow is the last day, and we will have a sports meeting and the farewell ceremony😭. ⛩

17 October 2017

This morning we started with a physical education lesson (unfortunately no pictures available) after that we made our own noodles, and then we took the underground to a market for cheap/fake clothing and souvenirs. And to finish it all, I brought some pancakemix with me from the Netherlands to make some really Dutch pancakes for my host family.We had a lot of fun today😍🎉

16 October 2017

I Didn’t take a lot of pictures today, because I was making some fans and writing kaligraphy at school.
As promised, the pictures of Tron

15 October 2017

Today was a day with the hostfamily, and guess where we went.. DISNEYYY😍😍😍 I really like that the stories are almost the same, but just have that little bit extra in the music that makes it Chinese. Also, for the people who like rollar coasters there is an amazing ride on motorcycles (pictures will come later) inspired by the movie ‘Tron’

14 October 2017

Afgr a very exhausting dag a good night of sleep is needed!
After a good night sleep, I finally found a way to get the photos out of the blocked app🎉🎉🎉

13 October 2017

Today we went to Yu gardens, and the Bund (more pictures are coming hopefully tomorrow) my internet is not allowing me to log into certain apps with which I made beautifull pictures.. 💋🇨🇳
Visit to Shanghai central today!
Our lovely breakfast

12 October 2017

Waiting to meet the buddys
We had a rather difficult flight, but we made it. And we’re now on our way to school.

11 October 2017

Enough good movies😍
Ready for the flight to Shanghai🇨🇳❤️will let you know when I land✈️
Practicing my Chinese in the airplane
At the airport for our first flight🎉