Asia, North America · 23 Days · 50 Moments · June 2016

Henry's trip to Southeast Asia

30 June 2016


28 June 2016

This temple across the river and down a ways was under renovation construction so we didn't end up visiting it but apparently it is one of the cooler ones in Bangkok. Then there are a couple pics of our hotel pool area where we stayed last night. Today we checked out and just roamed around the city and this huge mall to pass some time, and now we are headed to the airport to come home.
Here are some pictures of the Grand Palace built for the Royal family, which again was huge. They also have those funny guards that just stand there and can't move.
Here are some pictures of the Emerald Temple we visited in Bangkok. The pictures of this and the Grand Palace really don't do any of it justice, all of it was so massive, colorful, and detailed.
Here are a few additional pics the company took from the elephants and booze cruise thing we did. The net dragging off the side of the boat on the water while the boat was moving was a lot of fun, and swimming with the elephants was funny cause they would just completely submerge themselves and just breath through their trunks. Also, one of them would shoot water at you with his trunk if the guy told him too.

27 June 2016

Made it to Bangkok on the 13 hour sleeper train. The beds were actually surprisingly comfy, and then we just checked into the Riva Surya Hotel for the night which is pretty nice.
Heading to Bangkok on an overnight sleeper train, then we have all day there, are staying at a cool hotel, then a full day and we leave late Wednesday night to come home.
Woke up early this morning and went to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. Definitely one of the coolest things we've done, got to feed them, play in the mud with them, and swim with them. They are all free to do as they please at this place, and there is not riding because it's so bad for them. The little baby elephant in the pictures was so funny and is only 6 days old. Big baby.

25 June 2016

Then we drove another hour and a half to this huge cave called Tham Lod. You have to a guy which you can buy for like $5, but of course they don't speak English so it's more of just a lady who holds the big kerosene lamp in the cave. We paid a little extra to take the boat tour through the cave which includes some walking and hiking around in it. The thing is full of millions of bats and the height part of the cave is probably 150 feet or so, and there are huge stalactites and stalagmites of different kinds everywhere which were pretty cool. These poor little old guys push you around in the bamboo raft and can't weight more than 115 pounds so they really struggle. Then of course we got caught in the rain on our scooter ride all the way back.
In Pai we were trying to find something to eat for lunch after renting scooters, and found this Chipotle impersonator.... Then we rented scooters and ventured about 30 minutes out to these natural hot springs out in the jungle, which was cool but just lots of tourists.

24 June 2016

Found this sweet Korean BBQ Place that all the locals go to in Chiang Mai. Then this morning we caught an early bus up to Pai. Bus was supposed to leave at 7, but didn't end up leaving till almost 8 because the staff and the other Chinese people in our 12 person bus were arguing which seats they had purchased while Andy and I didn't even realize that was a thing and we're just thrown in the way back. It was a 3 hour incredibly windy road that they drive so fast that has you literally falling over side to side, and not good for car sick people. So there were a mom and son who were tandem puking most of the way up which was lovely, but besides that easy bus ride.
We rode our scooters up this windy mountain road to the viewpoint in the last post and to this very colorful and bright temple called Doi Suthep, which as you can tell is very different from the other massive stone temples in Cambodia. We explored around here for a bit, then headed back because it looked like it was going to rain and got absolutely soaked when we didn't make it back in time.
Got to Chiang Mai late last night and rented scooters today to explore the city. We also went to this custom tailor to get a few suits made, they custom tailor them for a fraction of what you would pay in the US. So we will have to go back for a few more fittings. Tomorrow morning we are taking a bus up to Pai, and then when we come back here in two days we are going to an elephant sanctuary to feed, watch, and hangout with elephants before we take the train down to Bangkok.

23 June 2016

Left the island today and headed over to Phuket for just the day before we fly up to Chiang Mai (northern Thailand). We were just sitting at the beach near the airport when we saw Blue Canyon Country Club on the map, and went to go check it out. I guess it's some super nice golf course and all the big names have played there, like Tiger Woods, so we played 9 holes, and had two Thai ladies as caddies. The golf course was unbelievable and gorgeous, with water hazards everywhere which was not great for our golf game.

20 June 2016

Here is a picture of the beach on the island of Ko Phi Phi where were staying. Lots of fire twirling shows which are pretty cool and places to walk around. The tide goes out and in over 100 yards and it's so flat you can walk out pretty far. And there is a picture of me from when we walked way out there.
Next we walked over to the other side of the point to a beach called Phranang beach, which had this crazy rock pointy faces and caves. I couldn't even get the whole thing in the frame with my phone, but hopefully the GoPro did. Now we are about to take a boat out to Ko Phi Phi, this island a couple hours away where we will be for a day and a half. Also, the last pic is this boat we passed that looked like it was sinking, but not really sure what the deal was there.
We trekked up to this viewpoint at Railay Beach, which proved to be a lot sketchier than we thought, especially in sandals, but the views from way up there were incredible.
Took a boat ride out to the two main beaches down here in Krabi. This first one is Railay beach, with some huge rock cliffs that we are not really sure how they were formed but are pretty amazing.
Woke up at 5am today to go hike up to the Tiger Cave Temple here in Krabi Town, Thailand. Little cloudy so couldn't see the sunrise but the views were pretty cool and worth the 1260 step climb straight up the cliff side. We rented scooters and rode them over there, and this dog wanted to ride back with me when we were leaving and then chased after us for a little when we left. Poor guy just wanted to hang.

