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Journey to Thailand/Cambodia of Con and Ton

30 October 2017

As always on everything comes an end, so this is the end. A great experience it really was. Thailand and Cambodia, it was wonderfull to visit you. This journey is written in my mind, the smell of all the herbs, the sounds of the overcrowded Khao San Road in Bangkok, the silence in the heartbreaking Killing Fields, children bathing in the stream uphill, us, riding along with a smile on our faces, enjoying the liberty of being “ on the road” with just one thought : what will be our next destination to “explore?”
Made some new friends ❤️

29 October 2017

Driving along on a motorbike through Koh Samui you see the environment in its pure way
What about the sand and the sea😍 Also discovered a waterfall and saw a tarantula!🕷
A refreshing stop at Lamai Beach💦
And I’m a Zipliner now! It was great!

26 October 2017

Today we made a little roadtrip with a motorbike. Packed our towels and off we go. Seen beautifull beaches and took a swim at Silver Beach. Visited the Big Buddha and wanted to visit another Temple but it was so crowded because of the Funeral of the King. Everybody was dressed in black and they wanted to show Their Beloved King 🤴 the last respect, although he passed away a year ago his funeral had such enormous preparation that until tomorrow he finally will find his eternal peace🙏🏼
The Big Buddha at Koh Samui

25 October 2017

On our way to the harbour! 😁

24 October 2017 destinations! Kho Samui it is. First by taxi to Krabi, than by bus until the harbour where the boat 🚣🏽 is waiting to jump us to the isle Kho Samui,our last destination.🌴
Moments on our way to..

23 October 2017

Our stay at district Krabi is wonderful, also our hotel ,situated straight on the beach. Our boattrip to Phi Phi island was very pleasant but far from relaxed because of the majority of so many selfie-Chinese people. But through the hundreds of Chinese I could find a way to set my mind and imagine that I was there on my own, however I admit , it was just a few seconds😁. We had a wonderfull day, I even felt fearless jumping into deep water and did some snorkeling! Saw several beautiful coloured fish swimming very close by! The coralreef looked astonishing. What a great underwaterworld. I told myself that one day I’d really want to learn how to dive🐠🐟🐡

20 October 2017

With the sobriety in my mind we leaved Cambodia to go to Thailand again. By plane our destiny is Krabi. My mind has to switch and the darkness that covered Cambodia makes room for sunshine beaches and sand and beautiful sights. So much pure nature. It clears my mind a little.

18 October 2017

On our last day in Cambodia, Phnom Penh was on our list to visit the Killing Fields, and the Tuol Sleng prison. What can I say. What a tragedy. Until today I think about what the people of Cambodia suffered. All innocent. All the pictures, the faces that are written in my mind, the chambres , the tortures. How can people do this to their one people. Is it the sick mind of just one that leads? It makes me sad to realize that because of one idiot so many innocent people lost their lifes where the whole world was watching.

16 October 2017

And there was that monk again🙌🏼
Angkor Wat was discovered by a Frenchman, it was almost forgotten and taken over by nature. The temple named Ta Prohm covered with trees and treeroots. The sights are incredible 🙏🏼 It was here where the filmmakers of Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie settled down filming
Angkor Wat is not just one temple, it's grounded on a couple of kilometres so our TukTuk deover brought us to 3 temples . The reason why the temples are still standing is because they're build up from stone, so the houses that stood there hundreds years ago couldn't stand the test of time because it was wood that there made from
The next day we visit the old town Angkor Wat. World famously known and the biggest religious monument in the world. It also stands in the World Heritage list of the UNESCO.

15 October 2017

At night in Siem Reap... everybody rushes to Pubstreet, never seen such a crowdy, screamy, hysterical touristic and so non- cambodia surrounding. All English and Chinese. And it looks like an european city to me. Nothing looks like its such a poor land in Pubstreet.
Our first day in Siem Reap, first we'll visit the Floating Village . A pleasant trip in a Tuktuk. The way to the Village is nice. A lot of typical cows strolling around. The village is amazing to see for someone who lives in a house build on the ground. Even the dogs are living on a floating house. In the restaurant we ate crocodile! And we jumped over a smaller typical boat for a short trip through the woods. Amazing to see how the girl finds her way through this labyrinth of trees. I'm afraid falling into the water, because of the snakes!! Our tuktuk driver is laughing on me😑

14 October 2017

Our taxi( tuk tuk ) driver😃 On the road Our hotel!! Very modern and cosy!
Lovely pic😂
Waiting on Airport Chiang Mai. Ton is feeling a little ill, catched a cold, caughing and sniveling 🤢. Plane leaving at 10.15 h for Siem Reap Cambodia

13 October 2017

Tomorrow we will leave Chiang Mai and we're headed for Siem Reap, Cambodia. Hope the rain is gone.
On our way back the taxidriver drew attention on mountainpeople who are living there for years . The women wear golden or silver rings to make their necks longer! Longnecks. Not so funny to see. Looks painfull. To me it looked too touristic. So I just made some pics of the environment, and some children playing around.
Visited an elephant sanctuary where we walked with 3 elephants, gave them bamboo and sugarplants and joined them in a bath

12 October 2017

Chiang Mai, a big city with some secret quiet treasures in it. Visited lots of tempels. One more beautiful than the other. Nightbazar is very busy . Seen the Cabaret of Ladyboys! Hilarious!
On the way

11 October 2017

The tickets!😂
At this moment we are at the Railwaystation in Ayutthaya waiting for the Sleeping Train in company of a cold Chang beer!
Arrived at Kanchanaburi, the Bridge on the river Kwai. Visited the Museum and all the War Cemeteries here. Tonight we'll take the nighttrain to Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. We will arrive there at 07.15 hr. We booked a "sleeping train "so I hope to get some sleep😉
The blue spot is where we are now!

10 October 2017

9 October 2017

Room with a view. Sunset in Bangkok. Tomorrow we will leave Bangkok. Our journey will continue by railway , our first stop is Kanchanaburi to the Bridge of the River Kwai!

8 October 2017

This wonderful view on Bangkok upon the Golden Mountain
Buddha buddha buddha at Wat Po, gold it is😁
Trip in a longtailboat through Klong

7 October 2017

Taking a walk through Khao San Road! What a crowd😱

4 October 2017

Another 2 nights sleep before our journey begins😁

4 September 2017


31 August 2017

Making our plans and changing every minute the route