Netherlands, Germany · 2 Days · 3 Moments · July 2017

Henry's tour through Germany

19 July 2017

Our main day and night in Berlin We got up early and said go bye to our room mates who were all moving on and not doing another night. We then proceeded to into centre Berlin where I gave sammy a history tour of the city. We visited all the main sights. After this we walked to Alexandraplats where we got the S-bahrn to a burger restaurant where I wanted to go to as I went their last time I was Berlin. We ate there and then went back to the hostel. At the hotel we discovered we had our dorm of 6 to our selfs which we where pleased about. We then went out to a bar and we found out that they sold Brooklyn larger which is a personal favourite of mine and Sammys. We then went for dinner and went back to the hostel bar for another drink and then bed as we had an 11:10 train to Prague the following day.
First night in Berlin We arrived in Berlin at around 7:30 we got a short train out of the city to the area we where staying in. The hostel was massive and we where in a room of 6. We met our room mates and found out we where sharing with 3 men from Argentina and 1 Lady from turkey. They where all very pleasant. We then went out for dinner. We discovered the area we where in was full of clubs and bars and was very 'hipster'. We discovered this properly when we went into a court yard with live music. We sat down to discover it was a live DJ set playing some weird psychedelic music. To top this experience off in the bathroom they were playing wale sounds. Me and sammy decided it was very disturbing and off putting. Our 6 hour train ride had made us tired so after this we went to bed.

17 July 2017

Currently sat on the train to Berlin. It is our longest journey so far at 6h 28m. However I have purchased a spy novel to keep me entertained. Even better the book is set in Berlin.