18 June 2016

Ta Phrom was the other cool temple we saw, and over the hundreds of years has been overrun by the trees that have grown through, on top of, and around the temple ruins.
The less exciting three temples we saw were Ta Keo, Angkor Thom, and Banteay Kdei. Looks more like ruins then temples, and I don't believe are really used for much more than a tourist attraction now.
Here are some pictures of Angkor Wat the main huge temple in Siem Reap. It was built in the 12th century and is pretty amazing because of the sheer size of the whole thing and all the intricate carvings in all the stone. This was the first of five we saw and probably the coolest.

17 June 2016

Left Koh Rong island today, after a fun day and a half exploring and hanging out. Then we flew up to Siem Reap in northern Cambodia where there are lots of temples and other cool stuff. Our 6 hour temple tour/trip starts at 5am, so we can make it for the sunrise.

16 June 2016

This morning we hiked across the beach during low tide, past some water buffalo, and through some serious jungle to get to Lonely Beach. The beach is about an hour hike away and is completely undeveloped and empty except for a few fisherman.
Lonely Beach. Rained on and off a little, and it is so hot and humid but the water is pretty warm, crystal clear, and the beach was nothing but soft fine sand.
Here are some pics from Palm Beach Resort the place were staying on the island. Because it is "low season" which means there aren't many tourists and they aren't too busy, we are literally the only ones at this place. This British guy that manages it, upgraded us and gave us each our own little bungalow since there's no one here and is pretty funny to talk to.

15 June 2016

Here are some pics from our 2 hour boat ride over to the island.
Took a long bus to Sihanoukville, which is on the western coast of Cambodia. Unfortunately we missed the ferry to take us to Koh Rong, this island off the coast but we paid a couple guys to drive us out there around 6pm as the sun was setting.

14 June 2016

Some pictures of a palace, a market place, and a post office in Saigon.

13 June 2016

Took a 5 hour bus to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) this morning where you sit in these little laid back reclined seat things. Wasn't too bad except they shove all the white people to the back of the bus and we were initially sitting 5 wide across until we could switch.

12 June 2016

Walked down "Fairy Stream" on our last stop, but really wasn't that exciting.
Woke up at 4am this morning to go to the white sand dunes to see the sunrise. Pictures aren't great, but was cool in person.

11 June 2016

Mui Ne, Vietnam. Kiteboarding world championships are held here every year, because of the consistent wind conditions. Was around 96 degrees when we got here and pretty humid, but the place were staying has a pretty cool pool.

10 June 2016

View and waterfall at our middle of no where place we are staying for the night.
Found these puppies and creepy spider at the place were staying.
Got held up by some water buffalo making their way down the road.
Pongour waterfalls. Got to swim and hangout in this one.
Elephant water fall.
Vietnam is also famous for their coffee and is one of their main exports. This place we stopped at produces Weasel Coffee, which is extremely expensive all over the world and began in Indonesia. Basically, they have weasels eat the coffee bean berries because they taste good, but the weasel spits out the skin and swallows the coffee bean whole. The beans are not digested and are then pooped out by the weasel, but the reaction of the beans with the acid of the weasel's stomach makes the coffee beans more potent and stronger. These beans are then sold for a lot of money. We tried a cup and also bought some weasel poop beans to bring home.
Little house we stopped at just outside of the city, where the people speak a whole different dialect of Vietnamese, and we gave the little kids running around some candy.
Couple picks from a few of our first stops. One overlooking a valley and the other inside one of the many greenhouses on the side of the road growing flowers which Da Lat is famous for growing because of its fertile soil.
First day on the motorbike tour with Mr. Vu leading the way. Driving through the countryside and villages and some off the beaten path dirt road riding.

9 June 2016

Some pics from our canyoning adventure today.
Took an evening motorcycle bike ride around the city in preparation for our trip tomorrow. Went to visit the "Crazy House" this house/ mini hotel built by this Vietnamese architect that looks like something from Alice in Wonderland.
Got convinced to do some canyoning and hiking around Da Lat. Repelled down some waterfalls and a bit of zip lining. Tomorrow we are doing a two day, one night motorcycle trip down to Mui Ne with a bunch of different stops along the way.
Good morning Vietnam. Breakfast on the rooftop of the hostel.

8 June 2016

Beer Club. 1 Membership please.
Lovely flower wallpaper and Chanel bedding at our hostel.
30+ hours of traveling later, we finally made it to Da Lat Backpackers Hostel in Da Lat, Vietnam.
Some Thai guys playing tug o war with a dragon.