Greece · 124 Days · 8 Moments · June 2017

With TUI in Chania-Crete✈️

27 October 2017

One last memorie about this beautiful place. Not that my first tattoo had anything to do with Crete but I will always remember where i had it done. Also my teammate got his tattoo. Looks like shit on the photo but the end result is incredible.

24 October 2017

One last time we went for go carting. But this time we did it right: Mario Cart

11 October 2017

End of season party!!! Time to get together again with everyone from the island. Our teamleader won a lovely price and we had an amazing black and white party to close the night ♥️ Tui

10 September 2017

Went go carting with the awesome team! We also did an escape room but my group didn’t make it 😅 Long live team building! ♥️

27 August 2017

My best friend came over to visit me. Even we only had a couple hours together, it was so nice to see her again and laugh about stupid things like we always do

7 August 2017

Got a new roommate 😺

3 July 2017

Happy socks sunday!!!

26 June 2017

This is my new family for the next months. I've just been here for 5 days but it feels like I know them for years. Thank you guys for the great welcome ☀️