Australia · 16 Days · 12 Moments · August 2017

Het avontuur van Joyce in Alice Springs, Nort

30 August 2017

The second day we visited katja tuta, amd for me even more worth it than its famous brother. There are 36 domes, and two walks to take, we started with a gorge walk what took us about an hour and afterwards we tackled the valley of the winds, a four hour walk that takes you to three breathtaking views. Definetly one of my australian highlights!
Finally what we drove all those kms for! Uluru national park. The first view is breathtaking and tge closer ypu get the more impressed we got. We did a 10k base walk, but decided not to climb the big rock out of respect for the aboriginal community who sees the mountain as a sacred place

26 August 2017

Driving, driving, driving.. Thats what the next days exist off. After 500ks, we made a stop at the devils marbles, nice to stretch the legs after a lot of nothingness. Then another 1000 where we made a pitstop for shopping in Alice Springs and not much else, but hey, thats also a part of oz, the great emptyness and feeling alone on the world

24 August 2017

First stop on the road. Mataranka, famous for its hot water springs, and so worth every bit! We did the bitter spring pools because australian people advised us they were better and more relaxed than the mataranka ones. Felt like an oasis and not crowded at all! Second stop on the road daly waters, the NT oldest countrypub and not without charm. 600 km to go untill alice springs, getting closer...

23 August 2017

On our way some really bad luck, granny has. Gearbox issues. We went to see a mechanic in Katherine who was gonna do a check to see if its fixable. After a whole day waiting at the hotsprings the mechanic was apparently to busy to check our car for 15minutes even though we had an appointment. A whole day wasted and we decided to drive back to Darwin, we stopped at emerald.roadhouse to eat the best hamburgers of australia (according to someone who tried it) i started making phonecalls and we could go and see a mechanic immediately, lucky us cause with the other ones i called there was a waiting line for at least a week. Still bad news, new gearbox was necesary costing 2000 dollars. This is a bit to much for my granny so we visited some wreckers but none are buying anything in Darwin. So we decided to take our chances and started driving back to katherine direction outback. Without reverse and fifth gear, but the engine is still running sso we are still going

22 August 2017

Kayaking at katherine gorge. First time i was here on my previous roadtrip we did a 12km hike in the burning sun on top of the gorges, this time we went right through them. You get the kayak for four hours and can easily make it to the third gorge in between these majestic walls. After this you are better off with an overnight rental bevause you need to so some heavy rivercrossing. The views were mesmerising and the dip between crocs (we didnt see any though) was worth our workout

20 August 2017

Some hiking to the upper amd lower falls. The lowest ones are easy accessible with a huge natural plunge pool while the upper one is slightly more rewarding after a steep hike
A night of thousand stars in oz - or how i get used to how the sky looks around here.

19 August 2017

Our first national park of the trip Kakadu, it was to my opinion pretty expensive, the entrance was fourty dollars per person while other NT parks are for free and WA parks only 12 dollars per car. So if you ever come here be prepared, but on the other hand it is really easy to do three or four days of hiking here. We were happy with two days though. Nature is pretty changeable during the whole park, north you would say you are more in a savannah nature while south you have the wetlands and in between lots of forest and sacred aboriginal dreaming rocks as far as the eye can see. Best of the days, sunsets on top of tge mountain looking towards the sacred aboriginal mountain, a moment never to forget!

18 August 2017

On our way to Kakadu our first stop, jumping crocodiles, here crocodiles are hourly fed by rangers who have known each one of the crocs since they were born. The crocodiles still live in the wild but know the sound of food in a boat coming by very well! Impressive i would say seeing these animals from some meters away.

16 August 2017

Last night in Darwin, no better way to end this city life with one of the highlights, dekchair cinema. Open sky, dinner by sunset and action. We met up with Krista who has her flight tonight back to Sydney and enjoyed a french drama "monsieur chocolat " under the stars. An amazing experience and a real touching french movie.

14 August 2017

Waiting for sam to arrive after five months. Spending the first day sightseeing in Darwin (as far as that goes) and ending the evening with my first crocodile dish!