Ireland · 14 Days · 2 Moments · December 2017

Het avontuur van Bodil in Ireland

27 December 2017

15 December 2017

Wow what a day, I took my tattoo Wauw this was a fun day! First we went to the city to Christmas shop. It is a little city but a lot to day! The people are so sociable and friendly, love it! It’s not like the selfish people in Amsterdam haha. Tatum and I bought some stuff for mom and dad. We went to “gin palace”. There were many gins to taste, but it was in the afternoon, so no alcohol yet, just food! We had a nice lunch and then we went to the other place of the city. Because of I had an appointment at a tattoo shop! I designed it by my self and the artist put some details on it. It was sometimes very painful but I did it! So awesome! Fk happy with the result woeh!

14 December 2017

We arrived! Today was the day that our little city trip began! We really lokked forward to Dublin and we had fun during the journey. Everyting was flexible, no delays, no long lines, perfect! As you see was Tatum happy as well!